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Captured on a rainy day: Partially uncovered #ghostsignsTexas #multipleghostsigns in Van Alstyne (pop. ~3,000). On the right, I can make out an ad for Selz Shoes -- $3.50! -- with what might be remnants of a faint Coca-Cola ghost painted over part of it. To the left of this, the remains of at least two other ghost signs can be seen. Selz Shoes wall ads are old -- Illinois-based Selz went out of business in 1929 -- and are pretty rare in Texas; I know of only one other Selz ad that exists in Texas. Fun fact: I lived about a mile from the Selz shoe factory (in Chicago's northwest suburbs) and know the family who owned the building from the 1950s-1990. (The building's since been converted to lofts.) Special note to those of you who have posted and/or continue to post items in the #GHOSTSIGN-tagged group: It's great to see what keeps getting added to the group! I (@mollyblock) hope to get back into the habit of regularly checking out the photos tagged with the #ghostsign tag! ❤

"Beaumont's Foremost Store" . . . (no more). #Ghostsign painted on the side of a long-vacant-but-beautiful historic building in downtown Beaumont, Texas. Note: In editing this photo, I might've fiddled with EVERY option in IG's new editing toolbox! 😁 The editing options seem similar to those in the Snapseed app, no?

The bottom #ghostsign says "Duncan's Admiration 100% Pure High Grade Coffee. The Cup of Southern Hospitality." (Admiration was an early brand of Duncan Coffee Co., which was founded in Houston in 1918 and later sold to the Coca-Cola Company.) Above that, near the top of the wall, the words "three flavors" were a part of the tagline "One quality -- three flavors" used in the 1920s to advertise Karo Syrup. What this wall also says (in my opinion) is that whoever demolished the formerly attached building didn't feel the need to remove all the plaster, which is a bummer for us #vintagesign #signgeeks! (So, do any of you have a really tall ladder we can borrow for a day or so?! I'll bring a hammer, chisel, and brushes . . . and beer!) #ghostsignsTexas #multipleghostsigns (Location: Downtown Port Arthur, Texas.)

In a narrow alley in downtown Palestine, Texas: Love old Dr. Pepper signs such as this one with the word "Dr." still spelled with a period. {#ghostsign #ghostsigns}

More traveling = more spotting of #ghostsignsTexas (I know, not a big surprise to many of you 😊): Here, old Firestone signage was exposed when a dilapidated, attached building was demolished. And now this vacant building's roof has collapsed, increasing the likelihood that this still-standing building will be demolished [which, apparently, has been the fate of several old buildings here in (pretty vacant) downtown Port Arthur, Texas]. #ghostsign #multipleghostsigns #Hipstamatic #pureHipstamatic

It's been sooooo long since I last posted a photo of a ghost sign that I let the third anniversary of the launch of the #ghostsign tag on IG slip by without acknowledging it. So, without further ado, I hereby give props to all ya'll reading this who have included the ghostsign tag on your shots of #ghostsigns!! (Also, apologies -- I haven't glanced at what's been tagged with the #ghostsign tag in ages.) About this #ghostsignsTexas Beech-Nut shot: It was taken in the rain last Sunday, April 6, in Anna, Texas. Fun fact: In the early 1900s, Beech-Nut brand bacon was sold in glass jars. Also: This building dates back to the 1890s, per info on the @TxHistComm historical marker that's visible on the left. (For the full marker inscription, read comment that follows below.)

Long-vacant -- in Thornton, Texas (pop. 530). #pureHipstamatic

I drove home this week on Texas Highway 14 which, in a 70-mile stretch, passes through seven small towns. A short detour from one of the towns leads to Coolidge, Texas (pop. 963), where this long "FURNITURE UNDERTAKER" ghost sign can be seen from the main street. (Well, pretty much the word "FURNITURE" is visible; too many vines, debris, and other things obscure both the word "UNDERTAKER" and other letters on the top part of the wall.) Have you ever seen a sign or anything else that advertises a "furniture undertaker"? I must say this is my first. Stay tuned for shots from the towns of Kosse, Thornton, and more. To see a ghost sign photo I've already posted from the town of Bremond, check out the @ghostsigns account.

This #ghostsign was found while I was downtown last weekend. I can't imagine renting a room for $1!

In the cold rain, in Bremond, Texas (pop. 936): #Ghostsign -- one of two #ghostsigns, actually -- for Wayne Feeds (founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1916). On the side of an abandoned feed mill and store, facing railroad tracks.

On Facebook, when my long-time (but not old!) friend from middle school, @angelacdickerson, wished me a happy birthday, she added how fitting it was that she'd just seen a ghost sign painted on a barn in Goliad, Texas. I mentioned that if the sign advertised something other than "Grand Prize Beer," she needed to let me know what it was. Turns out, Angela had indeed spotted this Grand Prize Beer -- "Texas' largest seller" -- sign . . . which reminded me of the photos, including this one, from May 2013 on my iPhone's camera roll. The little I've read about Grand Prize mentions its heyday was the late 1940s, which is when the tagline "Texas' largest seller" appears to have been used. Houston-based Gulf Brewing Company, owned by business tycoon Howard Hughes, produced Grand Prize from the 1930s-1960s. 🍻 #GoliadTX #latergram #ghostsignsTexas

REMINDER: If you haven't already voted on the #ghostsign photos to be featured in a calendar of #ghostsigns from around the world, you can still do so this week . . . just click on the Facebook link in my IG profile above ⬆, and add your "likes" to your favorite photos in the album on the Ghostsigns FB page. Easy! 👍😊 Pictured: One of my (@mollyblock) fave Texas ghost sign photos. ❤

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