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Endlessly thankful for this beautiful love ❤️ #perfection @appalachianexplorer

When you apply 3 concepts in your life: A. we are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with - B. law of attraction - C. living your purpose and expressing your truth.
You then end up with people and a tribe in your life that reflect that. Most of my friends these days are amazing coaches or healers or yoga teachers or creative, conscious entrepreneurs. We inspire each other, support each others’ badass-ery and go deep and real with each other. No time or space for superficialties, negativity, judgement, for holding back, for faking or pretending. Instead: endless time and space for being vulnerable and holding space for each others’ massive expansion, for synchronicities, for emotional fireworks. I feel so blessed to have so many inspiring friends in my life. But first, I had to commit to living my truth, to do the work and to grow beyond my wildest imagination in order to become the woman I already am deep down every day a bit more. The more I do that, the more amazing souls I keep attracting wherever I go, completely organically, in the flow, orchestrated by a higher energy. It blows my mind all the time that the the more we open ourselves up and let life move through us, the more amazing stuff and people happen. 📷 @sukizoe

Yall!! This is the first time I've been able to put my hair in a ponytail since I shaved my head!!! #girlswithshavedheads #girlswithshorthair #girlswithtattoos #undercut #shavedhead #girl #love #beautiful #girlswithpiercings #buzzhead #bluehair #shorthair #greenhair

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