Another beautiful day at #BodegaBayBeach ☀️ This is my new favorite place up North especially during the #Spring ! On our drive up we had seen baby farm animals & everything was green 😍
As you scroll to the next content you will hear me taking & then doing a #headstand. Background on this is— I was practicing & I heard this women from afar ask me to do it again because her daughter missed it. 😳 So I did & was absolutely nervous because this time I knew people were watching! BUT I was able to get up right away so I’d announce it as a good day 😏✌🏼🧘🏼‍♀️

On top of that, since I didn’t get to attend a beach cleanup I decided to embark on one myself. Check out my other page @peaceofplastic to see what I created with the pieces I found!

Backbends I actually need to be really slow and controlled. When I rush into any backbend pose, I feel my #diastasisrecti and it’s such an uncomfortable feeling. One injury at a time. Knee surgery Wednesday, learn to walk again, then I’ll fix the next problem lol

Sliding around 🙃
A little bit different to my usual yoga video but my new favourite way to work up a sweat!
All you need for a whole body workout is some of these exercise discs 💪🏻
I managed to train my abs, legs, booty, obliques, chest and shoulders, in about 5 minutes and had a lot of fun! 😅
Happy Sunday 💕

Summer eats while watching #mindovermarathon last night before work ❤️

Day 6 of #sneakystrengthyoga by @arianayoga for @yogadetour.
#Downwardfacingdog #pressups

I’ve made them even more fun and added a bit of core challenge in by following forward through #chaturana into #upwardfacingdog and back again. Throwing in chaturanga on the way back up is where the fun part hides! Also known here at @spartacoventy as #hindupressups (Yes, I did say fun 😉) The key 🔑 to making it easier and tapping into the core strength needed to get the reverse movement is to focus on pulling your toes towards your face and using all of the muscles in your legs - this isn’t just about upper body strength #usewhatyouhave #useallyouhave Swipe left ➡️ to see outtake 🐻😂 #holidayfitness #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyyoga #postnatalyoga #fitpregnancy #postnatalfitness #yoga #yogateacher #postnataltraining #strong #movement #coventry #earlsdon #leamington #warwick #kenilworth #personaltraining #girlswholift #girlswhoyoga #girlsgonestrong #strongwomenlifteachotherup #junofitness @spartacoventry

To all those people running the @londonmarathon today, you are amazing, you are inspirational, you are the strongest kind of human ❤️

Der Baum und der Baum 😄🤗😊
Malt die Natur nicht die schönsten Farben? Ich bin ganz verzaubert von dieser Pracht 😍
Übst du regelmäßig den Baum, kannst du deine Konzentration fördern und deine Standhaftigkeit, auch mental 😉, verbessern. Man sagt, wer im Yoga gut auf einem Bein stehen kann, bewältigt seinen Alltag auf drei Beinen.
Hab noch einen wundervollen Sonntag und richte den Fokus auf das Schöne. Es ist überall, du musst nur hinsehen 😄

Early morning stretches, practicing my favourite backbends and heart openers 🙏🏻 My body is thanking this gorgeous weather ☀️
Sunday’s are for yoga, Netflix and now sunbathing 👙

“Fuck yeah I can actually lift my butt off the floor” -me 🐘🐘🐘🐘

E A R T H L I N G 🌍

That's what we all are. At the end of it all, each one of us is united by this simple fact. Big love to my warm + hospitable yogi @arpithamuthappa and Madhu for cooking us a delicious Indian feast! Aren't genuine and kind people the best? I'm so grateful for our conversations today about diversity, backgrounds, and our hopes for the future of society.
Shout out to CPY for doing another year of #yogisplantingtrees by helping @earthdaynetwork maintain our beautiful Earth and contributing to the wonderful air we breathe🌲🌳🌴🌵

Women can have penises.
Men can have periods.
Because trans people exist.
And I'm not talking about sex here, sex as male or female (or intersex) is a biological fact, made up of your anatomy, hormones, chromosomes and sex organs. I'm talking gender here.
Gender is a social construct. To put it simply, I have a pet hamster. I would never say “my hamster is a woman”, I would say “my hamster is female”. Because with animals we're talking about sex. Because gender is a construct that has been created by a society of homosapiens.
Gender can refer to either social roles based on the sex of the person (gender role) or personal identification of one’s own gender based on an internal awareness (gender identity).
When an individual’s assigned sex at birth does not match their gender identity, that person is transgender. Transgender is an umbrella term, trans men and women are those whose gender is the OPPOSITE of their sex - they are binary, but can also include those who are not exclusively masculine or feminine, people who are non-binary, genderqueer, bigender, pangender, genderfluid, agender.
What it means to be a “real man” or “masculine” and what it means to be a “real woman” or “feminine” has been defined by society.
A person can have the biological makeup of a male and STILL be a woman who has all of the “feminine” behaviours and characteristics that society has attributed to being a woman, therefore making that individual more woman than man despite having a penis between their legs.
Let’s use me as an example. People look at me and assume, 1 that I am female and 2 that I am a woman. Because I have long hair, breasts, I’m petite and I wear make-up. These are all attributes of a “woman”. And in this case they are correct. I am cis. BUT there are cis men with longer hair, bigger breasts, who are smaller than me and too wear make-up, so going along with society’s views, these men possess more “feminine” traits. Does that make them any less of a man? No not at all.
BECAUSE masculinity doesn’t belong to males. And femininity doesn’t belong to females. Males can be feminine and be real men OR real women. And females can be masculine and be real women OR real men.

I’m just going to resign myself to being a day out now with the rest of the #sneakystrengthyoga challenges! So here is day 5 from@samanthafaulhaber

The aim of this one was to not use the opposite arm to pull yourself into the twist, so getting the benefit of twisting the spine along with the security of knowing that you won’t injure yourself by pushing beyond your limits, your central nervous system stops you at your limit.
Obligatory support crew and showy-off location as standard this week!

#holidayfitness #usewhatyouhave #dowhatyoucan #babysmakegoodweights #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyyoga #postnatalyoga #fitpregnancy #postnatalfitness #yoga #yogateacher #postnataltraining #strong #movement #kettlebell #kettlebells #coventrykettlebells #rkc #coventry #earlsdon #leamington #warwick #kenilworth #personaltraining #girlswholift ##girlswhoyoga #girlsgonestrong #strongwomenlifteachotherup #junofitness @spartacoventry

Sweaty spinning using @youtube and my home exercise bike. Bloody hell that's hard work!

Look at rhis amazing space that my friend @madlenrosalie has in the centre of Amsterdam on one of the canal streets. #amsterdam #keizergracht #mycrib
The initial plan was to go to the beach but I am actually not a fan of the beach especially when it's sunny and hot. I find it very stressful. I prefer the rough sea of the British coast or mountains. How about you?
#girlswhoyoga #igyoga #yogaislife #travellingyogi #selfpractice #yogaselfpractice #yogalove #myyogalife #mybodymypractice #whatyogalookslike #berlinyogi #tallyogi #yogaamsterdam #doyoga #yogabeginner #sidestretch #yogawithoutmat #holidays #sunshine

Being your own kind of perfect
is more important than being someone else’s. 🧘‍♀️
#yoga #instayogi #travel #fitness #yogalovers #yogaeverydamnday #coast #exploring #girlswhoyoga #girlswhoexplore #jurassiccoast

It’s Saturday. A year ago I would have woken up hungover from last night. I would have gone to the gym anyways, dehydrating my body further, and eating crappy food in the attempt to quench my cravings. I would have been emotional while spending the next few days recovering w/ symptoms because I’d probably go downtown again tonight. I have said it before and I will say it again; being in your early twenties is an excuse to treat your body a certain way and to blissfully ignore parts of your mind that are earning for growth. There are far better ways to be young. Take advantage of the abundance of growth that youth provides- it’s worth the effort, I promise. .
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I made a promise to myself that I would start working on my flexibility and upper body strength. This video is proof that I’ve been working hard!!!
#flexibility #gym #fit #handstand #yoga #goodmorning #early #workout #leangains #legsfordays #muscle #progress #everydayisanewday #tryhard #fitness #girlswhoyoga #morning #motivation #saturday #wakeup #conquer

Sunset walks ☀️❤️

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