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Another Black Friday sneak peek (the koi will be available as made to order). Im going to post tomorrow on my IG stories the deals I’ll have for Friday! Deals will include 2-3 different percentage off deals and/or free shipping! Are you excited and what would you like to see back? I’m excited to finally be back at least for this restock 🙈. Comment below and I’ll have a surprise tomorrow for one lucky commenter ♥️. __
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Throwback to August 2016 and May 2017 when I made most of these bezels! I really want to bring back the pond bezels (the 2 on the right) and Work on some more nature Bezels (the 2 on the left) in time for the holiday season! I would love if you could comment below if you’d be interested since I don’t get to craft a whole lot of new ideas while I’m reviewing and studying every week. However, if you guys would like these back for the holidays (along with the Holidays chubbles), I would be happy to make them. Commenting would mean a lot, you can even comment you WOULDN’T be interested with an explanation and I would be happy to read and understand ♥️
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Surprise ;)! Do you remember my usual Christmas Tree chubble? A new one will be available this year! Are you excited like I am? 🎄🎄🎄
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Since tomorrow starts the first day of October, what better way to celebration another day closer to Halloween than these GITD Sky chubbles? Pictured is ONE custom GITD pink Sky Chubble that glows orange. Even more special? I made very special Sky chubbles just for Halloween: a black night with a glow-in-the-dark crescent or full moon with a bat flying overhead 🌙🌗🦇! .
One of each are available on my Etsy RIGHT NOW, and once those sell out, you can request a MTO (made-to-order) Halloween chubble under the "GITD Sky Chubble" listing 🙂. Another quick note: If you want your Halloween chubble to be GUARANTEED to arrive before Halloween, international buyers have until 10/4 (this coming Wednesday) and USA buyers have until 10/15. Thanks for dropping by 🦇
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The Witch Kit gets all the love, but the Witch Boba wants to take the throne! This particular Halloween chubble even glows in the dark and was quickly adopted! I have been tweaking with colors, so you may notice this chubble is lighter in color than my usual Witch chubbles. I love exerimenting and this purplish-periwinkle really makes me happy. I am working on have GITD Halloween listings, but currently on my Etsy you should see the all the Halloween/Fall chubble options! If you want any of them with the additional GITD factor, message me before checkout.
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If you saw my video from last night, you will know I already teased this post 😛. I mentioned that I revamped the Sky chubbles... and I now have GITD options for you available! I am impressed and shocked these came out as well as they did! I have RTS ones available and if those sell out, then you can request CUSTOM GITD Sky chubbles OR regular Sky Chubbles (both listings are now available)! I am not sure how long the customs will be available, but I will have them up for at least a week or two since the GITD matches the next few themes I will have for the holidays. Keep an eye out for more designs the next few days. Happy shopping, and thank you for every like/comment/share! It means a lot to hear your opinions. Check out my last post so you can see a video of these Sky chubbles that show more details than a photo can.

(Etsy went live at 1pm EST!) Wow! You guys are amazing! More than half were adopted in the first minute! Thank you so so much 😊🌹👏🏻! All the multicolored succulent plants have been adopted. And only a few remain 🙈. I added in a"Mystery Succulent Chubble" listing for anyone who isn't sure which succulent they want and want to be surprised! I will have another update next Saturday! Taking in your suggestions, next weekend's chubbles will have succulent/plants sprouting from their heads :). I'm excited!! #gitdchubble

Another multi-colored flower/plant/succulent in a Porgy chubble :)! Update happening tomorrow!! June 24th @ 1pm EST ! #gitdchubble

Wow , thank you so much for all the comments and love on my last post! Here is a multi-colored succulent embedded in a Kit chubble (of course, glow in the dark). Different than my previous post, this chubble is completely clear and has no glitter. I will have a few of these on Saturday during the restock as well! Restock is on June 24 at 1pm EST! #gitdchubble

If you've been following my IG stories, you'll know I've been working on some flower/succulent designs -- and here is a first look at four of MANY that will be available on Saturday, June 24 at 1pm EST! There will be at least 15 available, all different designs! I am still working on a couple designs, some work, some don't 🤷🏻‍♀️. I am really proud of these because I've had a lot of trouble encapsulating solid pieces, let alone flowers/plants in resin. These chubbles are doing that justice though :). Say hello to the Garden Variety Chubbles :)! Please also give a warm applaud for @wolfpelt101, because she initially asked if I could do terrarium chubble, which I didn't think I would be able to without a few days/weeks of experimenting... and now we're here :)! #gitdchubble

The Totorro chubble I ordered from @littlesurprisesyt came with a glow chubble as a extra for have to wait. But it was well worth the wait! #littlesurprisesyt #chubbles #chubble #happycustomer #gitdchubble #totorrochubble

Glow glow glow all night 🎵🎶

I made three more#gitdchubble creations to accompany the boba (bear) chubble that was listed all by himself! The flipper (seal) chubbles are slightly cheaper than the other chubbles, and I have to say the one on the far right is probably my favorite flipper :) #littlesurprisesyt #resin #gitd #glowinthedark #galaxibble #chubble

These are two more #GITD #chubble kits I made! The left is an earthy tone (you can't really see the green) and the right is a pink-ish nebula kind of design :) I only have one GITD chubbles left for now, so feel free to custom request one!
#resin #littlesurprisesyt #gitdchubble #galaxibble

A super special #chubble... A #galaxibble :) Any subsequent mixed #GITD chubbles will not look the same :) #littlesurprisesyt #resin #gitdchubble #galaxibble

More experimenting! #GITD can be hard to figure out, especially in powder form, but I think these came out nicely :). These are all listed and il see how many more #glowinthedark #chubbles I will make before the holidays.
#littlesurprisesyt #gitdchubble #galaxibble

Are you guys tired of my glow in the dark #chubbles? Haha I just love them so much!
And now I have ONE witch chubble which glows beautifully! "I put a spell on you... And now you're mine 🎃"
#littlesurprisesyt #cat #witch #hocuspocus #GITD #gitdchubble #galaxibble #halloweenchubbles

The photo doesn't do it justice! It's a blend of green and blue and the GITD is Aqua and teal :) #littlesurprisesyt #resin #chubble #gitdchubble #galaxibble

By high demand, I've made four more bubble tea chubbles! These will be listed tonight when I get home, of which I will post a better quality photo! I have one of each style! If you want a "straw" attached, please let me know so I can make a separate listing since I would have to make a new resin piece for such :)
#bubbletea #littlesurprisesyt #resin #chubble #yay

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