If you’re in the Río de Janeiro are and want to get out of the hustle and bustle, Ihla Grande is the perfect hideout! This island in the southern Atlantic has all the tropical goodies to help you unwind. 🇧🇷
Si estás en el area de Río y quieres escaparte de la ciudad, l Ihla Grande es el lugar perfecto. Esta isla en el sur del Atlántico tiene todas lo tropical que necesites para relajarte.
Ihla Grande • Brazil

| So come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned... 🧚‍♀️ | #adventureculture #montana #hikemore

What is your vision for all of this? It's always more than just losing an inch or gaining muscle... what is the bigger picture for you? Sure we all want a nicer looking body, we want to feel healthy, but those thing are only a reflection of our inner work. .
Our end results are only a product of our mind, drive, perseverance, love, consistency, acceptance, failures, community, liberation, self-esteem, confidence. .
What is the bigger picture? .
what kind of person do you want to become? A fit and healthy person? or someone who loves and trust yourself enough to accomplish anything you put your mind to? You choose.... Neither choice is the easy road, but the latter will sustain you and offer you the bigger picture. .
Trust the process, see the bigger picture and believe in the person you are becoming!

How are you taking care of you today? I'm getting outside for some much needed yoga, nourishing myself with a big breakfast full of my favorite things, and finishing up some work before I head to Mexico. It's almost Friday, time to treat yourself🥂

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Are we out of the woods yet?

Immerse yourself in Y O U

Omg...Surprise! You’re 40 and we’re going to make you look like an ass! 🤣
I remember having a love/hate relationship with transformation days (pre having one).
I'd log into social media and see sweaty before and afters everywhere. I'd eye roll til borderline headache level BUT I'd double look every single person. How did they do it? How long? What did they have to do? I wanted to know it all, wasn't sure if I believed them, and wasn't in the place to try it myself...because-failure sucks and I knew it well.
But then I came across a post and I made a choice. I could keep bitching-or I could go after my own transformation. So I did.
And it wasn't nearly as impossible as I thought because if you flip the script in your mind and your determination outworks your doubt-F'n MAGIC happens.
I'm still a work in progress, aren't we all?! But I know what I'm worth. And what YOU'RE worth. I was there. I know what shitty feels like.
So, I'll keep showing up. Because one of these days, MY transformation will motivate you to go after yours, too.

*insert some quote about walking through forests* 😂🌲 I love it. 🖤 #kimberleynaturepark #agoodplacetobe

I wanna go and climb more again!!

I can always rely on animals to tell me what’s important in life.
fresh air
sticking together
taking risks

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