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went to atl for work, stayed for @grimeyassny 📷

FTP forever and always. 1312

Definately not here 🌎✨ #adventurecravings

Frida Khalo 🏵 Such a powerful, creative, independent,fluid, revolutionary woman, who had no care in the world about what others thought. She just did as she thought and every step was beautiful,even the "mistakes". That is what I aspire to be like.
📷: @cherry_blossom_photo
HMUA: @desireeyvonnee


Bout time you recognize I'm that bitch. #thatgirl #cutie #hair #drinking #girlsofinsta #yep

Back to Basics: assisted pull-ups! **Notice how I change grips halfway through** This a great finisher for a solid back workout session 👍🏻 I've never had a strong upper body but that's changing, and it can for you too! 😁Aiming for that cobra back🐍

Get you someone who makes you laugh. Or someone who laughs at you. Either way 🙃😏🤗🤓☺️ I love youuuu😘🖤

Hahahaha this is what happens when a guy tries to take a nice photo 😂
So much better than expected...
A few mixed emotions here I think 😂🍾
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This pregnancy has been WAY different from my first. I was so sick in the beginning and I've been having a rollercoaster of hormones/mood swings and I've been so exhausted! I'm sure running around after Jax all day doesn't help much but I wouldn't trade it for the world. P.s. We do know the sex but I'm keeping it a secret for a little.☺🤰💕

That baby bump though. 😍🤰

You see when you're growing up. You're now getting out of college and high school, people don't show you how they get there, they just arrive. They disappear one day on social media and four years later you see them..."successful"
It's really scary, this thing called life. You go from being this young girl with a dream you protect. To going on your first interview and no one tells you the exact words to say so you could get the job.
Then from one moment you go from calling yourself a young lady to a woman or a young man to a man.
The fear of your life it eats you because you don't see other people's tears you see you see your own.
Nobody tells you to get up in the morning to pursue your dreams. You just do it and hope that it's enough to get you there.
You hope that the efforts will build for your future so that one day you could be in a position to have all of the many views that @cheapcaribbean has on their page lol
But you just hope you could be the "woman" or "man" someone can depend on one day. That you won't disappoint & even if you do it'll be understood that you're still learning, still growing.
Keep Pushing, Keep Praying & Be Honest with yourself. One day your results will come. (Like @thepatriciabright quoted in her recent video, "it takes 10,000 hours to become excellent at something."
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Want to see more from this shoot, visit the link in my bio to view my photography blog website and be sure to read my first blog "Honest Moments".
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Tutte le lettere d’amore sono
Non sarebbero lettere d’amore se non fossero
Anch’io ho scritto ai miei tempi lettere d’amore,
come le altre,
Le lettere d’amore, se c’è l’amore,
devono essere
Ma dopotutto
solo coloro che non hanno mai scritto
lettere d’amore
Magari fosse ancora il tempo in cui scrivevo
senza accorgermene
lettere d’amore
La verità è che oggi
sono i miei ricordi
di quelle lettere
a essere ridicoli.
(Tutte le parole sdrucciole,
come tutti i sentimenti sdruccioli,
sono naturalmente
ridicole). •Fernando Pessoa

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