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This circuit was amazing! You have to try! The ball is 15lbs & so are the weights •15 total
•20 total •15 reps
•15 total •20 total
Top @strut_this
Pants @aloyoga

To all the women who decide to make it happen. #GirlRevolution #womenempowerment #womanontop

cantando por aí🎙🔥⚡️💁🗣🤘🏽💀 #singing #vocal #girlrevolution #girlstyle

Loving yourself is the greatest REVOLUTION❤️ #girlpower #womenempowerment #loveyourself #girlsrevolution #girlrevolution

Como você tem influenciado as pessoas ao seu redor? O que suas ações as têm feito sentir? Toda ação traz uma reação, o que você tem atraído? Será que está dividindo ao invés de somar? Será que tem feito mais inimigos do que amigos? Em quantas pessoas precisará pisar para se satisfazer?
Jesus despertou tantos sentimentos enquanto esteve na terra. Por causa disso sabemos quem Ele era e como atingia as pessoas ao seu redor. Tratou com amor o perdido, despertou raiva no soberbo, fez as pessoas o conhecerem por suas ações. O que me faz pensar: como as pessoas me veem? Baseado em minhas ações, minhas atitudes e comportamento, será que tenho agregado ou machucado quem está ao meu redor? Estou tão preocupada com meus sonhos e meu prazer que tenho pisado nos sentimentos de quem está ao meu lado? Tenho dado as costas e só olhado para mim?
Não acredito em pessoas perfeitas, mas em pessoas aperfeiçoadas por Deus. Realmente espero estar no caminho certo, mas caso tenha pisado em você um dia para alcançar isso, realmente espero que me perdoe. Minha resposta a todas essas questões é que todos nós temos que aprender com os erros, se arrepender de coração e mudar pra valer. Se pudéssemos ter um pouco mais de empatia acredito que nossas relações não ficariam tão desgastadas. Um dia de cada vez, creio que chegaremos lá. #fazerodiabom #girlrevolution #grlpwr #pararefletir

🌺 Nosso 3º Encontro 🌺 Deixe Deus te empoderar! #grlpwr #girlrevolution #whoruntheworld


See Red Women's Workshop. Via @teenriotgrrrl

Yes you amazing woman, yes @traceeellisross 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Giz a smile love. Via @feministscript

The single mothers movement... this isn’t cool, hip or fashionable and some times it feels as if it’s being portrayed as such.

It’s dark, intense, lonely as fuck.. you are accused of breaking up the family, not being grateful, crazy and many other ruthless words.

The stigma: they are single for a reason. If a person pays your bills, doesn’t cheat or beat you by all means that is more than enough... and don’t you dare complain about it to such a deserving human, or the republicans of this country.
It’s repulsing.
we’ve been told to hush, sit down.. be quiet.. for any woman feeling fear to speak up at the moment, you matter. No need to rush your being, you are aloud to start at any moment but often times, especially in this age.. we marry security and attachment, we marry the gilded life. Not what we deserve.. we stay in stagnant relationships because you’re married and that means your ‘done’. It makes every day slow with a tight knot of fear in the throat.
im not sure where I’m taking this besides the fact that my inbox has been filled with women in situations parallel to mine.
Women suffering while blind men have no clue as to how hurt their partner is. How oblivious they are to the sadness in her eyes, it’s been sitting there for years... and only growing darker.
I mean how many times can you have a talk? How many times can you suggest therapy? Only to be rejected, and told to calm down, or that I’m over analyzing again.

The woman.. who hasn’t worked in years, raising children, stopped her education to be The Mother. Gave birth, woke through the nights, who was told not to worry.. and trusted that she didn’t have to... who’s credit is trash, from not keeping tabs on bills paid and not paid... and is now standing at the cliff.. single mother hood is scary. Not a break or time off.. it’s being so fucking rooted that it hurts to sprout but we do it anyways.... step forward in your vulnerability, into your pain & brokenness. Your strength lies there.
THIS SHIT HURTTTTS.. but I’m not lying to me or anyone else anymore. Currently healing. 🌸🌹🕸
#singlemothersmovement #singlemotherhood #divinefemine #honestwomanhood #girlrevolution

Mas que câmera é essa rapaiz? #iphonex Chocada! ( ah e chocada também com a minha cara de pau de postar uma foto sem Make e sem filtro🙆🏻‍♀️) só não reparem na olheira e nas manchas do rosto🙅🏻‍♀️ mas já que agora a moda é #selflove é guerra ao Photoshop, VAMOS NOS ASSUMIR MANAS💁🏻‍♀️ #girlrevolution #girlpower #diganaoaophotoshop #todassomosbelas #todastemosmanchas #todastemoscelulite #todastemosestrias #todastemosdefeitos #somoshumanas #enãobonecas #diganaoàpeledeboneca #naoéreal

Good morning world.

Eeeeek its been an age since I posted anything but Im big time exhausted from working 6 days in a row last week and my brain is stressing itself over sending a patients medication to the wrong place today because Im so exhausted I lost the ability to read properly...but now Im going to sleep forever, goodnight. Via @feministfightclub

Loving yourself is the greatest REVOLUTION❤️ #girlpower #womenempowerment #loveyourself #girlsrevolution #girlrevolution

..Jean #girlrevolution #queenjuana 💥💣💫 vení a buscarlo!

She can be really cute...
I love their friendship, and how Jae Suk Oppa always favours Ji Hyo Unnie and makes sure she is always included in their conversations... 😊😊😊
#SongJiHyo #송지효 #YooJaeSuk #지효 #Stunning #Gorgeous #Perfection #TheBest #LoveThemSoMuch #MyIdol #Unnie #사랑해 #GirlsGeneration #GirlRevolution #GirlPower #RunningMan #MongJiHyo #BlankJiHyo #YamesBonds #YooHyuk #CandyAlliance #MongJi #7020 #SongJiHyoIsTheBest #Friends #FriendshipGoal @my_songjihyo

Lena Dunham is a problematic asshole who tears down other women constantly and then puts out wordy non-apologies.

Ive been cooking and cleaning up after the "woke" men Ive lived with for years and years and Im super over it. Just because I enjoy cooking/being healthy through food/sharing meals with people and like a cleanish house doesnt mean I can be used as free labour. I even cooked almost every night with a fucked up broken wrist for 9 months which made my recovery slower because it was such a subconscious thing and nobody would step up 💀 via @textpostfeminist

💋Via @dothehotpants

🏳️‍🌈💕🏳️‍🌈💕🏳️‍🌈💕🏳️‍🌈 by @hexelot

🌈🏳️‍🌈YES! 🏳️‍🌈🌈


Put it in the burn book hunny 💕 by @the.daily.don

I love my job for lots of reasons but one is because I work with so many amazing female doctors who absolutely kill it everyday and inspire me beyond words. Image and caption below via @drlindseyfitzharris ・・・
Female medical students dissecting a cadaver, c.1895. In the United States, the idea for a college that trained female doctors was first proposed by Dr. Bartholomew Fussell in 1846. He wanted it to be a tribute to his departed sister, whom he felt could have been a doctor if women had been given the opportunity at that time. Her daughter, Graceanna Lewis, was to become one of the first female scientists in the USA. The Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania was founded in 1850. It was the second medical institution in the world established to train women in medicine and offer them the M.D. degree. (New England Female Medical College had been established two years earlier.) Photo Credit: Burns Archive.

A whole newwww wooorrrrlllldddd ✨


What I do with all the troll comments I get from 12 year old white boys in beige pants 🔥 Image: Suffragettes burning election posters in their fight for the vote. Paris, 1935

🌈Questa è solo una piccola anticipazione di quelle che saranno le SPARKLE TEE che @nin.handmade lancerà in esclusiva oggi pomeriggio durante il #GIRLPOWERSATURDAY 💙💜💛💚
Ricorda : alle prime 10 che acquisteranno un qualsiasi capo NIN HANDMADE regaleremo un kit stupendo che non puoi non avere ... quindi ti aspettiamo e preparati alla festa 🎉 🎉🎉
#tattersandco #riccione #ninhandmade #girlrevolution #party #newcollection #sparkle

And one more just to drill it home that I am so fucking done with shitty men swanning around the whole damn planet touching shit that isnt theirs. Sticking their gross dicks in things that have not consented. Pushing their hairy ashy dry bodies onto us. Making comments when we walk by. Calling anyone with a conscious a libtard and playing devils advocate. Claiming they need more "facts" before condemning their bros who are proven sexual predators. If youre offended by this post or sit around quietly while your dudes talk shit about women then youre the problem 100000%.

It aint hard dumb dumbs 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fuck Louis CK. For yeeeeears Ive been telling people he is a grade A shit head sexual predator and its always been met with hesitation because "people [women] lie". Fuck that guy I hope they never make another film/tv show of his ever again. Also, his jokes arent even that funny - he's just a crusty middle-aged dickhead who likes to think he is "above" all the issues in the world and by making racist & misogynistic jokes he tries to show people how chill he is because if it doesn't matter to him it should matter to anyone, right!? Fuck off forever now Louis Cheese Knob 👋🏼


Cinnamon orange with rooibos on a cooler Brisbane spring morning. I love. .
#cinnamon #businesstime #marketingtime #girlrevolution #thegreens @amymacsouthbne @socialsouphq #tetleytwists are yummo.

Morena! Just off to work to be treated like total shit by male doctors who think they are superior to me but cant even use a damn printer *eye rolls away*. Via @thewomanintheroom

Pobody's nerfect ✨ Via @sheruminates

♠️💬🎵 – У меня есть цепь ..., три доллара. (Отсылка к BTS American Hustle, фраза Мин Юнги) •


Alberto Pellai, nel suo libro "Girl R-Evolution", propone una riflessione sulla magrezza imposta alle donne nella nostra società.
Da premettere che il pubblico cui è destinato è molto giovane: Pellai, che scrive sia per i ragazzi sia per gli adulti, si rivolge qui alle ragazze di in età preadolescenziale. Tra gli argomenti, anche la sessualità e la costruzione della propria personalità.
L'autore mette in guardia le ragazzine dal rincorrere un'ideale irraggiungibile di magrezza: non solo pericoloso da un punto di vista fisico, ma anche da un punto di vista "politico". Mentre, infatti, le donne perdono tempo contando le calorie, guardandosi allo specchio e misurando ossessivamente il girovita, gli uomini usano lo stesso tempo per costruire la propria personalità, coltivando degli interessi, liberi di usare il loro tempo in altri modi.
Magrezza è uguale a debolezza? Mangiare meno, afferma Pellai, significa disporre di meno energie; significa essere più vulnerabili alle costrizioni che ancora oggi affliggono il genere femminile.
Io sono abbastanza d'accordo con questo modo di vedere: tra gli aggettivi che si accostano alla parola "femminilità" i più quotati sono ancora delicatezza, dolcezza, fragilità (per citare solo quelli che vogliono indicare una inferiorità fisica). Secondo me non è un caso la diffusione di un modello femminile nuovo, molto diverso e proprio per questo molto criticato: quello della "fitgirl", la ragazza in forma e muscolosa. Spesso definita troppo mascolina, appunto poco femminile, e per questo quindi poco attraente. Non è un caso, dico, che questo modello di ragazza, forte e capace, si stia diffondendo in un periodo storico in cui le donne si stanno rendendo conto della propria (auto o etero-indotta) debolezza; un periodo in cui il femminismo sta riscoprendo una nuova vitalità, un nuovo slancio.
Io spero che il modello della donna "magra" sia sostituito - in maniera duratura - dal modello della ragazza "sana". La mia digressione è molto lunga e forse un po' sconclusionata; ma l'argomento mi interessa e non solo per l'ovvio motivo di essere donna.

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