A (sort of) selfie with a giraffe leg bone I found at auction.

#oddities #girlswithbones #skeleton #anatomy #legbone #me

Parece estilo, mas é só uma alternativa para não sentir dor na cuca ao andar sob o sol 🤣🧢🖤 #girlswithbones #bonesgirls

(Pull-ups+ weighted pull-ups)•Kept the funny parts to show you guys that I'm not always slapping the shite out of myself. 👩🏻👋 Couple months ago pull-ups were my goal✔️now it's weighted pull-ups ⛓😁"I don't think I can do this". I will make these easy peezy👊 also got this suhhhweet shirt from @beaten_path_apparel at the meet. They're cool people and have a lot of really awesome stuff- thanks again!🖤@kylepigney with the superb 📷 skills💋

When you have amazing friends who don't even question when you ask for odd things! Also, Y'all!! @kbangela1173 fucking DELIVERED!! 💀💀 #girlswithbones #thatsawholefriggincow #oddities #bonecollector


Two Kash Daughter's looking amazing at 1 1/2 weeks..#girlswithbones

Art by @nattskiftet "Rocky Mountain bighorns inhabit the mountains from Canada south to New Mexico. They are relatives of goats, and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip. These attributes, along with keen vision, help them move easily about rocky, rugged mountain terrain." #rockymountainbighorn #girlswithbones #eyesinthebackofmyhead #poweranimal

Modeling for Kali Ma Boutique circa 2012 🌿 Photography by Alicia King Photography 🌿 “Elusive shadows linger shyly here,And wood-flowers blow, like pale, sweet spirit-bloom, And white, slim birches whisper, mirrored clearIn the pool’s lucent gloom.”
-L.M. Montgomery, ‘The Wood Pool’


1st apartment#selfie

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