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@Regrann from @abirosemodel - I've not been kind to myself lately. I've been constantly comparing myself to other people - and worse, to my other self.
My other self was quite a slim thing. She lost weight very quickly and not in a good way. She maintained that for a little while.
Boy, did she look good! At least, she did to an outsiders perspective.
Sometimes I long to be that person again, I ache for a flat tummy and the satisfaction of my clothes being too big.
And then I remember that girl was miserable, she hated herself. She drank all the time, was self harming and starving herself.
Right now, I am the biggest I have ever been. Sometimes I'm more than okay with that and sometimes anything but. However, I am definitely so happy that I'm no longer mistreating myself so much.
The reality is that I have an eating disorder, and that I will struggle.
But I am trying and learning to love myself.
I am perfectly imperfect and proud. You are perfectly imperfect, please be proud 💖
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If you don't like who I am 💁🏼
Or what I am doing with my life ❤️ That's alright 🙌🏼 I'm not living for you! Im living for myself! 💋
Enjoy The End Of Your Hump Day! 📸: @GangaGuys

Since I'm someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks of me, I find it very appropriate to have @salicerose as my #wcw for someone with the spotlight on her 24/7 she is always so positive, motivational, and inspiring especially to young girls. I aspire to be like her should I ever be in the spotlight. #salicerose #girlswithtattoos #doyouboo #dontletfearholdyouback #chaseyourdreams #dontfollowthem #inspiringwomen #mamabiscuit

As I was going through my inbox yesterday, I noticed that I had quite a few messages with one recurring theme...how much people wished they had my physique or core already. The picture you are seeing is what two years of weight training has done for my legs and glutes. I'm 6'0 and have always had chicken legs and a flat booty. My core/physique didn't happen overnight for me. It took time...a lot of time. It took about 3 months before I started seeing any definition in my core and about 18 months before I saw the progress in my legs and glutes. I promise, if you stick with it, the results will come. The next week, month, and year is going to pass regardless if you workout or not. Make it worthwhile. Trust the process. Results take time. Stay motivated and stay patient. Happy hump day!

Damn! Awesome 😍


Okay for reals this time. Lol. Last video of the night.

Cute little surprise birthday present! Been eyeing up these Picasso jasper plugs for a while. 👽 Getting a bunch of stuff to size up my ears tonight so I can wear these babies soon 💕 #customplugs #ukcustomplugs #picassojasper #picassojasperplugs #20mm #stretchedears #girlswithstretchedears #pale #girlswithtattoos #tattooedgirls #birthdaypresent #photojournal #visualdiary


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