아빠절친 형아네 가족이 한국에 나왔어요
집에 놀러온 다나~앤드 다니엄마빠 ㅎㅎ
넘 잘 놀아주는 삼촌한테 빠진 필립이
달리기도 하고 장난감놀이 약간 놀다가 키카 갔다가 밥먹고 사진찰칵😍
구요미들 금방 친해져서 잘놀았어요
3살때 아가때 보고 4년만에 훌쩍 큰 다나 시간 참 빠르네요~~ 이뻐이뻐😘
가기전에 많이 만나
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tớ up đây và ko nói j ☺️☺️😄😄

我现在也是做舅妈的人啦~🎉🎉with little chloe😘😘#chloesun #ImAuntNow #girlFromAustralia #exciting

Of all the places I would like to go back to; this would be the first 🇮🇹
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Let me tell you a story…
Part 1 – My Africa Story and the awakening of my passion to save the Lion.
In 2012, I commenced a Captive Animals course to become a zookeeper. This decision had come after many thoughts of what to do past Dec 2013 when my current office position was coming to an end. I thought, I’ve always loved animals so why not try working with them. Over the course of the year and volunteering at two organisations, I learnt so much about animals. More than what I thought I could actually learn but the real learning didn’t come until I ventured into the African bush.
In 2013, after furiously saving, I decided to make my lifelong dream come true and I made my first venture out to Africa. Having very little information at the time, and to be honest being quite naïve (I even thought at the time that lions weren’t a vulnerable species and were thriving in the wild!), I trusted a volunteer company to help me book my travels. One of the places they recommend that I go to for volunteering was Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Sanctuary. I had heard of Kevin before and had definitely seen a video or two of him being close to fully grown lions. Convinced he was a little crazy but an extremely brave man, I thought I might be able to learn a lot from him so I booked my trip. Little did I know at the time, just how much I would learn…
I had heard from friends who had previously volunteered in Africa at different places that they had the chance to raise lion cubs and help them to grow before being released into the wild. At the time I thought this would be a great opportunity and even wondered if I would get this opportunity myself. But I soon learned how wrong I would be and Kevin was the one who taught me that. A wise man that I respect greatly and my experience at his sanctuary was incredible. Stay tuned for part two.
To be continued... Photo by Alison Lee Rubie @alisonleerubie_photography #lions #lioness #savelions #changetheworld #makeadifference #lionwhisperersa #kevinrichardson #volunteering #story #mystory #girlfromAustralia

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