With the advances of technology giantesses have become possible. With that a giantess industry was created. An example of this was Giantess airways. They shrank those who could pay the fee for the plane ride which was usually for over 2 hours. They shrank these individuals and put them on the plane. With that they started off the ride by walking around pretending to ignore them. It was a sort of act as they walked around tramping those who left their seats. Luckily they always survive as they shrank and became durable. Next they take their shoes off and sit down on those who stayed in their seats smothering them with their beautiful ass. Those who were on the ground got smothered by their feet and were forced to worship them. There were a select few the hostesses chose to pleasure their vagina and asshole but that cost extra. At the end of the ride all the tinies were gathered up with their own personal giantess and rode out on their boobs before they were regrown. Sounds fun doesn’t it? | #giantess #giantessfetish

This pretty much summed up my evening on a Date With Mr. Money Bags Jr. I squashed him though in the movie! Poor guy, but that's what happens when you make rude comments to a Lovely Giantess like me! We are to refined to be taken advantage of, you perverted little men!! Thanks to My Isaac Hunt for drawing Mr. Money Bags Jr. 😋😉😇 Stay tuned for the video! I still have to edit it! I will add the link to my YouTube Channel when it is finished! Enjoy! 😘😍 #giantesscrush #giantessfetish #sexygiantess #roleplay #fantasy

Queen Frostbitten notices a group of tiny people, all gathering before her; as they approach, they walk in the grass as if hiking in a forest of tall trees. She gets a closer look at them, all of the tinies, breath-taken with the sight of the Giantess Queen up there in the sky, casting a shadow on half of the crowd of little ones- The ones closer to the Queen can clearly see her in the shade, but those further away have only a glared vision. The Queen notices their difficulty in seeing her, and most generously places her sandaled left foot directly in front of them. Then at that moment, those tinies, who were at first the unlucky ones, are now kneeling before the Giantess Queen's foot, some not able to help but plant little worshipful kisses on it. I think it's safe to say that these teeny tiny people belong to her now. Lucky little people😂.
If you'd like to see all of my Queen Frostbitten-related edits in one gallery, as well as future exclusive works, do visit and adore Her. Follow the gallery and become part of the glorous Giantess Queen's collection of loyal little tinies.💙 @giantessqueenfrostbitten


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Wow, that's quite a view. This is one reason of many why i love making people grow huge 😊 #giantess #giantessfetish #giantesscommunity #giantgirl #giantgoddess #goddess #tallgirls #giantlegs #gianttoes #pov #gigantic #macrophilia #roleplay

Don’t blow my high little one

Caption this!

When little one takes a photo for you 🤗

My friends have the prettiest feet ☺️

Savvy Feet Friends 👣👣👣

Happy hump day 💋

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