Honey CHILE......... It is not & I mean NOT a PRETTY painted picture!!!!!! Lordt🙌🏾 Take the Wheel🙌🏾 Y’all better BE ready to stay up ALL night, loose money, looked OVER, Getting told NOoooooo Over & Over & Over ‼️Quit then start back up, being late on BILLS, Having people look at you 10k stupid & Taking lots of L’s, being misunderstood & The List can go on & on 🤣 dead ass‼️Don’t let this internet fool you mmmmkay! I am living proof every other week I be wanting to throw in towel lol but I have the DNA of a champion in me & im ALLERGIC to Average‼️So if your going through this like myself 💪🏾 you haven’t failed your on your way to Entrepreneurship ✨ Now get back to work! & give yourself a pat on the back! I salute you for all of your hard work!

20 seconds later I leaned in and whispered “I’m tucking the tag in.” She never even turned around, just nodded. #girlcode

“HONEY” 🤩💃🏻🧚🏼‍♀️💋🤩💕
💋Beauty, Fashion, Glam, and all things Posh💋#finessed #goaldigger #boss
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YOU GUYS, my baby sister graduated from high school today. 😭😭😭 It is so bittersweet. Out of 5 girls, she was last, and it’s crazy to think how old were getting! ❤️❤️❤️ Congrats Sam!! Proud of ya 👏🏼
In other news, i start my new workout/nutrition plan tomorrow and i am so PUMPED! Stay tuned for a blog post later this week about my nutrition plan moving forward. 💫

"Cuando me miras me pongo como un flan." Relax, explore, have sweets, put your phone down for a little bit and communicate with loved ones face to face before the Monday grind begins! Spent awhile away from my personal phone, while enjoying dinner, and exploring Montclair. Some of you would be proud (I really forgot my phone in the car, & used another phone for pics, but that's a start lol) ☺️🍓🍮 #sundayvibes

‘Feel Like Pablo’ @kanyew.est Classic (unisex t-shirt) 💋Beauty, Fashion, Glam, and all things Posh💋#finessed #goaldigger #boss
#finesse #summertime #InspiredWomen #goaldigger #glam #fashion #posh #finessegang #academy #girlcode #supergirl #vintagefashion
sales.finesselab@gmail.com finesselab101.com

Girl code. 🖤

I want her to go to a Dope Home! She’s photoshoot worthy!! What to wear under it? NOTHING, Duh!! Just kidding, kinda! ☺️
DM me if your interested 😘

💋Beauty, Fashion, Glam, and all things Posh💋#finessed #goaldigger #boss
#finesse #summertime #InspiredWomen #goaldigger #glam #fashion #posh #finessegang #academy #girlcode #supergirl #vintagefashion sales.finesselab@gmail.com finesselab101.com

But we not all built the same 🤷🏾‍♀️ #girlcode

I used to live by all these rules about who I should be. All these conditions based on external pressure from my perception of what society expected me to be.
I suppressed my free, expansive and abundant spirit from the time I was very young. It never felt good. I always felt like I was living a lie. Since I could not be true to myself I looked for others to tell me my truth.
I stopped trusting myself. I stopped believing in myself. I stopped shining.
I hid. I lived in constant fear of judgment and rejection and failure.
It made me strive. It made me push. It drove me to seek perfection.
I wore masks - a know it all, bossy, perfectionist, anal, Type A, controlling, neat, punctual, constantly in competition to be the best athlete, the best student, the best at everything, constantly proving.
It was exhausting. It burned me out.
And then I broke free.
I ripped off the mask and NOW I stand in my truth. My mess has become my message. And all I want is to share it!
To take what I learned about how to shift on a cellular level from the lies to the liberation…from the inner prison to exquisite health…from scarcity to abundance…from burnout to flow…from shame to absolute rapture. Does that call you in your soul? Good! That is what it looks like for us to journey together and I am excited to get to work with you if it feels right!! Just message me and we will get settled xo

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