Last week our very own Barrie Wells was on BBC Radio Lancashire with @gillylancashire talking about Box4Kids! You can still listen on catch up 🎧

This is one beautiful bar in Bangalore #gilly's #theterracebar #goodtimes😊

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Gilly vs the fly! Warning... this video does contain extreme cuteness. No dogs or flies were harmed in the creation of this video. #gilly #cute #dog

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This scene is so well made - I don't even know where to start. First of all, it's very obvious, that the fathers from westeros are mostly very cold and strict. That is, because at that time, people had a clear picture of a man. A man must be a leader, a man musn't show emotions instead a man must be always strong and aggressive, but in a healty way. Sam was neither the one nor the other. He is what we would describe as" the intelectuell type". And still Sam has made the most progress from all characters I believe. I mean from beeing scared of almost anything, he made it to kill a white walker! But in this scene you can clearly see, how the whole character development is getting torn apart from the way his father constantly insults and himuliates him.


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