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Late night work outs are always the best for me.
Gyms a little more empty
Everything is a little more quiet.
I love the feeling at the end of a long day to just focus on the weight and nothing else.
Forget about all the stress in life.
One of the places where I have complete control.
Head phones in and world off.

Vid by: @krissycela
I like posting leg workouts and core workouts mostly on the weekends, so here is the lil homie smashing that core while on vacation in South Central L.A.🙅🏻‍♀️
💥Tag Yo lady & try this circuit this week for sure💥
Burnt forehead (cause it's so bloody big thanks mum and dad) mosquito bites and slowly having a heat stroke BUT Who cares when you're doing a core workout by the beach ? 🤷🏽‍♀️ There is just no excuses no to try this quick core workout. All you need is yourself and some music ☝🏼 Method:
1. Plank with side to sides 1 minute 
2. Side crunches 30 seconds each side 
3. Bicycles 1 minute 
4. Single leg toe touches 30 seconds each leg 
5. Oblique side crunches (touch your toes) 1 minute ▪️ROUNDS: 3 ▪️BREAKS: 2 minutes break between rounds
🎶Kur- Quick money

Lemme remind from where I started. The picture in left is from my college 3rd year survey camp back in 2012 to picture in my right is of April 2017. A lot of things changed from there to here. If I say as a teen or kid I have always been a confident child who was known for her leadership quality. From house caption to college culture leader I have been always there. The only thing which used to let me down was my body shape some how I couldn't handle that only thing. I used to hate my another name "MOTI" and sports day was the only activity I used to sit and watch. I always hate being an audience in sports day and people calling me "useless" iss moti ko v leke jao khelne. Oh I remember those females acting so smart and making fun of me !!! But over the time I realized it's not about shape !!! It's about what you feel about yourself and I always thought myself low than others. To all who are in same boat 🚣 remember if you wanna do it do for yourself not for world 🌎 beauty goes with time. Your behavior, your trust on you remains forever.
I have learnt a lot in this journey let it be fitness or fashion. And those small tips I am writing on my blog.
New post on "5 stupid things we are following for weight loss"on my blog. Link in bio
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Shoulders and obviously band work for da booty 😛 (sped up x2)

When the back game is strong 😂😂😂
Scaring shit out of newbies at the gym 🌝
And I was seriously wondering if there are girls who love #backtraining 🤔🤔🤔
Years ago I was obsessed with making the X body shape, cos basically I was the A shaped girl with tiny little shoulders and a long skinny torso, so adding some #lats and #shoulders was my main training goal ( happy now ? You gal better payed attention to your lower body , aha😑)
And actually now I can't get rid of it ( Women never know what they want)🙄

Goooodmorning!!! Maandag, en die begint weer goed met een workout met m'n workoutbuddy én het droog overkomen 😱 Storm op komst! Klaar voor een nieuwe volle (werk-)week? Raise your hands als je weer actief bent ✌🏻 #deargoodmorning #maandagochtend

Uhh oh there 👋🏼 welcome back booty 🍑👀 New week, new goalsssss 🔝 Fijne maandag!!


even in a group photo i still have to get my ass in it 😂😂😂 - one of the best nights i've ever had ✨ and we all looked so hot 🔥😭

😂 I love her way of thinking, but I might need to work on the science a little 😂 also really ought to show her some Jackie chan movies 😃 #girlswithmuscles #nutrition #fitness #jackiechan

Kicking off this Monday with my 3 favourite things; carbs, anything khaki and my @sanctumapparel_ squat proof leggings 😏
AB10 for 10% off 🖤

Livesore Ambassador @atombombbody is abs-olutely a beautiful badass showing off our 4 strap Elegance bra😍😍 Get this bra and other beautifully badass gear shipped FREE from www.beautifullybadass.com!
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Igår fick jag mitt nya kostschemat så idag blev det en del foodprep för veckans måltider. 😁👍Till lunch blir det ris, broccoli och kyckling marinerad i @theslenderchef sweet chilisås och bbq sås plus kryddor.😍🍗 Till middag kokt torsk och vitkål med mangocurrykrydda och olivolja i och broccoli. 😍🍽Till varje måltid blir det en massa sallad med. 🥗 #5weeksout #foodprep #proteinfood #foodporn

First week back to school and didn't have enough time to finish all my assignments.
So, here I am trying to optimize my time and being efficient with my training and my study. 🤓📚✏️📝
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Weekends = Memories > Macro's 🥂

Veggie egg muffin cups for a few morning meals. These are so time saving and I love throwing them between some sprouted wheat toast with a piece of 🥓 and 🥑 slapped on for extra savoriness. 😋
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