🍒🥑🍄I have really grown to enjoy tossing all of my food into a bowl n diving in! Eating clean and healthy doesn't have to be complicated...but it sure is beautiful! 🙊If I'm honest tho...the kitchen was my biggest area of struggle when I first started on the path to improve my health. Do you guys struggle with this too?
I'm super grateful for the wellness community I belong to! Through their programs I've been shown how simple proper nutrition can be! I eat mindfully, and now know how to fill my plate with the correct portions of each major food group...including my precious chocolate! 😉 Chocolate is a food group in my world. You can't change my mind.

You don't have to struggle w it like I did! Hit me up and I'll pass on the info so you can learn how develop your own bad assery in the kitchen too!! 🍳

Thanks to one of my returning clients @sexdrugspsychedelia ! Im loving doing these little tattoos! Inbox to book!
#skulltattoo #girlytattoos #wristtattoo #Lexitattoos

Week 5, day 1 is in the books!! .
I’m grateful that my program is only 4 days a week because it allows me to fit my workouts in however I need to with whatever may be going on with my life. I missed Monday and Tuesday’s workout. So I knew I HAD to get it in today. .
I’ll be honest though, today’s workout was HARD AF!! But I got through it AND went up in weights!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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