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Hannah had just gotten home from work when an intruder who had already been inside her apartment ambushed her. He tied her wrists tightly together behind her back before stuffing a wad of cloth into her mouth. He then sealed the cloth in with a piece of tape. He let her squirm on the floor for a second while he went to his bag to retrieve the other items. He then set to work tying her elbows behind her back, then tying her thighs together. He then finished up by tying her ankles to the chair, so she wouldn’t escape while he got the van. He had dragged Hannah into his van, the tape had kept her quiet enough so no one had heard. He brought her to his basement, which he had turned into a dungeon for just this purpose. She helped when she was tossed onto the floor, only to try and scream as he cut off her blindfold, and showed her the knife. As she watched, he cut off her purple blouse and black skirt to reveal her blue/black bra and panties. He dragged her over to the wall, and undid his previous restraints before locking her arms in metal cuffs. The chains rattled as Hannah pulled against them, desperate to try and get free, but to no avail. As his finishing touch, he ripped off the tape, leaving the cloth in her mouth, and locked a ball gag harness on her pretty little head. When he was done, he looked at her, and saw her look of determination, but thought he also saw the flicker of fear in the beautiful brown eyes, and looked forward to breaking his former boss.
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