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what a night!! ft. @clairo2 making a guest appearance. oh and i crowd surfed. zing!

Ayeee I finally found my sticks while cleaning 😊😊
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It's been too long since I posted a drumming video. Another one of my favorite songs to play. Always the hard ones (for me anyway 😅) Here is part 1 @hoobastank

#crawlinginthedark #drumporn #drumming #girldrummer #alternativerock #punkrock #drumlife #drumlove #rolanddrums #vicfirthdrumsticks #electronicdrums

My setup this morning, I did a little drumming for Jesus. I think it went well for it being a last minute fill in. #GirlDrummer #LaterGram #DrumSet

has anyone else seen the boop boop boop episode of Portlandia?
🎸 @elenstagraming

Blown. Away.
So this new video will probably feature all sorts of gravity defying hair. Watch this space. x
📷: @bryantaydotcom #workwife

Jan 2nd. 2018’s 1st recording. In 12/8. Superbly fun. Can you guess the song??? 🤫🙃 Okok, one last clue at the end ok. Don’t say never give clue all.

3/3: Having to learn so many mando-pop songs these past few years, I began to develop a taste for their elaborate arrangements, craycray rock out emo vibe and minimum of 500 hits per song. 🙃 Always a challenge replicating live on percussion in minimal acoustic settings. Hence i chose this song to cover as an ode to all them mando-pop songs i’ve had to learn for work.
🤓 #bloodsweatandtears
What a huge learning curve this making-a-cover business has been. Thank goodness i don’t have to go at it alone for the next project! Updates coming, watch this space. 💙 xx
🎧 Link to full video in bio!

2/3: 💭 From pre-pro to pro to post-pro, all the way plagued by Murphy’s Law! I suppose the raw ingredients of true beginnings are as such - inertia, trepidation and well... Murphy's Law. 🙃
The learning curve of making cover videos on your own is STEEP. Many times i felt the epic pain of the song indeed. 😅 Maybe it’s correctly channeled.
🎧 Full HD video’s link in bio, or check out 1/3 for the song deets. 🤘🏻🖤

1/3: Yay! My 1st ever full cajon cover 输了你赢了世界又如何! Link in bio. 👉🏻
For my friends who don't speak the language, this song's title: So What If I Win The World If It Means Losing You is an old song revived lately by JJ Lin, SG's homeboy. Here I cover his arrangement of it from a live TV show in China – watch him sing it on YT – pretty damn awesome.

Yes, the song is as emo as the title and my wish for you is that you find someone to treasure like hell with all those emotions this music invokes. xx

p.s. @jj_lin, I would be obliged whenever you need a percussionist. #justsaying 😘

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