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I noticed I've leaned out a little (not intentionally bc visible abs does not define your strength abilities🙅) all while maintaining at 125lbs and getting stronger!
7 weeks out from NAS Nationals and I'd like to get down a couple more lbs and make it a small water cut to the sub 120 class.
I haven't cut weight since I won IPL worlds 3 years ago!
When I first saw the weights for this comp I was like there is no way little ole me can do this. Events over 3x my bodyweight and numbers I've never dreamed of hitting.
Even though I'm on the smaller side of the LW class, I'm learning that I'm just as capable no matter what! Most importantly, I love what I'm doing and it's all about having fun, learning, and growing as a better athlete.
Today's attire all brought to you by @hviiibrandgoods and dad hat @doughnutsanddeadlifts👍🏻

235lb @mbpowercenter 17" stone of steel to 48". Great day getting my hands back on events at @titanbarbell #strongmansaturday

Had to reshare this 😂 to enter the @powerliftingwomen #plwface competition .... who's got a sexier lifting face than me?

I wanted to work my overhead recovery, but I still have a hole in my foot (from a very minor foot surgery I had 2 wks ago). Enter: this horribly 'fun" move from @houseofpowerfts that I think should be named "tubby get-ups"...with a bonus pin lockout (125lbs) on each rep.

She's the strongest woman I know and she drives me every day to be stronger myself. I hate being away from her and can't wait for the day we live together with no distance between us. @kekebball7 #shealrightsaturday #mine #love #wifeymaterial #girlswhostrongman #girlswholift #strongman #onlythroughGod #Godprovides

Hi Toronto! 🙋🏼


Event 2️⃣: Max Circus Dumbbell - I hate this event and have touched it like 3 times so 90lbs and a PR was amazing for the day! (2nd)

FallFest Event 1️⃣ Max Deadlift off 18" - 405, 445, and 485lbs for a PR and an apparent state record (1st)! (I'm gonna be annoying and post the events separately because my multiload hates me)

So this happened today 🥇words cannot express my thanks to @jeff_kryglik for all of his support today and up to this meet. Also, major props to @rissrossdabaws because I was one of the best conditioned out there today. Videos of the events to come

SURPRISE 🎉 I competed today! I jumped in at the last minute (literally, I signed up like 8 days out) to the River City Strongman show to help fill out a weight class and just do strong things with my strong friends. I didn't train for it, and I haven't done most of these events in at least one year or more. My only goals for this show were: 1) Walk away uninjured and not in pain. 2)Treat it as a training day. 3)Have fun.
I love to compete and I love to push myself hard on the competition floor, but that wasn't something I was after today. Instead, I chilled out, lifted some stuff, had some competition PRs, and hung out with a bunch of awesome people.
This tire was at the first RCSC I ever did (and my first contest ever) and I zero'ed. Today, I flipped a good 4 times in 60 seconds. It felt good to not zero anything and get some revenge on a couple events.
Thank you to my strong friends who kicked ass today, to @twrva, to my coach @anniegunshow for giving me the green light, and all of the volunteers and judges today!
Back to your regularly scheduled programming. #rcsc2017 #twvra #girlswhostrongman #girlswhopowerlift #completehumanperformance #didntdie #doitfortheburgers

Met some goals, gained some confidence, and made some new friends! This is what strongman is all about. #progressnotperfection 🖤🖤🖤

"I ask not for a lighter burden, but broader shoulders" Awesome strongman session today and finally learning to conquer the log vs letting it conquer me. When I started prepping for strongman nationals, @letkallelift asked me what event worried me the most and my response was the log. I am strong at clean and jerks from years of crossfit, but log is a completely different animal. I'm definitely getting a lot more comfortable with the movement and come November I won't let this event be my Achilles heel. Thankful to have solid training prep from @startingstrongman where I'm not lifting 100% every session...like powerlifting, I don't lift my max/top weight every time I train so why would I train every week at comp weight?! I'm learning to become efficient at the movements at increasing percentages and I'm better because of it. Train smart, recover well and everything else will fall into place. Looking forward to November! Some additional speedy yoke runs today and finally breaking in my @cerberus_strength straps on frame deadlifts. I never train with straps, but with 440 on the horizon, I think it's time I practice 😉...A few more heavyish days of lifting this week before I start my deload for #usapowerlifting nationals...can't believe it's almost go time! @a7intl @hybridperformancemethod @wagsandweights @sbd.usa @rehband #startingstrongman #strongmannationals #usaplrawnationals #stayhungry #trainsmart #hybridaf

235lb @mbpowercenter 17" stone of steel to 48". Great day getting my hands back on events at @titanbarbell #strongmansaturday

Forth Event: Tire Flips, 450lbs for 80feet, this one was close but the chick that won the event beat me by 3 and a half feet #tireflips #carbloaded #brutestrengthgym #strongwoman #startingstrongman #thisisjustthebeginning #girlswhostrongman #ladieslifthere

Fifth Event: Stones - 100lbs to 60inches, 135lbs to 54', 175lbs to 50inches, 200lbs to 48inches and 215lbs to 44inches, this event was close no sure if I took 1st or 2nd... think I got 2nd lol #stones #nowwewait #carbloaded #brutestrengthgym #strongwoman #startingstrongman #thisisjustthebeginning #girlswhostrongman #ladieslifthere

210lb log, finally 🙌🏻 I've been stuck at the same 1rm for 2 years, about time. Excited to work on this, doing all the log accessory from now till December. @sbd.usa @sbdapparel everything.

Third event: 60 seconds Medley of death: 160lb Keg over bar, 145lbs per hand farmers carry, Deadlift with remaining time. They misplaced the bar and it ended up being 185lb and not 270lbs which is why I shake my head on rep one but I ran with it anyway since I didn't know what standard protocol was. #carbloaded #brutestrengthgym #strongwoman #startingstrongman #thisisjustthebeginning #girlswhostrongman #ladieslifthere

First event: Axel Clean and Press away, 125lbs for 8 reps, took 2nd place for the event #axel #carbloaded #brutestrengthgym #strongwoman #startingstrongman #thisisjustthebeginning #girlswhostrongman #ladieslifthere

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