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BMW 2002 Touring

Giovanni Michelotti's BMW association started with the BMW 700 (1959) and later the successful BMW New Class series of designs of which the most notable is the BMW 2002. His sport sedan designs later became the BMW design language, that was continued and refined by Ercole Spada well into the 1980s.

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Giovanni Michelotti's wicker overload in the Shellette. 80 built, 10 still exist. #giovannimichelotti

//- STAG - // You could put all the names of all the British Leyland cars of the late '60s in a hat and you'd be guaranteed to pull out a despicable, rotten-to-the-core mockery of a car. So consider the Triumph Stag merely representative. Like its classmates, it had great style (penned by Giovanni Michelotti) ruined by some half-hearted, half-witted, utterly temporized engineering: To give the body structure greater stiffness, a T-bar connected the roll hoop to the windscreen, and the windows were framed in eye-catching chrome. The effect was to put the driver in a shiny aquarium. The Stag was lively and fun to drive, as long as it ran. The 3.0-liter Triumph V8 was a monumental failure, an engine that utterly refused to confine its combustion to the internal side. The timing chains broke, the aluminum heads warped like mad, the main bearings would seize and the water pump would poop the bed — ka-POW! Oh, that piston through the bonnet, that is a spot of bother. Still very pretty to look and and sounds amazing as a tiny little V8 should. Spend the money to resto mod as this owner has and you have a truly unique and stylish roadster. They are so ambiguous now nobody would be the wiser!


British Leyland ADO74
Harris Mann working on the ADO74 in the Styling Studio during 1972 at the Longbridge factory.


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Beemer with an aircooled 2 cylinder rear engine!! 1963 BMW 700 CS Coupe, another Giovanni Michelotti design. #bmw700cs #bmw700coupe #bmw700 #bmwclassic #bmwclassics #classicbmw #classicbmws #oldschoolbmw #retrobmw #vintagebmw #aircooled #giovannimichelotti #michelotti #classicmotorshow2017

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