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Sibling Style 🙌🌟👫 .
Super Duper OR Girls Are Strong... which vintage wash Sweater is your fave this Winter ?!? 💙🖤💖

I had such an awesome morning talking to the kids at Netherlee Primary Today. It was a giant group.. 750 of them! We talked about weightlifting, nutrition, hard work and gender stereotypes. I’m so honoured to be able to talk to schools about my experience and hope to inspire kids into sports and to challenge stereotypes. #imsolucky #weightlifting #givingback #teamscotland #gc2018 #commonwealthgames @inspiredthroughsport @team_scotland #weightliftingscotland #weightlifting #girlsarestrong #motivationmonday

I have 2 beautiful daughters and don’t ever want them to feel scared or afraid EVER.... no matter what the situation ie date or just by being stalked it is just not right. NO is NO #stoprap #nomeansno #girlsarestrong

Pendant que tout le monde regarde le foot, encore une fois je vais à contre-courant. Les événements sportifs qui vont me faire triper ces prochains jours, ce sont les enduroman Arch 2 Arc entrepris en solo par deux sportives impressionnantes, @perrinefage et @marinlle!

Késako? Un triathlon de l’extrême reliant Londres à Paris! (oui oui, vous avez bien lu 😱😱😱) 1/ Londres-Douvre en course à pied: ~140km

2/ Douvre-Calais: traversée de la Manche à la nage... la ligne droite au plus court fait 33km, mais c’est sans compter les courants! Cyril Blanchard a nagé 60km pour cette même traversée (effectuée en 14h47) il y a quelques années.

Et “finalement”, Calais-Paris: ~290km en vélo!

Sauf changement climatique ou du trafic maritime, Perrine devrait commencer sa course au départ de Londres ce soir à minuit.
Marine quant à elle, partira en fin de semaine ou début de semaine prochaine.
Go girlz! (qu’on vienne encore une fois me dire que les femmes sont faibles!!!!) #arch2arc #archtoarcperrine #archtoarcmarine #enduroman #triathlondelextreme #triathlon #yapasquelefootdanslavie #girlsarestrong #whorunstheworld #strongwomen

Yeah I took a gym selfie - I missed the workout life these past two weeks... #selfie #gymlife #girlsarestrong #gymaddiction

So many badass females all around the world wanting to get involved in my GIRLS video, I’m so frickin’ excited!! The idea: I want to collect a series of video clips from anyone who identifies as female performing/expressing themselves to my single ‘Girls’ in the way they want to celebrate womanhood and self love.
I wrote the song to inspire confidence within people who have been in a situation where their boundaries have been pushed and choices belittled.
No ones decisions should be disrespected or made to feel silly.
Be who you want to be and don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything else.
Feminists don't need to be angry but we can be brave enough to speak up for ourselves in situations that could be dubbed as 'just having a laugh' or 'only messing' or when we're accused of 'asking for it'. No one is ‘entitled’ to you.
Women unite.
If you want to get involved send an email to saltashesvideo@gmail@.com for more info.
Video submissions deadline: 27th June.
Photo by @milli.lune

Se c'è una persona che dovete ringraziare per il tempo magnifico a Milano, quella sono io ☀️. Per garantire temperature estive e cielo blu ho passato il weekend a casa a pitturare. Direi che l'allenamento del weekend l'ho fatto. La cosa bella sapete qual è? Che questa è solo la base, nei prossimi giorni passerò ai colori che ho scelto da @giorgiograesanshowroom: tenui e leggeri. Non vedo l'ora di vedere il risultato finale.
#vertiger #fitgirl #interiordesign #wallpainting #walldesign #giorgiograesan #giorgiograesanshowroom #giorgiograesanandfriends #girlsarestrong #girlsgonesporty #makeartnotwar

5 weeks NO gym BUT keeping my diet clean and making sensible diet choices has massively helped with not gaining any weight!!! Lost some definition but that’s will come back once I can start training again! #cleandiet #eatingclean #cleandietiskey #willpower #dedication #betrainingagainsoon #feelingchuffed #onemoreweektogo #notlongnow #cantwait #gymlife #gymlifestyle #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #girlsarestrong #excusethepjs🙈

You all dominated the forearm stands! I’m so impressed with all of them! 😍💪🏼🙌🏼🌋
Today we are doing Goddess pose! This is definitely one of my favorite poses. ✨
We’d also like to talk about what your favorite game was. For me, it was and still is Monopoly. I absolutely love it. 😂 And yes, I do get pretty cut throat during.
Each day we will ask you to perform the selected pose on an elevated platform to protect you from the lava!
The rules are simple:
✨repost this flyer and tag a friend to play
✨follow all hosts & sponsors
✨make sure to tag #YogisVSLava in your posts so we can see your photos in the gallery!
✨honor and respect your body
Have fun! Beginners are welcome here!
** Remember - DON’T TOUCH THE LAVA!!! **
Here is a pose list for those who like to plan ahead: 🙏🏼☺️
Day 1: Wheel ✔️
Day 2: Headstand ✔️
Day 3: Crow ✔️
Day 4: Fallen Dancer ✔️
Day 5: Forearm stand ✔️
Day 6: Goddess ✔️
Day 7: Sun dial
Day 8: Lizard pose
Day 9: Bow
Day 10: Bird of paradise
#yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #YogisVSLava #progressoverperfection #yogacommunity #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #fitness #igyoga #igyogi #yogaoutside #yogaoutfit #lululemon #90degreebyreflex #hikingyoga #westvirginia #coopersrockstateforest #coopersrock #goddesspose #goddess #girlsarestrong

My daughter. My heart. My soul. How do we explain to you as you grow up that the world expects you to be responsible for the actions of others around you, simply for being born a girl. How do we explain to you that while you're expected to be cautious, be covered from neck to knee, and walk with keys tightly held through your fist, but no one tells the violent men and boys around you to not prey on girls and women for simply existing? We are trying to change the world for you my darling. We really are. Trying to change it so you don't have to experience what I did, what most women and girls have. We aren't there yet. We won't be for a long time. Because while there are men and women out there actively fighting for change, we still have some people feeling more outraged about posts saying "men need to stop killing and raping women" rather than being outraged that men are killing and raping women. They feel personally attacked, my love. But the thing is, until they start yelling "STOP KILLING WOMEN!" Instead of "NOT ALL MEN!" We won't have change. My darling, you can never be held responsible for other people's actions. Your clothing, your choice of drink, walking out the door after 5pm. NONE of these things are ever to blame for anyone else's actions. But society will try to tell you they are. And we will stop them. And we will start teaching our boys and girls that no means no. That we own our own bodies, and no one is entitled to anyone else's body. Maybe it won't happen today or tomorrow. But guess what? Girls are fucking strong, and we will end this bullshit. Hopefully with the help of others. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #girlpower #healthy #stronger #fitspo #empoweringgirls #inspiration #instalike #girlsgeneration #womenempoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #fashion #empoweringwomen #feminism #womenempowerment #empowerment #strong #feminist #women #love #motivation #equality #empowerwomen #style #empowered #strongwomen #eurydicedixon

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