Painted and decorated Evelyn's bathroom today. Loving how it turned out 🍍

Bathroom is almost there | bespoke floating cabinetry designed to be light and airy in a small space and still provide much needed storage | combining the practical with the beautiful #girlsbathroom #cruissedenymphe #edwardbulmerpaints #ninalitchfieldstudios #interiordesign

Lagt ut litt piss for tiden
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Little girls.. little girls... beautiful girly pink bathroom. Swipe to see how the vanity matches the tiled floor. Love!

Why girls take so long in the bathroom 📸

I took a week off from Instagram and it was so refreshing. I love the community on here, but the second I got back on I saw a beautiful house, a few friends on girls trips, a friend in a bikini looking tinier than ever, the number of my followers had gone down and all that instantly brought me down. I felt all that consume me. I was in a rotten mood. I was snippy with my kids. So I took more time off. Another week passed and I wasn’t constantly reaching for my phone. I wasn’t obsessing over likes and comments. I wasn’t grabbing my phone before my eyes were even fully open in the morning. Social media is good. Instagram is good. But if you find yourself in an obsessive rut, take time away. Reevaluate things. Take a breather. I hope I can continue to enjoy this occasionally instead of the checking my page 100 times a day routine I was in. If not, I’ll say goodbye to the IG world because my emotions can’t handle the constant comparisons anymore. Be your best self. Never mind what anyone else thinks. #whitehouseblackwindows #diy #shiplap #hobbylobby #bathbombs #girlsbathroom #bathroomdecor

“We still need a bit of the people you’re changing into,” said Hermione matter-of-factly, as though she were sending them to the supermarket for laundry detergent. “And obviously, it’ll be best if you can get something of Crabbe’s and Goyle’s; they’re Malfoy’s best friends, he’ll tell them anything. And we also need to make sure the real Crabbe and Goyle can’t burst in on us while we’re interrogating him" 🚽
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Happy Monday! ✨

Playing catch up on our laundry today. Things pile up, when you’re having too much fun on IG! 😅

Sharing a different view, of the bathroom, our daughters share today. With a better shot of their vanity. Since the room is long and narrow, opted for a floating vanity, for ease of cleaning, and the illusion of an airier, and wider space. Our girls are relatively tall, but our youngest still needs a little boost to reach the sink, and see her reflection, comfortably. 😉 While planning out the vanity, I made sure we had enough clearance underneath, for our ubiquitous ikea plastic stools. We started out with two, but somehow one got cracked. Don’t ask me how, my kids are industrious when it comes to destroying things! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Had wanted to switch to a wooden stool, but I couldn’t find any that were the right size.
Do you recall how I visited a design fair last month? Well one of the vendors was a little carpentry shop, @booladoll that makes all sorts of wooden shelving, toys, stools etc. Had seen them advertising their little stools, and hoped they’d be the right fit. Unfortunately after measuring them, I realized it would be too tall, to fit under our vanity. You know what’s really great about working with vendors, that make their own goods? Customization! 😃 They were able to shrink their classic stool to our required dimensions, they let me choose a different colour then they offered in their range, and all that at no added charge! A+ service. Ordered then and there! It was ready in just a few days. Our daughter was thrilled, and I love the pop of minty green! 😊

I’ve sang in praise of using vintage bookplates as decor before, today i'll do it again. Swipe ⬅️ to see close ups of the art hanging, on either side of the sinks. These bookplates cost just a few bucks each. Being double sided, had a hard time choosing which side to display. In the end opted for these, as they were the most cohesive in colour and theme. Had them custom framed, in these vintage inspired dark gold tone frames. Until I can decide on a permanent wall treatment for this space, they’re doing their part to inject a little colour!

Have a great Monday everyone! 🤗💕

When the laundry basket is invisible so the clothes must go on the floor... 😣😲😲🤦‍♀️
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Um encaaanto de banheiro! 💗
▫️Projeto: Lara Scarlatte (@larascarlatte_arquitetura )
▫️Render: Vinícios Zocatelli (@zktrender ) ⠀⠀⠀
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Why girls take forever in the bathroom 🚽 💖🧐
📸📽: @eminsajb - Jasmine B.

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