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I stopped shaving my underarms for #noshavenovember, just out of curiosity, because I've never seen my own armpit hair grown out before. I only made it 2/3 of the month before getting tired of it and shaving. This is how long it got in 20 days before I shaved it off #girlpits

Sometimes you stop shaving your pits one day in October and then almost 2 years later here you are loving your body more than you ever believed ☺ that being said, I don't think it's for everyone I just wish it was a less stigmatized option for women🌺🌸🌻🌼 #girlpits #bodyhairdontcare #loveyourself #beauty #happiness #selflove

Pinup pit angel in @rearwindowvintage 50s playsuit

Since getting pregnant they follow me into every room and do not leave my side 🐶 #PitBullProtectors #DylansSecurity #9MonthsPregnant #GirlPits #DontBullyMyBreed #FabioDoesHisOwnThing #sammyandjuno

The 3 girls. The 4th girl is sick so no picture of her. #putbullpuppies #girlpits

Have you ever Felt like you did everything right and it still all went wrong?! #emotera #girlpits

National Pitbull Awareness Day! In hopes to educate and improve the image of the breed🐶 @calderonslife and I have two female pit bulls. John fostered Sammy for one day before falling in love with her and adopting her. Two years later John brought Juno home after a night out in Hollywood where he met her homeless owner that could no longer take care of her. They put all the rumors that female pits won't get along to rest. These girls are from two different litters and years apart. They are sisters and play and cuddle with eachother everyday. I wish people would understand it's usually the owner not the breed. Both of our pits had it rough before John adopted and spoiled them. They are the sweetest fur babies ❤️ #DontBullyMyBreed #Pits #PitBulls #GirlPits #Sammyandjuno #FitPits #NationalPitbullAwarenessDay #ILoveMyPits

If this video was of a couple of kittens playing no one would bat a lash... It's not it's Pitbull play! Before you judge the breed "Pit bull" you should know it's not the dog... it's how it's raised. One of our pits is from a shelter and the other one John got from a homeless man. They are both females. The are beyond trained! I love my pits and so does Fabio my 19 lb chihuahua who finally has sisters:) #fitpits #pitbulls #instapit #sammyandjuno #girlpits #pitplay #dogs #dogvideos #putbullshavetoplaytoo


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