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New blog post: The Tapestry Poem
It's a really quick read, I promise! And I hope you are all super duper encouraged as you kick off your weekend. ☺️
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To The Girl Who Feels She Is Both Too Much Yet Never Enough:
"Little girl, it's not an easy feat. But I have not designed you to be tamed and to feel less than. I have created you to be armed and dangerous, filled with My Spirit, unshakable in your testimony, and boldly brave to fight the kingdom of darkness."
New blog post, straight from a journal entry of mine. Link in bio! thecrownshewears.blog

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But, what if sometimes we need to completely fall apart, to have our heart broken in pieces, gaping with cracks and holes as we hit the place of rock bottom, to shatter open and let the sadness and the grief and the despair pour all out of it, to have our strength taken away from us, making us humble ourselves to who He is, all because He wants to fill us up with so much more? What if the more we fall and break apart, the more room we have in us for God to fill up? •
New blog post "Between A Rock and A Hard Place" is up!

Y'ALL. I got my URL registered and my blog is officially LIVE. I've worked and cried and wrote words many times over on my first post the past 3 days. It's been rough and I'm getting so real in this season I'm in. But God has really shown some cool stuff and I'm sharing it all! My hope is that you are encouraged as much as I have been, even more.
Link is in my bio as well • thecrownshewears.blog

This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and BE glad in it! May you have a Sunday filled with rest and a refreshing of your spirit! May you encounter even more of Jesus today! And I pray you all be ministered by the words and the hope you need to fill up on to gear up for another week! Buff up your crown, sweet girl. Spend time with your King. And rest in His promises for you. Happy Sunday to you 🌸

Hey girl!
In Judges 6, we meet Gideon. A man who, out of insecurity, limited him self to serve the Lord. Until God challenged Him with a task that forced Gideon out of his comfort zone and gave him confidence that God was on his side through it all. Gideon doubted many times and asked for signs from God to confirm that this was his purpose. And God kept patiently affirming that Gideon was the man He had called for this.
How many times have we been guilty of doubting like this? Doubting that God actually wants to use us as vessels of great feats? That God is calling us to our purpose? That God is on our side? And super guilty of even doubting ourselves?
We all have weakness and limitations but guess what-we are still called to serve! Are you willing to do that? To look past your earthly limitations and let the God of victories and miracles work through you?
Whatever God is calling you for, give your attention to it and believe that if He calls you to it, He will certainly bring you through it.
Now go!

Hey girl!
I've been dwelling on this verse this morning. I don't know about you but I have a bad habit of looking into my past, opening old wounds, and completely forgetting what God has already brought me through. Why do I do that?! Maybe because I don't think I could possibly be worth what God has for me. But you know what-that's a lie! And I found that out when I read this scripture. No matter how far off into a desert we find ourselves, you best believe our Jesus is mightily able to make a way out for you because he LOVES you! He wants to create new things in you, bring miracles to you, and revive you with new life! But we have to stop looking back at our past and move forward in what He has for you and I! If He says forget it-forget it! Cause grace already won for us and we don't have to live in our past anymore. Move forward in the new season He is calling you to. You got this!
Isaiah 43:18-19

Hey girl,
I've been in a season where I've been saying lately that my mountains are low and my valleys are high. When it goes uphill, it goes downhill much faster and steeper. Stuck. Overwhelmed. What do I do now?
God has been reminding me lately that He's the God of the mountains as well as the valleys. He's been showing me that He's not just the one who helps climb a mountain but walks right beside me in the valleys as well. And whether I reach that mountain top or get stuck in mud at the foot of it, God is STILL good. In every season, we are never walking it out alone. He promised us that He would never leave us or forsake us. He's the God of that mountain and the God of that valley and no matter what problem of life overwhelms you, God is bigger than that. Let Him show you. Trust. Breathe. And be rest assured in this truth-you are seen, you are known, and you are never alone.
Psalms 121

"No era linda en lo absoluto, pero tenía algo que no me dejaba ir, sus labios, sus cejas, su nariz, no lo sé, tal vez era la fuerza de sus ojos. Sé que dije que no era linda, mentí, era hermosa, de esas hermosas naturales, complicadas de cierto modo, que al darle un beso, sabias de que estaba hecha su alma" 📖📚📕📚📕📓💙 #heygirl #love #eyes #goodlife #bigeyes #girlimperfect #good #always #foreveryoung #blackandwhite #perfectimperfections

Luchando Batallas Por Dentro
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