Growing another mini me.. my poor husband 😂🤷🏽‍♀️👑 #MiniMe #BabyNumber3 #GirlsRuleThisHouse

Dog mom life 🐾
”Mom I'm smiling stop taking photos of me and give me a treat.” 🐶
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Feeling excited each day! 🌺
This week I found out I’m having a baby girl!

I remember the first time I heard those words during my first pregnancy. Growing up with my dad and brother and being the biggest tomboy growing up, I was afraid of not being able to do a good job with a girl! Silly I know, I was only 22 at the time.
Now hearing those words brought such a joy and a smile to my face!! Plus I have to admit that my husband and I started laughing! It’s a bit funny knowing there will be 4 of us in the house, plus a female dog.
I just love being a mother to my girls, they have made me a stronger and better woman. There is not a dull moment with them and I’m so proud to see how kind, loving, smart, talented and God- fearing they are! My girls are super excited and I cant wait to meet baby Juliette! #thefutureisfemale

Cada día más emocionada! 🌸
¡Esta semana descubrimos es una una niña!

Recuerdo la primera vez que escuché esas palabras durante mi primer embarazo. Al crecer con mi papá y mi hermano, era muy poco femenina mientras crecía. Tenía miedo de no poder hacer un buen trabajo con una niña - tonto lo sé, solo tenía 22 años en esos momentos.

Ahora el escuchar esas palabras me trajo tanta alegría y una sonrisa en la cara. Además, ¡tengo que admitir que mi esposo y yo comenzamos a reírnos! Es un poco gracioso el saber que habrá 4 de nosotras en la casa, más nuestra perrita.

Pero me encanta ser madre de mis niñas, me han hecho una mujer más fuerte y mejor en todos los sentidos. No hay un momento aburrido con ellos y estoy muy orgullosa de ver lo amables, cariñosas , inteligentes, talentosas y temerosas de Dios que son. ¡Mis chicas están súper emocionadas y no puedo esperar a conocer a mi bebé Juliette!

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Folding laundry last night and came across my daughter’s “silky.” Her favorite blankets are made of this. When there’s a hole in your silky blanket; you adapt, improvise and overcome. That’s how I know she’s my daughter. #likefatherlikedaughter #teachthemtostandontheirown #girlsrulethishouse

Me and the girls !! Girls over rule in this house hold !! 🦄💕🦄💕🦄💕#meandmygirls#motheranddaughters#mommyanddaughters#girlsrulethishouse#nofilter#meandmine#💕

We went roadtrippin’ with our new shirts! Video coming very soon @julietalasarte @claraarnus @lenasolanogue #girlsrulethishouse 💘👚🏄🏿‍♀️💅🏻

Tina, you have always been my #girlboss and Charlie is good with it! #girlsrulethishouse #iwd2018 #internationalwomensday

Timmy Turner was our only male pet in the house and his buddy. Recently found out Timmy is actually a Tina. So meet Tina Turner 😂🎀🦎 #girlsrulethishouse #sorryboutyourluck #hestilllovesher

Love these gals with all my heart! So thankful! Thanks @b_stephens_ for all you do! Amazingly in love with my family! Great to have a wife who bathes this family with love and a daughter who bathes this family with poop. Happy Valentines Day!
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Posting this to keep myself on it.... i cant promise how it will come out , but i can promise ill do my best... but for-real ...im only starting to prep atm and i already took a break... lol #girlsrulethishouse #myworld 💙

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