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The Cereal Killers were runner ups! Amazing job Mat (and Dave)!

Ted is Giant's #summer2017 project management intern! This is part two of his interview.
Meet the interns behind the 'gram. #InternViews

Ted is Giant's #summer2017 project management intern! This is part one of his interview.
Meet the interns behind the 'gram. #InternViews

When time sheets and expense reports are due...
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Sarah is Giant's #summer2017 Studio intern! This is part two of her interview.
Meet the interns behind the 'gram. #InternViews

What does it mean to be an invaluable partner? We asked our CEO, Steven Gold, to come up with his own definition. “An invaluable partner:
-drives deeper and more meaningful engagements.
-doesn’t just answer requests and react to problems, but brings all their smarts and the agency’s best efforts to the forefront at all times to make sure that each interaction leaves the client/partner saying “wow, that exceeded my expectations”
-considers the success of their client/partner to be their own success
-always gets a seat at the table when big ideas are being debated and big decisions being made.
-they are trusted for their insight, their ability to be a team player, their willingness to take risks, and their commitment to shared success
-always "brings something new to the party”
-doesn’t rely on past successes or recycled ideas, strives to be innovative, fresh, and deliver a Giant experience with each and every interaction
-knows how to balance the needs of the client with the needs of the agency team - always keeping the quality of the work top of mind
-cares about their clients and teams, is inquisitive and a good listener, and gets to know them as people”

What does it mean to be an invaluable partner? This term gets thrown around a lot at Giant, so we want to dive deeper. We will highlight how various Giants interpret this phrase and how they make themselves invaluable partners to their teams, their clients, and to the company as a whole. Look out for more posts on “invaluable partner” and why it’s so important to what we do here at Giant!

Jonathan is Giant's #summer2017 account management intern! This is part one of his interview.
Meet the interns behind the 'gram continues. #InternViews





Introducing Monica Mondays!
Hyewon: Could you give us your name, position and how long you've been at Giant?

Monica: My name is Monica Anderson, I've been at Giant for 19months, and I'm a senior Submissions Specialist, a Project Manager, and Copy Support.

Ted: In your opinion, what does it take to be a project manager?

M: I would say patience, being creative, problem solving, organizational, and the ability to not be offended.

H: What do you do outside of Giant?

M: I'm on two podcasts -- one of which is about comic books led by women, written by women and about women, -- listen to audiobooks, go drinking with my friends, and go to the movies.

T: On the note of comic books, DC or Marvel?

M: Marvel all the way!

H: Of all Marvel superheroes, which one do you think would thrive as a PM?

M: I'd say Beast from the X-men. He's calm, he's competent, he doesn't take offense because he is a giant blue wolf monster, and he works at a school with a bunch of teenagers so he can deal with pretty much anything.

We hope you love your Monday as much as Mason loves the camera. .
Stay tuned for #InternViews! Coming to you soon...

Be on the look out for #InternViews! Where we introduce your 2017 Giant Interns! Get ready to get an exclusive look inside the minds of all the interns and learn how they got started on their Giant journey!

We are the Interns of Giant. This is the beginning of our journey.

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