stepping out to support my girls today at @daughters.la // catch y’all at @midcityarthouse 3pm-12a #girlmob #girlgang #daughtersla 💙

just added sizes S-L in black & white in the shop 🖤 story time if you’re relatively new here. 🖤 these were the first shirts I ever listed in the shop. I started this brand in honour of my mama and sold my first crop 2 days before she passed. Every supporter of Teuf is helping me to spread a little of her light around the world. ✨ Last week i sent out a package that marked the 7th country that orders have made it out to and that is just ~w i l d~ to me. When I started this there was definitely a chunk of me that was like “why even bother doing this, tons of peeps have brands already” - but yo, FUCK THAT NOISE. I beg of you, if there’s a sliver that wants to do something that might be a little (or a lot) of a risk, something your soul is tugging at you about, listen to that shit. Don’t ignore it or you may not ever end up looking back & bein like “damn, I’m really glad I did that.” & that feeling of doing something you didn’t think you could, even if it’s hard as fuck sometimes (or most of the time)...it’s worth way more than gold. 👯‍♀️ @ohheysheenamay in her black #girlmob crop 👯‍♀️

Lace up your sneakers, and join us this Saturday for the next Super Sweet Sweat with @reeese__!
This partner boot camp will kick your tummy and buns into shape! RSVP to claim your free spot & bring a partner and a great attitude! LINK IN BIO 👆🏽👆🏽#JustJuEvents #SuperSweetSweat

it’s Friday the 13th! Figured it’s a good excuse to give you guys a discount code right? 😎 use code FRIDAY13 for 13% off your order for the next 24 hours! ✨ & if you’re local to Richmond, VA.. go get tattooed today @lakesidetattooco ⚡️⚡️ also anyone local if you ever want to buy anything DM me first if you wanna pick up irl & save shipping 🖤🖤 lil one @hannahpixiesnow bein a pool babe in the #girlmob crop👯‍♀️ pic by @alxmrchenergy

Today we celebrate Malala Yousafza, a fearless woman who consistently shows resilience in the face of adversity. ✊🏽 To this day, she remains steadfast in the fight for equality. 💕 #MalalaDay #JustJuEvents

this lil babe! @ghxst.at.mxst in her #girlmob crop 🖤✨ so rad seeing you guys stoked on your packages coming - thank you thank you thank you!! 💓 #teufbrand

Another week to conquer our goals! 🙌🏽✨
When you have a grand goal, itemize your journey into steps! Set benchmarks, and before you know it you will be halfway to the finish line! Happy Monday! #JustJuEvents

Fresh upgrade by @girlmobb using the Montana Cans Black Line! Pick yours up today! #14thStreetSupply

🖤☯️🖤 www.teufbrand.com 🙏🏼 thank you everyone that has placed an order lately - I’m just about caught up with all of them, & they either already are or will be on their way to you soon! #girlmob #supportyoursisters


so then I was like wait...took the beer can and placed it in its rightful place in the ‘kini holder & suddenly the whole vibe changed and THE picture was born. 🇺🇸 @hannahpixiesnow feat. Dunk the funk captured by @alxmrchenergy #GIRLMOB #thisisamerica #july4th

gearing up for July 4 where everything everywhere is suddenly cop colors. this was the picture before THE picture...stay tuned til tomorrow 😎✨🇺🇸 @hannahpixiesnow in the #GIRLMOB crop with funky dunk 🐶 pic by his mama @alxmrchenergy ✨ wishing I was back by da pool with these babes - what’s your plans if you don’t gotta work?!

@_teuf brand with my main @hannahpixiesnow #girlmob

Respect and ice cream make the world go ‘round. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻#girlmob

YASSS!!! I just put a limited amount of the #GIRLMOB & 🙁dairy is fuckin killin you🙁 crops in the shop & a few patches (more colors comin but to hold ya over 😉) they will ship after the weekend once I get all the preorders out! 🤗🖤✨ www.teufbrand.com #teufbrand

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