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The hottest girl duo there ever was.
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Don't think twice about these two being awesome! #GillianJacobs #MikeBirbiglia #DontThinkTwice #TheView

Jimmy Kimmel with our favorite! @gillianjacobs 💘 Be sure to tune in tonight! #jimmykimmel #gillianjacobs #loveonnetflix

What is #gillianjacobs thinking here? I often wonder about the thought that is happening at the instant an image is made.

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I'm almost done with Season 2 of Love but remembered one of my favorites scenes from Season 1 and had to post it. I always thought this was hilarious! #Love #PaulRust #GillianJacobs


It's not meant to last, except as an act of love. It's passes in the moment and disappear.- Jack and Gillian, Don't Think Twice. #Love #Life #MovieQuotes #InspirationalQuotes #MotivationalQuotes #2016 #Meant #Last #Except #Act #Passes #Moment #Disappear #DontThinkTwice #Jack #KeeganMichaelKey #Jack #GillianJacobs #Samantha #Comedy #Drama

- "I'm worried I'm gonna fuck things up every single day." -
I don't waste my time with love.
It's been a while since my last relationship. That girl I mentioned in my review of season 1 who reminded me of Mickey in this show... yea, she left me. She's long gone from my life now and I haven't felt the same way about anyone since.
That's a really deep way to start this review but like I said in my review of season 1, I haven't related to a show this much in my life and I just felt like I should share that current part of my life with you because I love you. Enjoy.
Season 2 of Love picks up immediately where the last one left off, and I do mean immediately. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger which puts Gus and Mickey's relationship on the line and now we see what happens after that.
Without spoiling the end of season 1 for you, I'll just say this: imagine you meet someone and start having a crush on them, then you get to know each other and after a while you're unsure as to what you two are so you try to work it out by "taking a break" which in relationship terms means "unofficial breakup". That's season 1.
Now with season 2, we see that fallout after that "breakup". In the first season we got to spend a lot of time getting to know Gus and Mickey as they got to know each other. We related to them, we understood them and we were shipping them so hard.
And I have to make this clear: if you did not like season 1, don't bother wondering if season 2 is gonna change your mind because it won't.
If you couldn't stand all the melodrama between Gus and Mickey and thought they were insufferable characters, season 2 ain't gonna make these characters any more tolerable for you because they're the same exact flawed people, if not even more flawed.
This show's sophomore season does a great job at balancing the triple beam scale of romance, comedy and drama with great confidence and I believe that Judd Apatow's understanding of relationships really comes in to develop an even deeper relationship between Gus and Mickey.

#Netflix Sets #GillianJacobs, #VanessaBayer & #PhoebeRobinson For #GarySanchez #Comedy#Ibiza’ - @DeadlineHollywood

Love season 2, Love is in the air.....kind of. Mickey checks in herself at a program that helps with addiction and that complicates her life and Gus's. Season 2 i think is better than the first one, it tackles the experiences of couples and how much one another can feel about each other. I did find myself hate Mickey for a while during the binge watch but when i finished i could kind of get her point. Gillian Jacob's character is very interesting to observe, she approaches the character with realism. She certainly is one of the standing out performances in the show and clearly owns the character showing basically a woman who everyone has at least encountered with and/or been with. It can be a good or bad thing but that's up to the audience. To Paul Rust's character, Gus Cruikshank, his character is everyone can relate with on a personal level. Every man that deals with anxiety or introvertness can appertain to his feelings and actions. Thats what makes their relationship work in some ways, knowing that saying "opposites attract" is definitely being exercised here. Really smart dialogue and direction that feels humanely. This show is filled naturalness environments and characters quickly enchanting you with their personalities. This show is for everyone. Rate: 8/10 #loveseason2 #lovesuckssometimes #netflixoriginal #juddapatow #paulrust #gillianjacobs #tvshow #comedy #romance #drama #human

It has been announced that Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, and Phoebe Robinson will be starring the Netflix comedy "Ibiza"; according to The Hollywood Reporter. Alex Richanbach will be directing the project from a spec script by his "Funny or Die" collaborator Lauren Kahn. Once titled "I'm in Love with the DJ," the story will follow "a woman (Jacobs) who goes on a business trip to Spain to close a big deal but instead finds herself on a wild ride of partying and clubbing, where she falls in love with a world famous DJ and realizes there is more to life than showing up to a job she hates." Bayer and Robinson will be playing Jacobs character's "two best friends" who "tag along on her work trip." The film is set to begin production next month in Europe. What are your guy's thoughts on this? #Ibiza #AlexRichanbach #GillianJacobs #VanessaBayer #PhoebeRobinson #LaurenKahn #Netflix #Comedy

I swear she wants me dead
look at her LOOK AT HER
just out there slaying my life
I love her so much

- "Nobody ever pulls you aside and goes "Hey just so you know, relationships are fucking bullshit."" -
Time to drop some honesty: I'm a very sensitive bastard. I have a habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve, especially when it comes to relationships which is something I tend to back away from unless I'm sure of it because I know that love is more complicated than the movies make us think it is.
If a romantic comedy can do its job well and make me care about two characters that are falling for each other, no matter how sappy it is, I more often than not tend to get a kick out of it. I also believe that one of the things I romantic comedy should do is to make you wanna relate to the characters and make you feel like you could be in that relationship. I've seen movies that have tried that but not in the way that this show did.
Love is a Netflix original series created by Judd Apatow and it stars Gillian Jacobs as Mickey Dobbs and Paul Rust as Gus Cruikshank and Claudia O'Doherty as Bertie Bauer.
Gus is a lovable average nerd but Mickey is bit of a complex character. She's a sex and love addict, she has compulsion issues and has an edge that can make her a bit unlikable, but Gus thinks that's awesome and the two start to develop a relationship where they have to navigate that exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy and commitment that we all hope to avoid but have to deal with in every relationship. Oh, and Bertie is their mutual friend and Mickey's roommate.
On the surface, this show seems like a pretty standard rom-com. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they hang out, things get complicated, drama turns to melodrama and it becomes a "will they?/won't they?" kind of thing we've seen in countless movies before.
TV shows have a better chance of doing this genre justice because they have more room to explore and stretch out their characters and stories over the course of however many seasons until the charm gets lost and it becomes tedious.

Community 4x10
Introducción a los nudos

For me personally, my favorite physical features on a Women is their Eyes & Lips and let me tell you @gillianjacobs Eyes & Lips are absolutely jaw droppingly Beautiful 😍😍😍I can't wait to see her in Season 3 of LOVE on Netflix. I Love the comedy/drama she brings to the show with her Character Mickey! 😄
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When the bedroom is about 6000 degrees hot, one netflix's and chills in the garden. Time to binge some more 'Love' Season 2 🤓

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