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This video is so good!!!
And at one part it looks like she's having an orgasm
@selenagomez #selenagomez

It's so hot outside 😣

I really wanna shove a cactus up their asses and throw them off a cliff

would you ever go SKYDIVING? 😂

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is that a chain saw? those scare the hell out of me i think the fuck not

Somethings never change 🕊 @gigihadid (my edit🌼)

CaKe for life ❤️ @caradelevingne @kendalljenner

reminder that I love you guys so fucking much and thank you ❣

New👉#GigiHadid leaving her apartment in NYC | July,26,2017
And guys I'm so sorry for the inactivity :(
#gigihadid @gigihadid #yolandahadid @yolanda.hadid

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