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Such a thrill to have an in depth conversation about food + body image with one of my childhood heroes, @DaisyEagan, the youngest actress to receive the Tony Award for #SecretGarden. She can also be seen in the last season of #GIRLSHBO playing @LenaDunham's doppelgänger. You can download The Actor's Diet podcast on iTunes, stitcher, or wherever you like to 👂🏼

This is how insanely hard these women work. While shooting the final scene in the bathroom, Lena had a bottle of pedialyte at her feet for between takes. She should have been on bed rest, but she pushed through it to keep shooting. #girlshbo

It's officially the end of a #GirlsHBO era. 😓Get the scoop on the series finale from #LenaDunham and JenniKonner by clicking the link in our bio! ❤️ 📷: Mark Seliger/courtesy of HBO

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite shows tonight. Sundays will never be the same. #GirlsHBO #LenaDunham #Girls #Culture #NYC

Girl Power!🙋 Lying in the warmth of the sun☀️ #GirlsHBO #cupshebabeinhawaii #bikini #cupshe 👙👉Search Cyy478 at Cupshe👈👙

Last episode ever of @girlshbo tonight. 💔
#girls #girlshbo #lenadunham @lenadunham #pastel #kawaii

C'est le dernier #GirlsHBO et je gère mal mes émotions. // So emo waiting for the last @girlshbo to air, eating all the Mini Eggs 🐥 Thank you @lenadunham @jennikonner @juddapatow @aw @andrewrannells for pushing tv and our culture forward, and for creating voices and characters that looked, sounded and felt like our own ❤ #goodbyegirls

Parabéns a todos os indicados ao #Emmys 2017! Estamos na torcida! #HBOBR Nicole Kidman - Melhor Atriz em Minissérie ou Telefilme. Reese Witherspoon - Melhor Atriz em Minissérie ou Telefilme. Anthony Hopkins - Melhor Ator em Série Dramática. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Melhor Comediante Feminina. Anna Chlumsky - Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante em Série de Comédia. #SiliconValleyHBO - Melhor Série de Comédia. Riz Ahmed - Atuações em #GirlsHBO e #TheNightOf. Michelle Pfeiffer - Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante em Minissérie ou Telefilme. Evan Rachel Wood - Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante em Série Dramática. Thandie Newton - Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante em Série Dramática.

Congrats to my friend (or in this pic bosom buddy?) @lenadunham on 6 seasons of @girlshbo--can't wait to see what you do next. 💫 #GirlsHBO #throwback #ICYMI


Thank you @lenadunham it makes me laugh and makes me cry. #iloveit #girlshbo #girls #binge #againandagain #timeaftertime

As promised, here she is @lenadunham .She thought me to never question yourself just because you don’t fit in this society crazy standards. She thought me to always speak your mind and that KNOWLEDGE IS THE ULTIMATE FORM OF BEAUTY. She thought me that perfection is not the goal; the goals is to be allowed to contain as many multitudes as our male counterparts. I learnt from her that being a woman has no meaning but the one you want to give to your life, and that you should never let anyone tell you what is the right behaviour for a woman. I look up to her ‘cause she makes me want to nourish my knowledge every time I hear her speaking and that is to me the best gift somebody could give.


When one the females that you look up to so much likes your comment and makes you feel all giddy inside. @lenadunham @girlshbo

Adam rescatando a Hanna es la cosa más bella #girls #girlshbo @lenadunham

#girlshbo 🖤

Se a Hannah de Girls levava cupcakes para a banheira, porque é que eu também não posso levar essa fofurice para o banho? Respeitem as minhas escolhas... (rs) #cupcake #bath #sponge #cute #fofurices #gay #lifestyle #cupcake #yummy #girlshbo #AMOR

Lena Dunham will join the #cast of season 7 of the #fxtvseries "American Horror Story" with its new title "AHS: Cult" this fall. Dunham at the #sxsw #premiere of her #hboseries "Girls" on March 12, 2012. #lenadunham #ahs7 #ahscult #ryanmurphy #girlshbo

"I have work, then a dinner thing, and then i am busy to become who I am" #hannahhorvath #lenadunham #girlshbo #credo

Today marks 6 months since the Women's March- not just in the USA, it was all over the world✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 .
There's still such a looooong way to go, equal rights, equal pay and the right to decide what happens to our own bodies (the same damn thing we're fighting for forever!)
But I know we are changing, I see it in my newsfeed on FB and Instagram, I hear it the conversations with my friends and my husband, and think it when I plan for the future for my kid.
Small steps for sure, but who knows where we will be in another 6 months? What kind of world will we be living in then?! (Equal parts nervous and excited😬) .
Here's @lenadunham, she has such a powerful feminist voice and it's exciting to watch...and though she may be tiny, she is feirce (and I'm talking about the Tyra Banks way) O.K

Bless my little daughter Heather, she made this for my birthday. Hand drawn on her iPad, knowing it's one of favourite tv shows of all time. .
#girls #girlshbo #girlstvshow @lenadunham @aw @zosiamamet

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