Snow Angel came to dancing with us today!

The act or instance of making or becoming different.

That is exactly what I have done the last 11 months. I have worked on mentally changing myself. I love that woman in both sides of the picture. In both sides of the picture she did the best she could with the knowledge and understanding she had.

She kept herself alive, woke up each day, and did what she could. The differences in what she chooses to do today is much different than 11 months ago.

Today she is a go getter. Nothing and no one will stand in her way. She is a strong woman who believes in herself. She is willing to continue stepping outside of her comfort zones to get what she was told all of her life that she couldn't have. She is going after all of those things.

She has a sense of peace within her that she never had. She used to wage wars with herself day in and day out about everything. She doubted her worth all the time and didn't believe she deserved anything good. She used to think that if it wasn't for bad luck she'd have none at all.

Today she knows better than that and believes it whole heartedly too. She is deserving of every single thing she sets her mind to.

I am actively looking for 5 individuals who are wanting to change mentally and physically. You have to be at that point in your life that you are willing to accept direction from me and trust me. You have to be willing and ready to change. If this is you, then message me. Let's get started on your journey to your best self today!

Now go out and make today great! ❤️
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What a day yesterday was. Woke up to the news that my team accomplished a huge goal we have been working towards and words cannot even express how proud I am of them!!!! 😭
Grabbing one of our new @thebebrand headband designs we launched last night and channeling all the joy and energy I can find today. Crushing my workout early so I can pack us up for the lake and get to work with the kiddos!
Grateful for my #lifebydesign this morning, when I get to choose when to get to work, how long to spend playing with my babes, and I can slip out and enjoy life as I CHOOSE.
Three years ago, I was in the classroom all day and when I needed to run an errand, go to a doctor appointment or anything of the sort, it was not simple and required all kinds of clearance, sub plans, and scheduling to try and get approval for time off.
God has a way of transforming our lives in the most unexpected ways and we are truly grateful for how He has continued to show us grace and passion in our little Smith tribe. 💗
Happy Thursday lovelies!! Today is what you make it, so make it worth living! 😘

Yeah. This happened. 😂😳
What. The HECK??? 😲
This girl slays me! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Tell me your kids say the craziest stuff to, right? 😆🤣😆🤣
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Get to ya girl Thursday☀️ •
My dream is not to be the best mother in the world but to be the best mother I can be. •
The same goes for hair. I don’t have any care about being the best stylist in the world. I care more about the humans I get to meet and making them feel real and valuable. We often forget that as everyday life takes over. So today I challenge you to smile to a strange or maybe even pay it forward because life is to short to not change the world a little as we go🌿

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Ahhhh it was amazing to just sleep in today. 🙏
It was a REST day for me and I decided that I was going to sleep 😴 in and rest my body and mind. I think it is important to know when to do this. .

Sometimes it’s hard for me to just take time doing absolutely nothing. I feel guilty and that I need to be constantly doing something in my house if I have a free moment. This starts to catch up and causes me to be anxious & stressed. .
So what I did today is MEDITATION!!! 🧘‍♀️ I woke up and diffused some lavender essential oil and pushed play on a 10 minute meditation. It was so freeing and so hard at the same time. I really have such difficulty with my thoughts that are constantly running through my head. I know it’s ok and to focus on the breath that will bring me back but wowzers. My mind and soul needs this so badly. .
I realize that I give up too easily and need to keep with it so I am going to try really hard and continue to do this at least either in the morning or at night. 💜

Do you meditate at all!? 💁🏻‍♀️

Best exercising view on the whole world? I THINK SO 🤗🤗🤗. I mean, who wouldn't want to look at that cute face...definitely makes keeping your neck neutral and looking out 3-5 inches a lot easier!! Ok mommas (and daddy's you too) who is ready to get their life back on track? Who is ready to get stronger? Who is ready to have more energy and endurance throughout the day? Who is ready to be the best version they can?

My May virtual fitness group is currently open for enrollment and I still have a few spots left. Daily exercises are provided (just 30 minutes a day), SUPERFOOD shakes that provide daily nutrition are included, access to realistic meal plans, and you become part of a community that helps support your fitness journey and keeps you accountable. Who doesn't want this?

Like, comment, or message me if you want more information!! #fitmom #lifestylechange #toddlermom #infantmom #girlmom #boymom #wifemomboss #battlingpcos #beatingpcos #fitnesschallange #gettingfit #fitwithpcos #goodnutrition

Throwback Thursday for these two who have no concept of what the 70s and 80s are yet pull off the fashion quite well. Now I just have to work on getting Kaylynn to reorient her peace sign. #spiritweek

She wanted a bun AND a bow today. Whatever you say, sister! 💗🎀 #clairemarie #girlmom #bows

If you WANT it... GO FOT IT!

Don’t let whatever excuses your brain 🧠 is giving you stop 🛑 you.
Let them go and just go for it... you got this!

Day 4/21
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I’m always all about #momlife #mumlife ❤️
So naturally this was calling my name 😆 so I purchased it 🤷🏻‍♀️ from @charlotteandezra .
On a serious note ... I need Positive, influential, Inspiring, strong mama friends 💯
My husband calls me “anti social” but I tell him all the time “I AM ANTI-STUPID” ... like hello I really got no time, nor do I want to entertain anything drama related or negatively influenced 🙅🏻‍♀️
Who wants to me Mama Friends 🙋🏻‍♀️
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Today we did a curved Dutch braid into a messy bun with the second bow for the June release of the @simplysofisbowshop monthly membership box. We LOVEEE this bow! This box will ship in June and is only $19 for 3 big bows including shipping. There are different prices for smaller ones too. •

Also we want to wish Agnes @california_dream_braids a Happy Birthday. Thanks Mariel @curious_strands and Abby @ways2braid for the invite


I learned a lot being Emory’s mom and have made some positive and definite changes to my parenting approach and how I want to raise my girls.
This right here! #knowbetterdobetterbebetter #parenting #girlmom #teampink
Know better, do better!

Thanks for making me cry this morning, Google Photos. 😭😭😭 I can't believe our sweet little girl is almost 2!
#girlmom #22monthsold #theygrowupsofast

Can I just start by saying YIKES?! 🤣🤣 Hubby keeps telling me I look better with age and in this comparison I would have to agree! I mean, where are my eye brows?! 😬🤦🏼‍♀️ And yes, I’m in front of a huge cake...it was my bridal shower. 🍰
Anyway...I wanted to post this picture today to show you where I used to be, when I THOUGHT I was healthy and encourage you that you can do anything you put your mind to! And p.s. the scale sucks (notice my weight in both pics)
🌀19 years old 🌀1 month before my wedding
🌀Weight: 150 lbs
🌀I was running 3-5 miles about 4 times a week as well as walking everywhere because I was a college student on campus. 🌀Tried to eat healthy (most of the time) and thought I was in great shape.
RIGHT: ✅31 years old
✅12 yrs married & 5 kids
✅ Weight: 147
✅ I don’t exercise more than an hour a day and I do it all in my home with a program on my computer
✅I eat clean 80% of the time and am in the best shape of my life. .
After having my first two kids I was so discouraged and thought I would never be in shape again. Between exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and depressed about my body I truly had given up. I lived in my husbands oversized shirts, I spent most of my time at home, by myself and with the littles and I cried almost every time I had to get dressed and go out. .
Thankfully I found these at home programs and the drive to try again. It didn’t come easy and I fell off quite a few times but I kept going and look where I am today! In a place that 8 years ago I never thought was possible. .
So if you’re feeling discouraged today, if you cry when you look in the mirror and think it’s not possible to ever climb out of the foggy existence that is motherhood, I’m here to tell you that you can do it. Little by little. Every day. I mean come on Mamas...we gave birth to human beings!! What can we NOT do!? ❤️
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