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— ✧: ・。°
the movies did her so dirty and i’m still salty
for any fellow ginny stans
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14/03/17 HAPPY PI DAY
ginny weasley is such a badass in the books i love her
song: make you feel good by fetty wap.
i went to the city today to do an amazing race thing and my body is sore + we have sport tomorrow which is like my favourite subject and i might not be able to play it :(

ginny weasley
am I her biggest stan yet ?
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— i love my mothers
ac me
not a plot twist
ginny hate will be deleted :-)
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happy birthday ginny weasley zabini ;)
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happy birthday to my mf woman 👀
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my two favs | high
• ac: me!! please give creds!!
- rm of an old old edit i made of them a while ago
phew i love my birth parents they're so hot
- for ang and myself
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i bet this will give feltson shippers aneurysms :)


Harry Potter era theme: Ginny Weasley •

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— ✧: ・。°
the movies did her so dirty and i’m still salty
for any fellow ginny stans
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Ginny Weasley.
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dt: the people who asked for a ginny edit

ronald weasley, the cockblock.
albus dumbledore wasn't the only cockblock to harry. ron even cockblock ginny, look at her face lmao. what a friend and a brother.
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❾¾ ,,
<< top 10 de mes persos hp prefs
6- Ginny Weasley
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song: idk
q o t d : vous aimez Ginny?

“ anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. ” - ginny weasley

Yayy, finally an edit! I made this couple of days ago but forgot to upload it smh. On a side note, I'm not getting all of my notifs for some reason :// _____________________________________________

q › current fave book series?
a › the raven cycle 💞 I'm reading the last book rn

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the only trio i know
. ✧* +˚.⋆
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[soft ginny ♡]
i love her so much she's my n #1 female in hp series
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Happy 36th birthday Ginny! I know I'm a day late, but I still wanted to celebrate! Thank you for being an awesome person, and for being a great role model! I hope your day is filled with happiness , and lastly, thanks for being my favourite character! 🎉 🎈⚡️🌙
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a mf duo

excuse this trash edit I just had to post something, descendants edit tomorrow maybe?

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loves her ballet class so much…
date~ 08.11.17
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TODAY IS GINNY'S BIRTHDAY, also can we talk about how I have to do 1,000 crunches this weekend for modern. It's 500 tomorrow and 500 Sunday.
qotp~ What's your favorite fine art?
aotp~ chorus/dance
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happy birthday to my mf woman 👀
- ac earp_audios
- cc mine

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the better weasley 💁
io ho 2 dubbi nella mia vita:
1. perché oggi non hanno intasato instagram con video di ginny?
2. perché esistono più video di cedric diggory che di ginny?
la vita mi vuole male
comunque ho preso il quarto libro di percy jackson, ma ero indecisa tra questo e il primo maze runner (specialmente per la copertina :D)
#qotd personaggio preferito di harry potter?
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