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🍉 Lets get fruity, and we have the perfect pair for the mood. #giraffesocks #trend #fruityisneedy

💕Better a giraffe than a decrepit bird 💕#ilovemydancers #sandystramonineschoolofdance #giraffesocks #nogiraffeemoji

We’re so excited for tomorrow’s World Giraffe Day celebration! Learn more about these threatened species, and come join us as we offer giraffe keeper chats at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., fun prizes, and lots of other activities. Character Ambassador Jama Giraffe will be around from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to take part in the festivities, too! We will also host @CCADedu professor and artist Charlotte Belland who designed the banner pictured here last year, and this year she will be drawing our giraffes while they’re enjoying the savanna. Plus, don’t miss the giraffe-themed enrichment for the animals around the Zoo! There’s no set schedule, but stop by the Lion Keeper Talk, presented by GermainCars.com, at 10 a.m. when the lions kick off the festivities of GIRAFFIC proportions with their World Giraffe Day-themed enrichment! –Sheri, Heart of Africa keeper #worldgiraffeday2017 #tallspotsarethebestspots #giraffesocks

Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out?! 🤔(only a few more of this fab style in stock...) #standtall #goinggoinggone #giraffesocks #positivevibes #wovenpear

Why do giraffes have long necks?
Because their feet smell!
#sockittome #sockittomeinc #sockittomesocks #giraffesocks

Who doesn't love having a teammate for a twin! #matching #giraffesocks #csusb #yotes #tempoday PC: @ae35131

Thanks @_outhouse_ for my @stancesocks! So comfy! I love them! 😍😀 #giraffesocks

Loving my new socks! Such a child I know but you have to admit they are cute!! #giraffe #giraffesocks #socks #bigkid


I found the cutest socks at @forever21 @alamoanacenter on Friday! Cuter than anything I saw in Tokyo... today I am wearing #giraffesocks for #casualday!

Cheers to welcoming my 27th year of life. Yes, I’m 27; I still get carded every time I drink because I’m physically stuck at 21. My 26th year was useful because I learned the importance of remaining positive in any given situation. My 27th year has a lot in store for me — I can feel it. Also, a special thank you to my friends who waited patiently until the clock passed midnight to bring in my 27th birthday. #27 #twentyseven #classicmojito #ipanema #giraffesocks

Morning! 👋
A little while ago (ages ago) I was tagged in a thread by @thisisus_living asking bloggers to #getreal and post five real facts about themselves. I went a little overboard and wrote an entire blog post (#linkinbio)
But here's five bonus facts (and five more bloggers tagged to continue the thread I almost broke! You're up!)
1. I've had braces twice in my life, once out of necessity & once out of vanity
2. I'm not short sighted, I wear glasses because my eyes don't focus at the same speed & it gives me headaches.
3. I still don't get how to do percentages in my head???
4. My favourite song is 505 by the Arctic Monkeys
5. Sometimes I still blush when someone pays too much attention to me, especially at work #professional 🙈

#aboutme #shamelessselfpromotion #chickenlegs #filtertan

When your 18-month-old hands you his sock and #sockons and says "Done!", have we outgrown them? #nannylife #socks #babysocks #giraffesocks #nannykids #done

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