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Adding to the #GinghamGirlFriends fun with @diaryofaquilter. She's celebrating the release of her fabric line, Gingham Girls. This was me rockin' the green gingham in my 2nd grade school photo. You really need to check out that hashtag #GinghamGirlFriends --there's some fun pics in there πŸ˜‚

This is pretty much my favorite giveaway ever. Amy Smart is giving away a FQ bundle of her new fabric line to someone who posts a throwback pic of them in gingham. This is me and a boy named Scott back in 4th grade at Goshen Elementary School dancing in the May Day program. My mom made this skirt and I made the yellow gingham one I wore the following year. #ginghamgirlfriends @diaryofaquilter

The things I'll do for free fabric πŸ™ˆ Me (with my mom), circa 1980, in what can *only* be called a "frock." And gingham, of course. #GinghamGirlFriends #GinghamGirlsfabric

Amy @diaryofaquilter is having a contest & giving away a FQ bundle of her new fabric collection Gingham Girls! My entry is this (pre-60's, 70's or 80's) photo of me in my blue & white gingham dress! #GinghamGirlFriends

I'm loving all of the #GinghamGirlFriends pics. I kept giggling at them. This is me around 1980. I'm in the purple, yellow and green maxi dress. I was about 4yo and I remember feeling SO important in this Christmas play. I may have had a line that I said.

Here's my #ginghamgirlfriends my middle DD in my Dorothy inspired outfit using #boodesigns pinny.

I'm joining in the #GinghamGirlFriends fun with @diaryofaquilter and sharing this picture of 5 year old me in this brown gingham number in 1979!

4 . 14 . 2017
In honor of Amy's @diaryofaquilter new release of #ginghamgirlsfabric she is hosting a fat quarter bundle give away. Post a picture of your gingham days and link up to #ginghamgirlfriends for a chance to win. πŸ’Ÿ Here is my Kindergarten class picture taken in 1974 at Valley Vista Elementary in Petaluma, California. It's the only time I'm not in the front row (where the shortest students always ended up πŸ˜‰) Looking through photos this morning brought back such good memories! I hope you are having a wonderful day! πŸ”†

Loving the #GinghamGirlFriends pics in honor of @diaryofaquilter'S new fabric line, Gingham Girls. Here I am rocking the late-70s gingham. Swipe for more. πŸ˜‰


Thank you @diaryofaquilter they are just gorgeous! Now to start plotting what to make with all this loveliness.... #GinghamGirlsfabric #GinghamGirlFriends

While this is not technically gingham, it's from probably 1980. My belated little brother @corytf79 and me as littles. I have two junior layer cakes of @diaryofaquilter 's #ginghamgirls line that I'm planning on playing with this weekend. #ginghamgirlfriends #pennyrosefabric #nostalgia

#ginghamgirlfriends - just found this when sorting through old photos. Looks as if I liked the dress but was clueless about hair

Amy Smart from @diaryofaquilter has a new fabric line Gingham Girls. She asked us to post past pictures of our sewing with gingham. This picture is my two oldest daughters plus I found an outfit for my baby boy with gingham in 1978. Wonderful memories. My girls loved to twirl in these dresses. #ginghamgirlfriends @hal_and_kara @aubaefausaei

One more #ginghamgirlfriends picture to share: I'd forgotten my beautiful mother-in-law had her very own pink gingham bridesmaids. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Aren't they adorable?
And now, our WINNER! @katenearpass you are the winner! Please DM me your mailing address! πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks so much ALL of you for joining in the Gingham Girl fun! ❀️ I wish I could send fabric to everyone! (One day maybe I'll achieve Oprah status...)
Seeing how many of these items were handmade by loved ones is what I loved most! Whether you shared a picture or just enjoyed the hashtag, thank you so much for sharing the happy nostalgia. You friends are the best. ❀️❀️❀️

Sorry @lachellebrechin and @cowboywheeler But there's a contest to win fabric by posting gingham pics! @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends #diaryofaquilter

Me on my 8th birthday opening my Mickey Mouse watch. I'm in a stylized plaid dress. About as close as my mom got to gingham with the exception of @pjneal1259 next to me. She's wearing a mint gingham plaid dress from Easter. My mom bought two for us because they were on sale and they had been very pricey. She even put bows in our hair! A huge departure from our normal 'modern' style. Believe me, I looked and felt ridiculous in the mint get up. #GinghamGirlFriends

Loving looking through all the #ginghamgirlfriends photos! When I saw @diaryofaquilter's post, my mind immediately went to my mums bridesmaids dresses..... Not just gingham but brown gingham! πŸ™This photo of her and two of my aunts is always a good one to remind me where my fashion sense (or lack thereof) came from! πŸ˜„

Oh the things we do for fabric! This was one of my favorite skirts as a teenager. #ginghamgirlfriends

Jumping in late with @diaryofaquilter #GinghamGirlFriends fun. I know I had more clothes made from gingham but this is the only picture I could find. This is me in fourth grade #circaearly70s

And here is a second Gingham picture. Both my brother and I are both wearing it! We are age 2 & 4. @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends

I finally had time to go through my childhood pictures in search of gingham! This is me at 2 years old! @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends

Adding to the #GinghamGirlFriends fun with @diaryofaquilter. She's celebrating the release of her fabric line, Gingham Girls. This was me rockin' the green gingham in my 2nd grade school photo. You really need to check out that hashtag #GinghamGirlFriends --there's some fun pics in there πŸ˜‚

You can't tell from this old blurry pic, but under that pink apron was a #GinghamGirlFriends dress. And I did grow up to dream of being Laura Ingalls Wilder 😍 Your fabric has me thinking of a good old fashioned quilt pattern that Ma, Mary, and Laura might have made On the Banks of Plum Creek @diaryofaquilter

Here's a sweet photo of me dressed up for Halloween 1980 as raggedy Andy. #tbt #GinghamGirlFriends

Wow! Three generations of gingham! I wasn't sure I'd find a photo of me to honor @diaryofaquilter #GinghamGirlFriends new fabric but look at all that gingham! Me, my mom & my grandmother in multi color! 😜

My mom in a gingham swimsuit circa 1973. #GinghamGirlFriends #ginghamgirlsfabric

In a gingham dress on my second birthday. #GinghamGirlFriends #ginghamgirlsfabric

In celebration of @diaryofaquilter 's new line of fabric. Just found this pic of me about age 2 #ginghamgirlfriends

Love of gingham check is not exclusive to girls! #blissboys #lasson #harrison #ginghamshirt #GinghamGirlFriends #gingham

I want a matching romper! Last-minute, non-retro entry for @diaryofaquilter 's #GinghamGirlFriends giveaway πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #6monthsold

One more for #GinghamGirlFriends @diaryofaquilter (I'm wearing the same dress as I posted yesterday) and in honor of my beautiful mother who would have been 73 today. Happy birthday Mom! I miss you every day | Helen, Evelyn, and Billy in the bluebonnets, Texas, April 26, 1978
#bluebonnets #mytexasisshowing #april1978 #happybirthdayhelen #texasbluebonnets #fieldofbluebonnets

I couldn't find a picture of the red gingham cowboy shirt I know my mom made me that had lace at the yoke and along the petal sleeves. I also couldn't find the clogging dresses/costumes that my mom made out of gingham...so polyester pants (see last post) and suit jacket, made by my mom for my brothers, will have to do for the #ginghamgirlsfabric #tbt contest #ginghamgirlfriends

Plaid and gingham! For the gingham girls fabric contest. #ginghamgirlfriends

My beautiful aunt on the left - not sure who the woman is on the right but these are wonderful #GinghamGirlFriends @diaryofaquilter #GinghamGirlsfabric

@diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends
My mum has had a great time looking through photos to find these. 1st is me at 8 the morning after I passed my ballet exam. I named the bear Mrs Benson after the examiner (heaven knows why). I'm not sure you can tell, but the pjs are gingham, I clearly wasn't as anti pink then. 2nd is me at 10 visiting Dennis the donkey, I "adopted" him, he lived at an animal sanctuary. 3rd is my aunt (aged 8) in gingham holding a newborn me.

#ginghamgirlfriends @diaryofaquilter. When I was a little girl my dad was stationed in Germany and my grandma and aunt would send us "fabric from the states" and my mom would make me dresses. Here's my favorite pastel gingham dress circa 1980 in my 1st grade picture. I loved that dress!

I just heard about #ginghamgirlfriends @diaryofaquilter This is my kindergarten photo

I'm a little late entering the gingham fun with @diaryofaquilter and #ginghamgirlfriends. I haven't had time to look through my childhood pictures but do have this one of a cute gingham romper I made for my daughter 27 years ago! Swipe for a second picture!

Baby Evelyn in pink gingham! I love love love the #GinghamGirlFriends giveaway - I just spent 30 minutes scrolling through the tag feed enjoying everyone's photos. Thanks for hosting this, @diaryofaquilter ! πŸ’–

I had to join in the fun. Can you tell it was the 70's πŸ˜‚ #ginghamgirlfriends @diaryofaquilter

Look @diaryofaquilter even Lucy and Ethel wore gingham. How cute is Lucy's dress? #ginghamgirlfriends

It took a bit of digging @diaryofaquilter, but I found a few of my gingham treasures!
#ginghamgirlfriends πŸ‘ˆπŸ»to see my chubby legs when they were cute!!πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

Having some fun with @diaryofaquilter and her #ginghamgirlfriends hashtag. My 5th grade self (1985-86) wearing a sweeeeeet (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite impression) sweater vest and blue gingham necktie. #gapteeth #theeighties
P.S. My kids never believed that I had a huge gap in my teeth when I was younger. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I don't know if this counts, but here is my #GinghamGirlFriends picture. My grandma made this for me when I was a baby. The pictures didn't survive a house fire, but this did! Can't wait for my next little girl to wear this!! @diaryofaquilter

Going through photos for the senior slideshow I found this one of McKenna at 10 months. So happy I can now enter the #GinghamGirlFriends contest.

That's me in gingham between my sister and brother #ginghamgirlfriends

I had to post this pic of Kristi and I when we were crown bearers at a basketball homecoming in 1966. We were rockin the short skirts and the buster brown haircuts. πŸ˜‰ #ginghamgirlfriends #twinsisters #bestfriends. In case some of my non quilty friends are wondering why I posted this old picture it's because Amy @diaryofaquilter has a new fabric line called #ginghamgirlsfabric and us #ginghamgirlfriends need to stick together. πŸ’•

Here is a picture of two of my granddaughters in 1999 wearing their mom's "tiny gingham" dresses which I made about 32 years ago. Thanks for the giveaway!#GinghamGirlFriends

My grandma and I had our birthdays just 1 day apart, so we always shared our B-day celebrations (& cake!) This is my vintage (1972) #GinghamGirlFriends photo to join in celebrating the release of Amy Smart's #ginghamgirlsfabric line. Crisp red, white and blue gingham reminds me of my childhood summers!

Pre-#tbt, for @diaryofaquilter and her call out #GinghamGirlFriends, I'm on the far left in a small check pink gingham. It's August 1970 on a family visit to Pipestone, MN. Clockwise from me, I'm holding hands with my Aunt @egglestons, Grandma Helen, Grandpa Frank, my mother, my brother Sean and my brother @timfofim

It's #tbt on a Monday! Funny pic with gingham fabric for @diaryofaquilter giveaway #ginghamgirlfriends πŸ˜„ Just me in a gingham sailor dress with my mom staring off into the black distance. #notawkwardatall

Joining in on celebrating @diaryofaquilter first fabric line coming out soon #GinghamGirlFriends throwing back to when I was a baby in my red gingham .

My cute #ginghamgirlfriends loves gingham as much as I do. She even used it for her wedding decorations! Here she is in an outfit I made her ( it even had matching shoes), on her mission in Germany, & at her wedding to her handsome German husband. Love the fabric line @diaryofaquilter it's so pretty!

Joining with @diaryofaquilter on the #GinghamGirlFriends fun. This is one of the first quilts I made. It was a "home project" for home ec. (1976) The tiny pink gingham is from scraps of a pink gingham and eyelet maxi dress that I could not find a picture of. Trust me, it was lovely! πŸ˜„ The large yellow gingham was paired with a turquoise gingham in a dress with lots of ruffles. The green was from something I made for my sister. The blue was from a nightgown. I also had a red gingham and eyelet dress. #firstquilt #quiltersofinstagram #useallthescraps #makersgonnamake

Contest entry 2) - with my little sister and brother in 1972 and wearing what must have been one of the first things I ever sewed, a long skirt with a crazy patchwork pattern in gingham. #GinghamGirlFriends @diaryofaquilter

@diaryofaquilter has a contest to celebrate her new fabric line - here I am standing next to my newborn sister in her homemade bassinet in red gingham in 1966. #GinghamGirlFriends

#ginghamgirlfriends This is an apron I made when it was a fad to cross stitch on gingham.

My throwback photo for @diaryofaquilter 's new fabric line #ginghamgirlfriends. I was 3 and wearing one of the many dresses my mom sewed for me.

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