"Unfortunately for you, kids, I figured out your desperate scheme of shrinking yourselves just so you could sneak out of the house after being grounded. Now I have you in between my toes, right where you belong! You better start rubbing and kissing my perfect toes or I'll make you swim in my toe sweat in my heels all day at work!" Rachel said, as she watched her three sons, now speck-sized, stuck in between her gigantic toes.
Meanwhile, the three boys were absolutely horrified by this nightmare. They're scheme had backfired, and as a result, they were now tiny specks, in between their mother's ginormous mountain-sized toes. "Mom please, we're sorry! We'll do anything, just make us normal sized again!" The poor kids desperately shouted, as they begged for mercy from their goddess-like mother.
It was too late, Rachel wasn't going to back down. She felt incredibly strong and powerful, having her own sons, as tiny specks between her sweaty toes. She was a goddess to them. "If I wasn't clear enough, I'm going to repeat myself. Drop to your knees, and start kissing my beautiful toes. On second thought, if you don't start worshipping my toes, I'm going to turn you both into toejam. Deal?" Rachel boomed, sending shivers down the spines of her children. The three 12 year old kids accepted the humiliation, and started kissing their mother's gigantic toes. "Now that's more like it. Good job you guys. Maybe I can keep you as my personal foot slaves. You'll be perfect"
The three boys continued to worship Rachel's sexy toes, soon realizing that this was their new life.
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Long and sweat workout done. Who wants a whiff?

"What are you looking at? He's my toy and I can do whatever I want with him!"
"But Cameron, you are killing him!"
"I know. So what?"
"Why are you doing that?"
"Since when whatever the fuck I do is anything of your business? You're just my neighbour"
"I-I just want to understand... Well at least can't you kill him quickly? His screams are creepy!"
"No. He deserves to die in this atrocious way. He offended me"
"Did he offended you so much to deserve this torture?"
"Yes! I wanted to play with him and he wasn't even able to have a decent erection in front of me! And he justified himself saying 'You're not 20 anymore Cameron'. Did I become an ugly and old bitch? Tell me!"
"Oh Cameron, I'm sorry. Anyone who doesn't appriciate your beauty deserves what are you doing. You're still hotter than hell."
"Thankyou! I'm happy to hear that I'm not a caryatid"
"To be honest Cameron, I would do anything to be your next living doll"
"Francis, we've been neighbours for years. Why didn't you ever tell me?"
"Because I never found the courage"
"Well, better late than never! Let me finish this stupid son of a bitch, then you're going to meet my shrinking ray and start a new life"
Cameron's glance to her neighbour, who finally was able to declare himself to her, was the mirror of her feelings. A woman reassured about her beauty after being mistreated by a man so stupid to waste the huge privilege to be her toy. Luckily for Cameron, she wasn't  going to remain alone even for a minute.
Author unknown
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The tiny life is the best life with the right Goddess to worship and being smothered by her giant stocking toes #giantess #stockingtoes #Goddess #Giantess #Giantessfeet

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