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Joining with @diaryofaquilter on the #GinghamGirlFriends fun. This is one of the first quilts I made. It was a "home project" for home ec. (1976) The tiny pink gingham is from scraps of a pink gingham and eyelet maxi dress that I could not find a picture of. Trust me, it was lovely! πŸ˜„ The large yellow gingham was paired with a turquoise gingham in a dress with lots of ruffles. The green was from something I made for my sister. The blue was from a nightgown. I also had a red gingham and eyelet dress. #firstquilt #quiltersofinstagram #useallthescraps #makersgonnamake

In 1975, my cousins, sister and I were asked to sing a special number in church. My Grandma Clara made us each a matching dress, but in different colors of gingham. She was my inspiration for learning to sew and taught me how to thread a needle and tie a knot at age 7. #GinghamGirlFriends @diaryofaquilter

My throwback photo for @diaryofaquilter 's new fabric line #ginghamgirlfriends. I was 3 and wearing one of the many dresses my mom sewed for me.

In honor if @diaryofaquilter and the release of her new #GinghamGirlsfabric line, I found a picture of this taffeta gingham dress I made for a gala I attended in about 1994. I even covered my shoes to match! πŸ‘ #goodtimes #thosewerethedays #ginghamgirls #ginghamgirlfriends

My mother recently shared our baby photos in our family chat so the timing is perfect for @diaryofaquilter contest she has going on 😊. Rocking the gingham back in 1982. #GinghamGirlFriends .
.On a side note, I should have kept all of my clothes from middle school because my 13 year old would be wearing them πŸ˜‹

I have been a gingham girl from the start...circa 1972. #GinghamGirlFriends Love this contest idea, and the new fabric line! @diaryofaquilter ❀

My fabric collection, Gingham Girls, is hitting stores as we speak! πŸŽ‰To celebrate, I'm having a contest where the winner will win a Fat Quarter bundle! Check my last post for details and share your favorite vintage picture of you or someone you love wearing gingham!
(It would be a extra awesome if someone has a gingham bridesmaid or prom dress. πŸ˜‚) #GinghamGirlsFabric

I got out some dresses from when I was little for some inspiration for my gingham girls project!! I love that @diaryofaquilter has captured my childhood!!! β€πŸŒΌπŸ“
#ginghamgirls #ginghamgirlsfabric #ginghamgirlfriends #iloverileyblake #vintage

Adding to the #GinghamGirlFriends fun with @diaryofaquilter. She's celebrating the release of her fabric line, Gingham Girls. This was me rockin' the green gingham in my 2nd grade school photo. You really need to check out that hashtag #GinghamGirlFriends --there's some fun pics in there πŸ˜‚


While this is not technically gingham, it's from probably 1980. My belated little brother @corytf79 and me as littles. I have two junior layer cakes of @diaryofaquilter 's #ginghamgirls line that I'm planning on playing with this weekend. #ginghamgirlfriends #pennyrosefabric #nostalgia

#ginghamgirlfriends - just found this when sorting through old photos. Looks as if I liked the dress but was clueless about hair

Amy Smart from @diaryofaquilter has a new fabric line Gingham Girls. She asked us to post past pictures of our sewing with gingham. This picture is my two oldest daughters plus I found an outfit for my baby boy with gingham in 1978. Wonderful memories. My girls loved to twirl in these dresses. #ginghamgirlfriends @hal_and_kara @aubaefausaei

I know this is late, but I have been loving all the @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends posts. This isn't really vintage, but for me it is a classic. When my triplets were 3 years old, adorable and everything for the girls revolved around the red glitter "ruby red" shoes. They graduate from HS next month. Ahh! The nostalgia.

One more #ginghamgirlfriends picture to share: I'd forgotten my beautiful mother-in-law had her very own pink gingham bridesmaids. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Aren't they adorable?
And now, our WINNER! @katenearpass you are the winner! Please DM me your mailing address! πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks so much ALL of you for joining in the Gingham Girl fun! ❀️ I wish I could send fabric to everyone! (One day maybe I'll achieve Oprah status...)
Seeing how many of these items were handmade by loved ones is what I loved most! Whether you shared a picture or just enjoyed the hashtag, thank you so much for sharing the happy nostalgia. You friends are the best. ❀️❀️❀️

Sorry @lachellebrechin and @cowboywheeler But there's a contest to win fabric by posting gingham pics! @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends #diaryofaquilter

Me on my 8th birthday opening my Mickey Mouse watch. I'm in a stylized plaid dress. About as close as my mom got to gingham with the exception of @pjneal1259 next to me. She's wearing a mint gingham plaid dress from Easter. My mom bought two for us because they were on sale and they had been very pricey. She even put bows in our hair! A huge departure from our normal 'modern' style. Believe me, I looked and felt ridiculous in the mint get up. #GinghamGirlFriends

Loving looking through all the #ginghamgirlfriends photos! When I saw @diaryofaquilter's post, my mind immediately went to my mums bridesmaids dresses..... Not just gingham but brown gingham! πŸ™This photo of her and two of my aunts is always a good one to remind me where my fashion sense (or lack thereof) came from! πŸ˜„

Oh the things we do for fabric! This was one of my favorite skirts as a teenager. #ginghamgirlfriends

Jumping in late with @diaryofaquilter #GinghamGirlFriends fun. I know I had more clothes made from gingham but this is the only picture I could find. This is me in fourth grade #circaearly70s

And here is a second Gingham picture. Both my brother and I are both wearing it! We are age 2 & 4. @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends

I finally had time to go through my childhood pictures in search of gingham! This is me at 2 years old! @diaryofaquilter #ginghamgirlfriends

Adding to the #GinghamGirlFriends fun with @diaryofaquilter. She's celebrating the release of her fabric line, Gingham Girls. This was me rockin' the green gingham in my 2nd grade school photo. You really need to check out that hashtag #GinghamGirlFriends --there's some fun pics in there πŸ˜‚

You can't tell from this old blurry pic, but under that pink apron was a #GinghamGirlFriends dress. And I did grow up to dream of being Laura Ingalls Wilder 😍 Your fabric has me thinking of a good old fashioned quilt pattern that Ma, Mary, and Laura might have made On the Banks of Plum Creek @diaryofaquilter

Here's a sweet photo of me dressed up for Halloween 1980 as raggedy Andy. #tbt #GinghamGirlFriends

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