Heading home after attending my second company event for this side biz I do #mypassion🦋💗, which I might say is one the most invigorating experiences being around ALL the positives vibes🤗🙌🏻🤸‍♂️🌈🦋 I already can’t wait to see how they top next year when we come back to Indy🏎🗯SOOOOO who is coming back with us next year?


Amen! 😁💕

6/22/18 3 day Push/pull program. The rep ranges for this phase is @65% 3-4x12.. basically cardio. Switched from conventional to sumo for this phase. Still need to tweak my stance. My videos are as real as it gets. I definitely don’t go out of my way to impress anybody. #oldageproblems #liftheavy #lifting #sumodeadlift #deadlift #liftweights #liftheavyshit #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnessaddict #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #ketogains #keto #girlswholift #girlsthatlift #muscles

Today is my lil sisters 26 bday & my awesome mom ordered a vegan & raw mango cheesecake 🙏🏻♥️ She also got me coconut yoghurt, vegan creamcheese and much much more haha never a hungry vegan @ my parents place 😁

This week I'm on retreat giving classes on body mindfulness and the physical aspects of spiritual practice. This is totally new to me in terms of teaching but and integral part of my wellness journey and recovery from my chronic illness. I'm so excited to bring this to my work life.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey and my goal this week is to bring that spiritual journeying back down to earth, to honour the human experience and recognise the ways in which both these aspects in all of us work together and interconnect.
I hope to find ways I can start bringing this in to my work online too! I know a lot of you are disappointed to see the changes in this page and my content and I'm sorry if that is your experience. That said my spirituality is and always has been a very important thing to me and it's vital that social media (as it takes up more and more space in my life) is something that nurtures my growth rather than takes me further away from it.
My page will always evolve as I do else it wouldn't be authentic and I hope that some, if not all of you will appreciate transparentcy enough to stay with me but totally understand and accept it if I'm not your cup of tea and wish you all the best! I can't be someone I'm not though!
I also trust that with honestly and by sharing my truth I will attract my tribe, numbers have never been important to me. This page is meaningless if it has no true value! Namaste family 💜✨

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