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Why do women hate each other?
My instinct and habits are to surround myself with, and support other women... but women have made that extremely difficult for me to do.
I'm in no way trying to generalise, because I know many genuine, wonderful, kind-hearted, beautiful women. Good woman or not, I still can’t get over the fact that women generally hate women.
I lived a majority of my life identifying as 'male', completely oblivious to the divide women place between one another, so it came as major culture shock when I began to witness how women really treated each other, including myself.
I can only assume that women hate on other women because they've run out of things to hate about themselves. Confident women don't hate on other women!
Believe it or not ladies, 'Queen Bee' behaviours are not reflective of some 'Mean Girl' gene lurking in our DNA. The way we treat other women is a choice, and we should always choose to encourage, support, and empower instead of being so hateful and envious!
Imagine the things women could do together if only they loved themselves more, if only society didn’t dictate the image of what beauty should look like, if only women were nicer to each other. If this were the case then you must agree with me, the world would be a greater place if it were run by women helping women! 👭💪🏼❤️

I went shopping yesterday and bought a new outfit for a wedding this weekend. I ❤the dress and huge thanks to my bestie @karissa_mari for picking it out for me! Luv you girl! 😘 Now I just need to decide between straight and wavy hair for the wedding. What do you guys think?? 🤔

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Accept your challenges so that you can feel that pure exhilaration of success!

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The most picturesque lunches and brunches are here @oficina1m 💕 with this babe @uliaali #girls #funtime #lunchtime #bloggerstyle #girlslikeus #foodie


Happy Birthday to Siouxsie Sioux. @siouxsiesiouxpage
Tiggy RIP (upper right) and my (lower right) Spirit Animal of the early 80Z 💋💓👹#siouxsieandthebanshees #siouxsiesioux #1980s #teentranspunk #teentranspast #lgbtqiaa bcdefg #transisbeautiful #transhistory #girlslikeus

"I go feminine, I go masculine. I am both, actually."⠀

👻🚀RVr Who's going Shopping with me in Amsterdam? Shop Jen's Style darling! Link in Bio! Mwaahh! ********************************************🌿♻️💚🙏🏼📸🎥 HEALTHY ORGANIC BABYGIRL!! I felt so Gawjus today! Healthy Food, Fitness & cycling is paying off! Ooohhhh la la getting near Size 0 too, omg I said 32!! Ahahah! I loved the shoots today! We even found a totally VEGAN restaurant but it looked nasty and dirty!! Sorry darling next time!! You all know Im a Vegan 3 x weekly and a Pescetarian/ Vegetarian (4 x weekly. However All My hats, clothing, bags and shoes are totally Vegan. 💋💋 I had fun in Amsterdam! Kiss Kiss •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••@shopstyleCollective #MyShopStyle #ShopStyleFestival #mylook #model #girlslikeus

Homemade Protein Bread😍

Our Impact Whey Protein is available in over 50 flavours, there truly is something here for everyone😋 📸: @peanutbas

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Listen. I love my life. I am SO THANKFUL to FINALLY feel comfortable, safe, & beloved in my own skin. Heart, mind, body, spirit, soul ALL need work each & every day, but the more tenderly we endeavor toward alignment with each of them, the more centered & stable we become. I credit all my peace to my faith in Calvary but please recognize that there's living blessed and living anointed. Anointed comes when you learn to forgive, love, & walk in your purpose. We can't do that if we never allow ourselves to live authentically. A gentle word to those with questions, transitioning means surrender. Whether via gender or any other life-changer, we all gotta make peace w a process sooner or later. Thankfully when I laid it ALL down, me+Jesus became better than ever. I'm no preacher, & I'm not trying to be an Instagram hero. I'm just a woman by right of choice, bc I asked heaven & got an amen... "So be it." That's a glimpse of my story & a piece of my peace, yours must be your own, alike or apart... though the diversity of it all is the true delight. I just hope you too find yours, then fight to keep it, always. 💋 #thankful #anointed #walkitout #talkthetalk #walkthewalk #onedayatatime #youllgetthere #transisbeautiful #WeAllTransition #girlslikeus #Transgender #testimony #IChosePeace #ItGetsBetter #dontgiveup

Wonder-selfie from yesterday

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