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New video up on my YouTube channel with @sarah_godfrey_ ❤️😍Link is in my bio loves ! Also big thanks to @seandoupe for the workout edit 👏🏻🙌🏼

The link to watch this new YouTube video is in my bio @laurenfitness 🙊
Also... I want to talk about fearing weight gain. Yesterday during #TicknersTips (this is the daily Instagram story discussion I do, where I answer one of your questions), I touched upon this subject. But I want to speak about in a little more in depth.
I used to fear gaining weight, gaining fat. I used to want to have as little body fat as possible. I sacrificed my mental (and physical) health for this 'goal& #39; . But I didn't realise the long-term damage doing this was having on me... both physically and mentally.
Now, however, I realise that in order to become STRONGER, gaining weight (and fat!!!), is going to happen. It is inevitable. And that is OK! Just because my abs are fading doesn't mean I am less 'fitness& #39; ... just because someone does not have big glutes, does not mean they should not be considered as part of the fitness community. Just because you may not have popping delts or big biceps DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT EXPRESS YOUR LOVE FOR FITNESS.
Today, my mum came to the gym with me. (YouTube video to follow. And she squat 60kg!!!!). She's a little overweight, but she has NO shame in being in the gym and even potentially making a fool of herself. And this is how it should be! Everyone is in the gym for THEMSELVES: I doubt they even take note of you! So even if you may not be in shape (yet), DO NOT BE ASHAMED. YOU are killing it even by just being there. And that should make you PROUD! #StrengthFeed

FULL DISCLOSURE: the reason why I post booty pose photos like this👆🏼is because I know that they will do well on IG, thus enabling me to reach more people. Nope, they're not very 'me& #39; - but my aim is to help as many people as I possibly can. 🙏🏼 that's the truth and I give thanks to @lawrence_sbs for helping me get the courage to tell you that! #Honesty #Always

Doesn't get any more real than this. Check out @adry_bella and her fit journey. She lost 150 lbs in 20 months and documented her entire journey on Instagram. Adry is the living breathing proof that it is possible to reach your fitness goals by simply eating healthier and working out! Follow

ABS 🔥 been working loads the past few days so only got time for 15 min workouts 😂🙈 but try out these abs exercises! I superset a lot of them! The last exercise is my fav for abs I always feel it burn soooo much 🙆🏼 did like 4 sets if 12/15 for everything ❤️ #abs #obliques #fitness #bodybuilding #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #gymsharkwomen #abworkout #fitspo #blonde #gymshark #prep #15minworkout

Cola zero? 😁🤗 anyone else drinks this when you're on on/offseason? 🙈

This weekend it's going down in Phoenix! Don't miss watching my Snapchat Thursday-Sunday. Wings of strength are inviting 9 pro female bodybuilders & Legend 8 time Ms Olympia Lenda Murray to attend this years Musclemansion. Whats going down? We will be having fun going on a gym tour in the Phoenix area on a meet & great with the fans - come out meet us Saturday 9.30am @hlf_fitness__ and 10.30 @farrowcompetitivetraining. We'll also be doing video interviews and retro pin up & wild west photoshoots. You'll be able to see all the photos on the wingsofstrength.net website. The planning of Rising Phoenix 2017 is very important to us. We want to make it a blast of a show in September. I'm sure the ideas will be flowing and we'll create a fun and exciting show for you guys. Mark September 9th in your calendar! Watch everything live on my Snapchat 👻this weekend. Add me: Helle Trevino
SWIPE the photo on top to watch the next one and tag a friend who loves fbb 😄💪🏼
You can meet us here 4.1.2017:

Farrow competitive training
2120 E 6 th Street, Tempe AZ
Hlf fitness
306 S. River Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281 #306
#musclemansion #wingsofstrength #risingphoenix2017


Your only competition is you😊🙈 I need those legs 😒😒I miss them😕😕😑😑 #throwback #muscle #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #sadtimes #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #motivation #ukbff

Dobré poledne a chutnání, pokud právě obědváte! 🙈 Po dlouhé době jsem si dovolila zneužít zrcadlo na záchodech v práci. 😁 V úterý jsem absolvovala první (👆) #legday podle Leničky masochistky, a musím konstatovat, že už dva dny mám zádel jako v jednom ohni! Sezení a chození do schodů je pro mě aktuálně trošičku #unreal , a jsem zvědavá, jak se mi podaří odcvičit dnešní legday. 🤔 Ale je potřeba začít zase pořádně makat, nohy se teď docela dlouho flákaly (alespoň na můj vkus), což mi teď dávají solidně najevo. 😁 Ale nevadí, snad to bude ku prospěchu a do léta tam tu 🍑 vypracuji. 😈😏😌 A jelikož mám nějakou povídavou, tak se během dneška/zítřka na mé osobní webové stránce (link v biu) objeví článek, ve kterém zas tak nějak shrnu aktuální stav a výhled do budoucna (i s ohledem na stravu). 😇 Takže kdo bude mít zájem, může si počíst. 😎 #fitnessdiary #legs #bootygainz #bootyfordays #buttbuilding #bodyunderconstruction #gymaholic #freddy #freddyjeans #pushupjeans #wrup #adidasoriginals #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #czechfitness #czechfitnessgirl #czechfitnesspeople #czechgirl #czech #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #girlswithmuscle #brno

Finally got my new set from @gymshark 😍 Made my legday even better 🔥🔥
#gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharknikkiblackketter

✨progress, progress, progress✨ body fat is currently sitting at 17% but not for long 👊🏼🌈 stay focused on your goals ☀️

Fave Cakes @gardenofguise 🍑🔥
📷Ph: @tristanmanas

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Deadlifts this morning with @captainredbeard1995 💁🏻✨
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
Kept weight lower (80kg), and worked on form, which is totallyyy not ok in this video, (sticky-out-chickenhead y u do this?). Couple of ok reps in there, (ok like one 🙄), defo not as pretty as they were last week 🙈...
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
This was my first set and I can confirm, they did improve as I went on, but still on that #perfectmostbeautifulistdeadliftquest
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Did my cardios - and the quads stole all of yesterday's shoulder pump instantly. Thighs you're so needy, give someone else a chance for a change 🙄😂
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Feeling very motivated all of sudden these last few days, it's weird... Maybe I'm finally finding my new wave to riiiiiide ✌🏼😎🌊 ?
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#thurslay (even though I keep thinking it's Friday?)
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#bikinicompetitor #girlswholift #deadlift #deadlifts

Missing building the booty with my boo @laurennimmo1 at @puregymofficial #portsmouth but still keeping at it with @trilogysolutions of course 🍑🍑 (HANNAH15 code for 15% off)

Another London day, another flat white 😍 I am so addicted to coffee, particularly these beautiful flat whites @rapha
Head over to my insta story today if you want a good laugh at my expense about what happened on my commute into London this morning 😂

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