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Go watch my new video on @youtube | GiaGunnEntertainment about living my truth & being authentic 💙💖💙#girlslikeus Link in my bio!
🎥: @fyeahdragrace

Same person. Just a happier one on the right 😘😋 LEFT: Pre Hormones RIGHT: 18 months on hormones 💕 #womanhood going through the correct puberty is amazing!

Day 3 of birthday week: I am blessed beyond words with amazing friends and support! Life would not be the same without y'all. #friends #blessed

#IAmEnoughGiveaway: Here are some of the beautiful folks participating in our campaign! You are all enough, just as you are! <3

We're giving away 100 FREE "I Am Enough" t-shirts to #trans youth just in time for LGBTQ #pride month! Check out the full details and enter now – link is in our bio!
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#ftm #mtf #transgender #nonbinary #iamenough #girlslikeus #boyslikeus #transisbeautiful #pride #community #lgbt #lgbtq #pointofpride #point5cc #protecttranskids

"Boy mode" vs "girl mode" 🚹🚺 As much as I wish it wasn't the case, the honest reality of my current existence is that one of the partners of my company is extremely religious and I still have to 'present male' at my 9-5 office work for the time being. Though even today with digging an old tee from my music days out of retirement, I feel like my best boy mode I can muster lately is getting pretty weak. Other than a full eye, I wear pretty much the same full face of makeup at work plus basically a self-imposed uniform of plain black tee, skinny jeans and flats. I'm in this weird limbo where everyone in my personal life knows about my transition for the past year and I pretty much present female exclusively, but at work nobody "knows" but I've clearly changed visually and CLEARLY wear makeup and make no dedicated effort to present anything masculine (save for today's tee). I have a hard time believing that nobody has put the pieces together, but I suppose they probably think I'm just gay or something. (But everyone knows I'm happily married?) I work super hard and am good at my job so I've not been directly confronted for now. I also have avoided being honest about it on Facebook because of co-workers, but because of my music following as well, which is what 99% of my Facebook consists of (which I'm less worried about). I just can't afford to lose my income and insurance. Anyway. I just want to be honest about this because it's an awkward existential issue to have, even temporarily. I came honest about being transgender to rectify my feelings with my appearance and body - and NOT feel like I'm living some kind of double life - and that's exactly what I feel like I'm literally having to do for now. But I know it's part of what I've gotta do. I don't know when the timing is going to feel right but I'm going to have to be honest about this with my bosses, and I'm not sure how that's gonna play out. Hopefully it will be ok and they'll figure out a way to not be uncomfortable. At this point not much would change, but it's hard to drop the "T word" and it's hard to not imagine religion getting in the way. #transvisibility #trans #transgender #beyou #girlslikeus


Have you ever seen such a blue sky? Today at #TheOnlineStylist we are getting ready for the launch of something that is going to be super exciting and incredibly valuable to you! ...Stay tuned it's all happening on May 7th! 💋🌸🕶 #bluesky

I love the movie #moulinrouge so I got inspired to beat my face like mya in lady marmalade. Whalaa.. What do you think? #goodenergy #selfie #doubledouble #girlslikeus #girlswhosmoke #makeup #lips #vietgirls #vietnamese #cannabischick #marijuana #mixedchicks #pnw #beat

Good Morning!

Lady in Red... This is the dress I bought yesterday, i fell in love with it straight away.
#RedDress #notsubtle #TransIsBeautiful #girlslikeus #LoveMyLife

Rainy Thursday #OOTD #QueenBeeOOTD #LOTD
Pink jumpsuit - @zara
White coat - @veromoda
Beige bag - @chanelofficial
Beige heels - @mango

Cut me down the middle,Fucked me up a little..Now I'm in the middle of heartbreak city
'Cause I'm in the middle of a world not pretty
Your clever game got the best of me
But you ain't gonna get the rest of me🖕🏼#rebelheart #ink #girlslikeus #girlswithtattoos #latina #whatever

Not sure what to say about tonight, except- damn girl, heyyyy💋 #girlslikeus #thisiswhattranslookslike #tgirl #transisbeautiful

Take me down into your paradise don't be scared cause I'm your body type 🔥👸👏🏽👌🏽🌻🌞☀️💦🏊🏼‍♀️ #drag #houstondragqueen #performer #trans #girlslikeus #extremecurves #coolforthesummer #demi #illusion #getyouapiece #houstonmua

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