This is a preview of my next drawing that I'm working on. I know its been a while that I last drawed something. Trying to keep a balance with my gifts and talents of art and music. I'll let you all guess what I'm trying to draw next and by then as soon as I'm done with this I'm going to digitize it on illustrator of photoshop.

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Kentucky DOC eliminated pictures from weddings AND visits. So we don’t have many, but God blessed me with a talent that allows me to create beautiful digitally combined photos & collages and then the creativity to create layouts/scrapbooks to archive our memories!! As a friend told me, there will be plenty of pictures to come & to embrace the memories!! We never say “I can’t wait.” We always say, “I anxiously await!” •

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{New blog post}
Welcome to Capricorn Full Moon... and what an interesting moon she is as she can bring moments of utter beauty and fulfilment if we are able to acknowledge and understand our resistance towards contributing our gifts and talents to society.

This blog post explores the layers of resistance and defeat that can block us from having the courage to make our finances from what we truly enjoy, and this success is linked to contributing our unique gifts and talents.

There is no greater gift that we can give ourselves than learning to uncover our lessons towards our contributing, not only for ourselves but for those who we assist on our journey.
Click link in bio for full blog post. I wish you well.

It's honor and a privilege to see your child walk in Purpose and use their gifts. @_carol_wright speaking on a panel to young Black females about finding their passion on the campus of @whartonschool
Thank you @uniquelyusummit for including her in your day for seniors only

🍟Good afternoon LoViE DoViEs ❣️❣️❣️ okay so 1st off I thank God for your life and being here now~ you DO!! Have a purpose otherwise you would be used as the testimony...that sermon is for another day #thethreewaysGod okay let's go. Sin is sin and no matter what the sin and how we #feel about it, God forgives...your little white lie is has the same mass as murder- when it comes to #sin they all fall the same, without repentance and true change of heart you will go down like Veruca Salt📯 ~ you can not engage in sin and be like well I'm going to heaven because I'm a Christian....Charles Manson and ted bundy also claimed to not be troublesome people. It is not a religious thing((so easily passed about as a tissue box - it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and you can't hide or fake that: he is the only one whom can judge and persecute you... no one else. So when you #feeling #somekindaway that is the conviction in your #heart a discussion of prayer you need to have with father. The point is no matter what you do even if it is act differently around certain people it is a sin to be fake and a people pleaser to conform to the worlds desires - is extremely dangerous and cheapening your true self. A lie about Santa is the same as rape saying someone has gone to heaven is the same as loosening someone's lug nuts....sin falls the same as a brick and a feather @ the same rate of velocity -w- gravitational force=equal. And you ain't foolin no one -w- that nonsense your lies stink as bad as an alcoholic. Be #real be #truthful do your best -w- all your #giftsandtalents and give your life to Jesus, watch the aMaZiNg things he will do with and in your life. #snitchesgetstitches is a term made by cursing, hating child molesters witch is the same as cheating. #youaintfoolinnobody #sosad #jesuslovesyou #jesusfreak #prayattention #pretzelsticks #thankful AmEn in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit - may the chosen say AmEn 🙏🏽🙏🏽❣️

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Which of your gifts are you sharing with the world?
We are all born with gifts and talents and the world deserves to know what they are...

Too many outside influences tell us who we are, beginning at an early age. Mindsets are learned, adopted, conditioned. Children are taught to believe their being, their heritage, their role in society is weak, subservient, forced, compliant, even absent from the history of social change and progress. The earlier we teach our children the power to self-define and identify, the less likely they may be to accept stereotypes and images that reduce and limit them from fulfilling and optimizing their gifts and talents. False narratives not only rob you from yourself. False narratives, for black women, black men, and POC...can be fatal. .
Thank you @mspackyetti for highlighting this powerful truth🙌🏽 #repost #womenshistorymonth #blm #mindsetshift #power #selfdefined #authoryourlife #falsenarrative #giftsandtalents #teachersofinstagram #stereotypes #stopkillingourboys .
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Are your problems the loudest voice in your life? That’s the devil up one side and down the other!🙌🏼 God LONGS to bear the burden of our problems so we can develop our gifts and talents to share His word and bless others! Be disciplined to take only the responsibility that is yours for your problems, release the rest to God, and get back to your true purpose in life!!🌅
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🍟Goodmorning Lovie doviEs!!!! CURSING🙅🏾🙍🏼‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏿‍♀️😖😳☠️: OK so there's two definitions for cursing 1. Invoke or use a curse against, 2.utter offensive words in anger or annoyance- synonyms: hex, jinx swear, blasphemy.
I'm happy I looked it up. Not only does cursing sound atrocious but it has no meaning other than to cause infliction. When it comes down to it you can slam both of those definitions into one because you are cursing people and causing offense- are you not trying to rouse a reaction and it possesses soooo much of an aggressive entity that you may as well be cocking a gun. It has no educated principals wrapped around it and sits in a miserable pool of vile waiting for others to slip into it. Ladies: oh pOlease ladies sweet ladies STOP ✋🏼 cursing- it has got to be the second or third most unattractive thing a female can do along with smoking and being #somekindaway but swearing and acting belligerent is so discerning and just saddening, don't tell me you "truly" love you children and you are cursing like a sailor that has gotten popped in the head by the mizzen too many times. Really though if you want an old school relationship then you need to see some old school rules- but....but....those lessons are erased like a chalk board. You want true chivalry or a matron: do not be a follower 👀 F O L L O W E R of foolishness, be a leader a MAN; a WOMAN. The only sound advisement and way of well being in a true loving relationship is by the way of the Lord #jesuschrist and through the Bible, and all of your hearts truths and desires shall be granted by our father through a repenting and honest soul that is aimed at glorifying God. You will be an original leader who is sanctified to use your #giftsandtalents with all you have been made to be and the cursing will be as futile as it truly is. You will also be blessed with a trusted partner whom shall hold you to your worth and potential. Be great in all you do to the glory of God and he will grant all your hearts tRuE desires ~ in Jesus name I pray, thank you father, please Lord allow us the clarity of your will for our lives and keep us well to live it out~AmEn 🙏🏽 James3:3-10📜

🥊My sweetie is on to the next chapter- it was great to get time with Both of my beautiful kiddos ... I do miss all the aMaZiNg times we had and continue to pray for you to understand the grace and aMaZiNg blessings God has blessed us and continues to bless us with, I love you🤙🏽❣️ Dad😘

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God"
Good morning loves ❤❤❤
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Tonight 🙏🏽 #theme #giftsandtalents !

Don't forget to feed your soul ! ♥ Join us for our Agape Fellowship, & prayer meeting every wednesday.

Agape Fellowship bible study & prayer starts at 18:00 - 21:00 pm.

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🌝Good Morning🌝 Make it a great day on purpose, with a smile☺️ Keep doing what you love, it makes a difference even when it doesn't seem like it does, trust me! #love #inspire #encourage #reachback #pourin #awaken #giftsandtalents #share

Proverbs 18:21
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We speak into existence what we obsess over... Unfortunately this Earth is polluted by beings that choose to bring Death upon everything they touch and create.
So all they show is strife within all aspects of Media that we consume on a daily. News, music, TV, all manipulated to have you thinking Death is prevalent, and Life is finite.
However, we are to remember the Power within our Words. We create Visions, Empire's, and Legacies simply by speaking on them. So choose wisely what you say, hear, and speak.
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⌚Time to get back to the 🎶🎶🎶. Sometimes life makes you detour for a moment but my music ignites my being. Not just playing it, also making it! 🎧🎶🎶
"Turn the Music Up!" ▶ .
In my Natural Element! 🎶🎶🎤🎶🎶 .
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#Inspo Home yet? Today’s inspiration got us like 😌😴 Isn’t this gorgeous? 😍

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