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Yay! Another day in the books & ALMOST 2 weeks into my #npcprep #bodybuilding journey.

*Im overall happy with my progress i can see, but i do need the scale to move for weigh in Sunday so i can earn my cheat! I see biggest changes in my shoulders and quads, particularly outer. *training my body physically is really fun, mentally training (when it comes to food) is definitely the hard part. Im honestly finding that this is a m.i.n.d.s.e.t. sport. *soooo.many.eggs (63 per week for me, majority whites). *if you have a REALLY good imagination, you can pretend broccoli is Cheetos. I have the cravings of a 9 month prego & craving things i normally wouldn't even want- hence, Cheetos, tootsie rolls, and cinnabon 😅 *my legs are FRIED 😣 from the 2 workouts a day - EARLY am (430wakeup) cardio, off to work, then back for PM lifting 💪 Um, anddddd the amount of laundry from 2xdays is stupid. *I had to wear a belt to work keep my donk from hanging out today; can't tell you the last time i wore a belt voluntarily 🤔 refusing to buy new dress pants until they sag like mc hammer *periodically, you should take off your headphones at the gym to see if you sound like a man grunting when you do lunges<yup>, or if the old lady power walking on the treadmill next to you can hear BuckCherry Crazy B. <she could>🤣 i also realized my playlists are very eclectic <see above> 😂 *people continue to ask very weird questions and act like im going to be bench pressing a car soon.✋🤦‍♀️ Overall, enjoying the new challenge. But need to figure out how to conquer the laundry mountain of yoga pants (i vote cleaning lady, corey keeps voting that down). 🤷‍♀️ Weigh in with my coach on Sunday. Need good vibes to conquer Marinos bday weekend with lots of temptations 🤤

#girlswholiftandrun #npctraining #bikiniprep #hangry #girlswholift #happyhealthyme #embracethejourney

Exactly how this @dunkindonuts addict gave up my sugar-infused coffee flavoring & creamer! I pour it right in to act as my cream! 30g protein, fills you like a meal, tastes like a treat & I can travel easily with it for work. <this is still a milk byproduct so I use this as a carb or treat>
#npctraining #girlswholiftandrun

⚠️Stay safe, people! ⚠️6 weeks until @pghmarathon - ready to PR this hilly bitch 🤣 #gameonpgh #pghmarathon #girlswholiftandrun #marathontraining #hangry #sore #pr

#throwback to my third half marathon two years ago and the raw emotion at the finish line after you run your first sub-2 🏃‍♀️ #strongerfasterfurther .
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Soooo I get that what I'm doing is not everyone's cup of tea ☕️. Totally understandable. A few comments have really caught me off guard the last few weeks, and I just need 1 second to vent bc it IS truly frustrating. It has made me second guess things when I look in the mirror already, and I'm only 2 weeks into this. "Don't get TOO big."
"Your face looks too thin."
"Your arms look bulky.."
"I thought you looked fine before, why would you do this?"
"Sorry, Nicole can't, she doesn't like to eat."
"All of your fitness posts..." Yikes. I want to start by just saying that I DO feel very supported by the people that matter most to me in my life. And that's what's going to keep me going. But some of the comments are definitely like a sucker punch to the gut.
I'm sorry that you think I'm going to get too big, but you don't dress or take care of my body so ✋ worrying about it. My face is thin because I'm not bloated from eating crap all the time. 🚫🍟My arms are "bulky" because I LOVE to lift shoulders (always have) and now that I've lost a little fat, you can see a little more muscle there💪. I never said I didn't "look fine" before, but I didn't feel great - and I LOVE to challenge myself so this felt like the natural next step for me. 💥 I probably eat MORE than most people do in a day - and definitely MORE than what I was eating before so rest assured, I eat well. 🥚🥗🍗🥒And all my fitness posts help keep me motivated, soooo you can always unfollow/unfriend if they are really bothersome. 🙋🏻 I hope that doesn't seem rude 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know that ridicule will be a part of this process, esp as I get further, so I need to toughen up anyways. But keep your 💩 comments to yourself, please; or take a second to think of what you're saying is going to help me/hurt me. Commenting on physical appearance isn't your business unless it's your own body your referring to. 💯 Hopefully, though, I'll just get soooo bulky and soooo big that I'll be able to kick your 🍑. 😂

The only person that needs to be happy with me, is me. 😘#doyou #npctraining #happyhealthyme #doingthisforme #girlswholiftandrun #npcbikiniprep #bikinisafterbabies #bustinminetokickyours

I'm maybe 15 lbs heavier than I was when I graduated, but I just bought a size I haven't seen since 7th grade! (((The comparison pic is from October when my workouts were on but eating way WAY off))) They are a little snug still, but at this point, I was ready to grease myself to get into a size I haven't seen since 1995 😂
The scale has always drove me insane, but since I started lifting and running more a few years ago, I really tried to focus more on how I felt instead of what the scale said. I know as I move forward with my training, it will be hard not to pay attention to everything the scale says, so posting this as a reminder ❤️#npctraining #girlswholiftandrun #effthescale

Arm day. An hour of arms, more arms, and some more arms. #girlswholiftandrun #phillyfitness #fitchick #armday #burbbabyburn

Working with this lil buddy this weekend saved my Monday morning workout!! Foam rolling for the win! •

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Today's 18 miler was delivered partially due to Peach Rings (ran out of GU🤦🏻‍♀️) and Crossfade ✅. 55 degrees & TAN lines in March - I love it! Can't believe only one REALLY long run stands between me and the Pitt Marathon now. Ironically, I was thinking about taking a little break and walking when I looked up and saw the sign for Fast Lane. No quitters here. 😜#gameonpittsburgh #fullmarathontraining #girlswholiftandrun #npc2018hereicome

#bodybeast Beast Cardio & #80dayobsession Booty 💪🏼🍑workouts fueled by last nights @mocrawfish bomb 💣 boiled crawfish & shrimp 🦐, green margaritas ☘️🍹, & ice cold beer 🍻 Sunday long run day 🏃🏼‍♀️ to come this afternoon Happy Sunday folks ☀️😊☀️ #beachbody #girlswholift #girlswhorun #girlswholiftandrun #momswholift #momswhorun #momswholikemargaritas

When the only thing you think is 'please don't hurt my shin' 😱jeg klarede frisag, ingen blotlagt skinnebensknogle..... den her gang 👻 #fearoffailure #jumpupyourlife #boxjump #ocrtraining #obstaclecourse #obstaclerace #ocrmom #crossfit #strongnotskinny #girlswholiftandrun #metcon #wodify #thunderthighs #motivation #getbettereveryday #teamkraftværk

Base2Base DONE! 7.6 miles on a beautiful Saturday morning. A fun community event - any run is more fun when you’re surrounded by friends. 😊
I haven’t been doing a lot of running. But I’ve been consistent in my overall training. I beat my time from two years ago by 2 minutes. A good argument for #crosstraining with @thetransformapp! 💪👊

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