#internationalyogaday to encourage me to get back into it (a day late 🤷🏻‍♀️) #yoga

@snakeytail is having a bit of time away from powerlifting, and tonight had her first crack at heavy frame carries.

This was 120kg/265lbs for around 20m/66' in right on 15s - a great run!


Cheeks as pink as my beanie, deffinately blushing over the deadlift session i had that night☺️🍑

I've had alot on my plate the past few months. Writing a new program for my own progress in the sport of strongman, taking on clients for the first time in years, first time online, and lastly working on competition in the next few months.
Throughout it all I'm keeping the desire to go national in my mind. Although coming home and training late at night isn't easy, it's still helping me get there day by day.
Here's 375 pound frame deadlifts for hypertrophy and conditioning!
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The internet is a bizarre place. Here I am, just admiring @brookeberini car and then I get DMed this picture of myself🤣. This pink vinyl finish is future goals.
As bizarre of a place the internet is, it’s led me to so much good. I was talking about this to an IG friend last night. The digital network—I have friends I’ve “met” through here, later being brought together in person through competitions. Hell, one of my best friends lives on the other side of the world, in the land down under. 🇦🇺 The internet propelled me to start my own coaching business and I have athletes that live in several countries and I talk to them more than anyone most days.
With all that being said, the healthiest thing I do for myself is turn notifications for everything OFF and put airplane mode on ✈️✈️✈️✈️I do this when I can, when I need to seriously concentrate, lift, or can’t afford any distractions. Hence why I sometimes answer texts hours later (sorry friends). Disconnecting is just as important as connecting. INSTAgram but you can’t beat real life.
I’ll admit, with this @mshealthandfitness contest I’ve been on here more than I ever have because I know if I don’t put reminders out, it’s not on peoples mind. So, friendly reminder to not only VOTE for me everyday if you support my platform (link in bio), but get off your damn phone once in awhile, soak up your surroundings, make eye contact, and be friendly to other humans😘 Try out “airplane mode” guys, it’s a beautiful thing and I’ll bet you accomplish more in your day. #pleasevote #linkinbio #ilovepink #fastcars #disconnect #bigback

Over here like, “Ay coach, I’m ready. Put me in, put me in!” 🙋🏽‍♀️. #strengthisbeauty #aggressivelittlebitch #hairflip @unbroken_faith_ @horsepowersc @aggressivegentlemen

Squad Spotlight ⚡@kdstrand
"Hi all! Just a quick introduction about me. I’m 52 and compete in the 56kg class powerlifting. I started powerlifting seriously about 3 yrs ago. Lifting is my therapy! It’s one thing that is constant in life. I’ve always been physically active whether it was ballet that I danced for almost 21 yrs, playing softball all through my school years, or competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting. I love to see and encourage all women to do something that makes them feel empowered and strong! I’m so lucky to be a part of Shield Maidens as the vision is just that! Sisterhood, encourage strength, and be unstoppable!"
We will find a sisterhood where we finally belong.
We will learn how strong we really are.
We will be unstoppable.

This is #ShieldMaidenSquad.

Unfortunately these were not slow motion

Hi everyone! Here is how I got into lifting in 2005 & strongman in 2013!
As you may know, I’m in the running for @mshealthandfitness (link in bio). You get 1 free vote every 24 hours and can contribute “Warrior Votes” which benefits the @jah4ww builds & remodels homes for our Wounded Warriors.  I’ll be donating an additional $5,000 if I win, on top of what I raise now. I found out a fellow strongman competitor and former Army Ranger, @tommyblock52 whom lost his right eye while on his 4th deployment to Afghanistan in 2013 has benefited from this great foundation, and will be opening up his own home gym to other Vets! I’ve met him and his family multiple times at various strongman contests, and it’s the least I could do for my favorite sport in the world and to help out our nation’s HEROS. Scroll to see more of Tom’s story which was published in @muscle_and_fitness this year. 🇺🇸 _
I was tall and muscular at a young age, “Brittany Deemond” was my nickname when I was young bc of my size and yes I absolutely despised being called that. 😡Kids are mean. “BDimez” is much preferred. I felt EMPOWERED whenever I was on the track or in the weight room. Funny how this feeling has stayed with me, and now I want to spread it like wildfire.
Here’s how it started:
In the winter of 2005, I was in 7th grade decided after school to take the bus to Gloucester High School, so I could run in the winter (since the middle school only had cross country & spring track). I was instantly drawn to the weight room. 🏋️‍♂️I remember studying how lifting could make me a better sprinter. I was the only girl in there, but two guys, @johnfrancis729 and @pardeematthew, (whom are now lifelong friends) that took me under their wing. Shortly after, I was opening a window to get some fresh air and it slammed down on me, partially amputating my left middle finger. I stayed out of the weight room for a while after that because I was embarrassed…once a klutz, always a klutz.
Fast forward to college, I ended up joining the @rhody.rowing team for 4 years and earned a scholarship. My heart was broke I couldn’t run track due to a hamstring injury but [post continued in comments]👇

Too tired to make any 2 Chainz jokes,
but know that there were some.

Finally starting to feel more comfortable with axle OH press. Don’t know why but this scares me. Think it’s the axle and not having my hand all the way round the bar.... Anyway happy with this morning 👍

45kg x 5
47.5 x 5 x 2
50 x 4
50 x 5

Starving now, food then work. Busy busy
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Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don't!
Be open to learning from others. I may be a coach but I don't know it all.
An unexpected opportunity whilst travelling to better myself, learn new skills and share with others.
#strong #strength #strongwoman #girlswhostrongman #press #beltclean #continentalclean #citystrongman #learn #grow #perform #levelup

Are you looking to get strong in your lifts?
Do you want to improve your form and avoid injury?
Do you want to try a new type of training like Strongman?
If any of these sound like things you want to do, send me a message. I'm offering one month of free online coaching to anyone who is interested!
About me:
-Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.
-Vast knowledge of Periodization, Strength Training, Hypertrophy, Cardio, Conditioning, Rehab and Injury Prevention.
-Top Placings in all Strongman Competitions.
-Personal Records include a 1,000 pound yoke walk and a 36,000 pound Firetruck pull.
I am always excited to help people reach their goals, and I am confident I can help you do the same! DM Me!
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Da feels when 340 goes ⬆️ and feels GOOD 🤗 I was a bit concerned when I started this training cycle after taking a few months away from deadlifting and having 275 feel like 💩💩💩 BUT as always I put the trust in coach Benny T and the lift is coming back just in time for comp 😊 [slide into the king of the snakes DMs to get your very own deadlift program @tbaydeadliftking ] .
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Today when reviewing a stone shouldering video, I thought to myself, "Damn. My legs look powerful and strong!" Thinking about it now, I realize that it's such a far cry from the the self who for years and years hated her legs and from a young age wanted so much for them to be small and thin. Gettin' down with the thiccness, y'all. 😂💪😊 #stronggettingstronger #upliftandliftbig #strongmantraining #bodypositivity #girlsgonestrong #girlswhostrongman #strongmom #momlife #strong #strongwoman

FINALLY!!! Back squat PR @ 250# !!! This was a long time coming — I struggle with hitting depth and with this lift in general. Thanks for the spot @built_by_iron 😬☺️😀 @chstone23 for videoing ! and now.... celebratory rolled ice cream is in order! #builtbyiron #backsquat #teamlongfemurs #chickswholift #strongman #strongwoman #strength #strongmantraining #girlswhostrongman

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