“Pristine Christine Laria”

Archival ink on paper, 2018
Created purely from dots using a
0.25 mm Micron pen.

#insalemoregon #creativelife #beyou #pointillism #micronpen #girlgaze

My man @gavinvrose , shot & DEVELOPED by me 👼
I’m so excited to be learning things I’ve always dreamed about learning wooot 🌞I spent 9 hours at school today, developing photos, testing out cool scanners, bending metal for sculptures ✨ and then I got to come home and be with this handsome devil. Life can be just so good ya know?
It’s so funny because I am filled with this real heaviness of the past, but lately I have let it fuel me, not drain me. I have let it make me grateful for what I have, not aching for what I lost. And by doing so the heaviness, the drudge of the day, the pain, it almost goes away, it almost becomes pure light.
I won’t stop fighting until I’m floating among angels, above the heavenly seas, feelings of blue colouring the skies instead of the tears that fill my eyes.

🌟One more from last night✨ @pinchellorona got a few seconds of 🥀walkin’ after midnight🥀 thank you again to @therobintheatre and @ettaunofficial for making it all happen 🤠and all the frands who came and hung out😘

idle oaf inspo — @mondaymarket.ph

Shooting loca.

they see me rollin .....

oh really ☕️🐸

💨Last week to pre-order my first photo book.
Only few copies left.🍎
DM to ask and order.Thanks for your support.🍒


not your muse (2018)
archival inkjet print
📷: @elizabethpiperboard
on view at Olly Olly through 11/3


So happy for @redrosamond’s release of her first single, Martyr! You are one of the most incredible people I’ve met on this planet - you have so much to offer to the world through your powerful perspective, vision and voice. I’m thankful for the conversations shared with you and the work created with you. This is only the beginning and you are so deserving. 🥀 photo by me, styled by @hannahriley____, dress by @nicolandford

When I see the photos of my friends who change but keep growing, it doesn't happen to me. followers and the number of likes I keep going down significantly. I don't say your project algorithm is bad @instagram, but your project is unfair. When I have to fight get sympathy through comments on photos of my colleagues, promos in stories, even with hastag and tag things that don't change too much.
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🥀friday night red 🥀 📷@goth_course

Haley (@_hayy.hayy_) looking reflective and beautiful.

Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 + @polaroidoriginals SX-70 Color film

On a side note, this film has come a long way from some of the early (and even later) iterations from the Impossible Project.

It’s always a good time 🤗
Model: @adeline.close

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