If Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms had a baby this would be it👌🏼#gildaapproved #traderjoesfinds #tryittuesday

Colourpop faves. That 'no filter' concealer is so amazing I use it was a foundation on weekends. The 'go honey' highlighter I've been wearing ever since I received this on Wednesday and I got not one but two of the matte lippies in 'Mama' bc it such a beautiful shade and I was running out (the other is for a couple worker who wanted it when she saw it on me) I know I order a lot of colourpop but it's really affordable, cruelty free🐰and it's just such great quality! #colourpop #colourpophutch #colourpophaul #gildaapproved

#tryittuesday Holy Moly these chips are so addicting 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 bc they are so legit. I'd say they taste like Islands or In n Out fries🍟I'll be taking these to the beach and movies😉 I hope @traderjoes keeps them forever and ever🤗💛❤️#gildaapproved

Love ending the week on a sweet note from @manzanitaslasoriginales 🍎#tryittuesday #gildaapproved

#tryittuesday Umm😋 so yummy, I wish they kept these forever. Found these at Vons. They make the whole room smell like strawberries and cream🍓🍦#gildaapproved #strawberryfieldsforever #strawberrykitkat

Finally something that says exactly like what the flavor says!🍍🌴🍍 L💛VE at 1st sip. This @traderjoes SPARKING water nailed it and it's only like a buck🤑 cheers #gildaapproved #tryittuesday #traderjoesfinds #weneedacoconutemoji

Lilah keeps saying "peanut butter chocolate cake and zoolaid" (Redbone lyrics) 🙈🍫🍰🥜so I made us a peanut butter chocolate protein shake😉
1 scoop of Wowmoms lean protein powder in chocolate flavor
2 oz of Dark Chocolate Almond milk
1 c of unflavored Rice milk
And 1 tsp of peanut butter
Blend and enjoy!
#wowmade #wowmomsprotein #gildaapproved

When you work at a school it's a different "work" environment. The biggest question today was "what did you do this summer?" 🤔where do I begin 🤗....so I say "um beach, pool, softball" 🌴🌞🌊 and I took this lotion everywhere. Now as I rub it on my hands at work, all those warm sunny memories come flashing back. If you like the smell of sunblock and summer days I think you'd like this lotion too🌈 #tryittuesday #gildaapproved

Orange creamsicle lean protein smoothie🍊 I got inspired by a cute orange bath suit I saw on the gram🍊🤳🏼👙lol -1 orange (peeled and diced) -ice -rice milk -1 scoop of wowmoms lean Vanilla protein powder
Blend and enjoy😛
#wowmomsprotein #gildaapproved #orangecreamsicleshake

I was told this week that if you're going to take a protein shake it should be within 30mins of your workout (post)
You guys this Neopalitin Shake taste like an in-n-out shake🌴it's so rich and and creamy but it's not Rich in calories.
2 frozen strawberries🍓+1 frozen Banana🍌+cocoa nibs+ rice milk+ 1/2 chocolate 1/2 Vanilla Protein powder blend and enjoy!!! (I use @wowmade lean protein) #gildaapproved #wowmomsprotein #cleaneats

Love carrying these in bag while on the road🚙. My fav is still the Date one which comes in an olive green wrapper. 🌴🐇 #18rabbits #channelislandsbeach #fitfood #gildaapproved

2 cups of watermelon 🍉
1/2c Kale🌱
Blend and add
2-3 tsp of Chia Seeds
Shake up and refrigerate.
It's best to drink cold so plan ahead, just trust me if you try it at room temp it smells and taste a bit funny 🙊
Much better cold and you can add stevia if you want it sweeter.
Enjoy✌🏼 #moralessummer2017 #gildaapproved

Try it Tuesday 👌🏼 found these @sprouts only a $1. They taste great. This chocolate cherry is my fav though🍒🍫. #gildaapproved #tryittuesday

It's not try it Tuesday but I couldn't wait, run and get these right now😋🌴🍌🍯 #traderjoesfind #sweetplantainchips #sweetplantains #gildaApproved

This coffee is too legit to quit 😜😋👌🏼 def' #gildaapproved #fallflavors #fallfavorites #pumpkinerrthang #pumpkinspicelife

Theses are both yummy Especially the Oreos! ***but I definitely suggest to don't eat either of these solo, they taste way better accompanied by your fav' drink eg: coffee 😋☕️*** #tryittuesday #gildaapproved

Toasted Graham frapp 👌🏼 #gildaapproved #toastedgrahamfrapp

My fav' Apple is back, The Honeycrisp Apple 🍎🍯 true to their nature, they are oh so crispy and delicately sweet. Most def' #gildaapproved #tryittuesday #honeycrisp #honeycrispapple #fallflavors #tastefall

These morning goodies are def' #gildaapproved. My son loves the oatmeal too. We eat it as overnight oats. I def recommend you try these mild flavored oats ☺️🍁🎃 #pumpkinspicelife #pumpkinspiceseason #pumpkineverythang

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