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👙a kini pic to give you some breaking news👙:
I'm pretty sure my foot is broken.
Wish there was a good story to it.
I jumped up too fast yesterday and it rolled under itself.
So I am posted up in bed, about to go to the ER to get an x-ray.
Was just starting to get back in the gym and an injury was the last thing I needed but oh well 🙃
Will keep ya updated, friends.

Rainy friday and it's time for cardio at the gym, since my dog refuses to walk long outside in the rain. 😆 what type of pics do you want to see more of here?☺️ happy weekend everybody🤗❤️

Flash back to steel practice with these ladies...
@jamie_villamor .
I'm competing in my first steel competition today and to say I'm nervous is an understatement !!
Wish me luck lol
Badass shirt by @operation_six 🇺🇸

Checking in this morning with new lines 😁 Nothing makes me happier 😅 Head has been in a much better place this week (helped by my unicorn head band 😉🦄) Can't believe peak week starts tomorrow 😱 Time is flying by! I'm currently sat in the hair dressers getting my hair done 💆🏼 Another colour change 🤔 So excited to get to London and see everyone 💖
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Baby got back🔥 and some poppin' biceps💪🏽
I see a lot of ladies forgetting that there are other muscles to be trained other than just legs and booty🤔
I can't stress how important it is to train your upper body, especially back! It balances out your body, makes you FEEL stronger, makes your waist look smaller. And who doesn't want a sexy, toned back??
Sometimes I mix it up, but I love training back and biceps together. I also love taking my @fitonomy BCAA's + Glutamine during my workout to keep my energy up and my muscle soreness down. I hate when my back is sore, but BCAA's help to greatly reduce this!! 👉🏼Use Code 'Tara' at checkout and you'll receive 15% off👈🏼
For this workout: complete in SUPERSETS as shown in vid. Complete back to back and repeat each superset 4x. VID IS SPED UP!!
Superset 1:
▫️DB Rear Delt Fly into Ski Pole Push Off x15 -keep arms bent a lil but still stiff!
◾️Bicep Curls w/same weight (not shown in vid) x15
Superset 2:
▫️Explosive Back Rows x12- Pause at the stretch and then explode back up
◾️5 Second Descent Bicep Curls x12
Superset 3: Use Double Handle Attachment
◽️5 Lying Curls + 5 Upright Curls
◾️Back Rows x12
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“you got lost in her eyes, and you hope you never find yourself because honestly being lost never felt so right." 📸: @jorgepoliophotography 💄: @lipstick.lounge.makeup

Lagom dags att dieten börjar kännas idag när jag är 4 veckor ut 😂😌
Cardion var inte det minsta kul idag, but this is fine! Om dieten inte känns minsta lilla ens 4 veckor ut så vet i sjutton om jag är människa 😂 Nu letar jag fram pannbensattityden, för den magiska bikinin jag fick hem igår ska bäras om 28 dagar 😍❤ #teamchipset

Smile and Enjoy the #weekend 💋

Entrena conmigo todos los días solo por 9,87usd al mes! 💪🏼
PROGRAMA FITNESS para hacer desde CASA, con vídeos de clases enteras como Hiit, Pilates Mat, Abdomen y Glúteos, y diferentes actividades, así como hábitos positivos para mejorar nuestra condición física y Salud en todos los sentidos, la suscripción es de $9,87usd al mes y tienen acceso a todos los vídeos de todas las clases y al mismo tiempo un plan elaborado semana tras semana que ustedes pueden seguir para entrenar todos los días!
Pueden entrar en la pagina web y tomar clases de prueba o también pueden contactarme si tienen alguna duda o pregunta! 😬
Prometo que les va a encantar! 💪🏼
*Para todos los niveles de condición física desde principiante hasta super avanzado!
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HAPPY FRIYAY GUYS!! RUBZ IS BACK WITH A KILLER #LEGSWORKOUT 💦 Last workout before I ✈️ ✈️✈️ for my birthday this weekend!! 🎈#Leo 🦁 Who else is traveling this month?? 💃🏻 ——————————————————————————— MY FAVORITE LEGS WORKOUT😎👇🏼
205lb resisted seated box squats(12 reps) ➡️ Side Banded Squats with plate (15 each side) ➡️ Banded Jump Squats (15 reps) ➡️ Reverse Duck Walks (15 reps) 🔥🔥🔥
——————————————————————————— Tag your gym homies and jam to this song, love me some @frenchmontana 🎶💪🏽 #DoubleTap for part two 😊 .
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Stomach Goals! Will You skip?
Tag a friend who likes to skip!
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These words will stay with me forever... and they meant so much to the both of us, not just because it was the moment we got engaged but because of everything we've achieved together and the dreams that came true for us ❤️💍 @markbinding2010 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖#orlando #disneyworld #fiance #isaidyes #engagement #FutureMrsBinding #birthdaycelebration #miamipro #pureelite #pureelitepro #bikinipro #fitnesspro #wbff #ifbb #ukbff #bikinimodel #bikinifitness #bikinicompetitor #cleaneating #bodypower #bodybuilding #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #abs #girlswithmuscles #aesthetics #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #girlswithmuscles #girlswithabs #girlsthatlift

That feeling when you finish your workout, but didn’t take any action pics in your @MuscleBabesApparel so you crank out some chin-ups. 💪🏼 Muscle Babes is a community of strong, badass women in the fitness industry. @alexisclairefit started the podcast because of the heavy male dominance in the industry. She interviews women with a variety of different backgrounds, stories and ideas of what fitness is. The sole purpose of it is to help women realize the power within themselves and bring us together to support one another rather than tear each other down. I was honored to be on it a few months back & will most likely be on it again while I’m here in Denver. I love the motto behind Muscle Babes so so much and am proud to have been able to watch it grow. If you want this shirt, a tank or a crop head over to their IG & use the code “BABE” for 10% off. If you want to listen to the podcast, search for it on iTunes. 👯💕
ALSOOOO I have more exciting news. I’ve been working hard on getting my website ready, working on content, coming up with a name, getting a logo, all that jazz. Majority of those things are complete, which means as soon as I finish the first initial round of content I want to release I will be publishing it!!! (very very thankful for @suegainz and @leahjfitness for putting up with me asking a million questions, go follow them if you don’t already because they’re babes) I plan on having a blog, a lot of free content, cheap products to purchase, online coaching, general programs & more. I am SO hyped its about to be freaking LITTTTT.🔥 #KMPFitness #KnowledgeMindsetProgress

A little core action for y'all ... 💦 .
▪️Remember a strong core is key ... not to just for aesthetic reasons but because it helps with stability, strength and balance during your workouts! .
▪️I did this exercise for 4 sets of 15,20,15,20! 🔥
#ChasingGains 🤙🏼

No flex, to flex to Angles. Something I thought I'd never say but after years of trying to changing my thick legs, they're now my favourite part of me! #Strongisthenewskinny

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