On the hunt for Wild Saprophytes!! 🌲🍄✨👀
These are some of my most favourite types of plants as they don’t produce their own chlorophyll, instead they tap into the mycelial plant connection and live off the excess produced through the exchange.
I like to think of them as forest nervines that support the whole ecosystem with a gentle anti-inflammatory and grounding effect to the communication and information systems of the forests they grow in.
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Ghost Pipe tincture in the making. The ethereal, white creature hides a deep purple-black secret inside. Symbolic of the medicine it holds, helping us through the shadow worlds inside and outside of ourselves. This earth holds so much magic ✨💙✨. .
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Monotropa Uniflora, more commonly known as Ghost Pipe, Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe, or Corpse Plant is a rare but very powerful plant ally to meet in the forest. It's medicines help with pain and trauma through use of it's vibrant purple tincture. In folklore it's been used in witches ointments and potions for aid in spirit flight due to its slight mind altering properties. This plant is sacred to faery spirits and should be given the utmost respect.
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Feelin so high like I can fly 🦋 @highfalls in Brevard, NC Our first of three waterfalls for the day where we luckily found some ghost pipe along the moist soil 😍🍄Thereafter we hiked up to bridal veil falls for a serene lunch & a refreshing foot bath 🤤After a full day of hiking then getting rained out, these boys def deserved a fresh glass of beer @sierranevada to accessorize their new matching tees 👬😄 #bestday#bestfathersdayever#baddads#ghostpipe#highfalls#bridalveilfalls#brevard#brevardcounty#brevardnc#hiking#hikingadventures#nature#naturephotography#waterfalls#waterfall#naturenurtures

Monotropa uniflora - a magical forest floor family member. Keep your eyes open and you might be blessed. (The following is a poem I wrote three years ago)

Through forest floor leaves at the base of the Oak. Epi-parasitic root mass nestled tight brings fourth. Fairy Smoke. Rising. Lengthening in friendly clusters. A deep bow in gratitude Pollen bright yellow hidden treasure inside Delicate white wax An alabaster beauty Black Ghosts for flowers so white

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Ghost pipe flower. I was very excited to spot this the other day because it's been years since I've seen the flower. I always seem to miss it and catch the seedpod stage.

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A hedge witch's dream deck.... 🍃 Beautiful new oracle cards from Siolo Thompson, the creator of the Linestrider Tarot, just in time for Summer Solstice🌞 . The Hedgewitch oracle deck sheds new light on both rare and common plants. How can Lady's Mantle not be magical and Ghost Pipe not harbor a hint of mystery? The guidebook explains both the oracle meanings and the traditional uses of the herbs.

Ghost Plant
A concept drawing for the painting that I started at CoSM earlier this month 🖤
--Graphite, white colored pencil, and white marker--
Send me a message if you're interested in owning this drawing.

The elusive Ghost Pipe. Or officially the Monotropa uniflora. Found in the damp and as one of my good friends said - dank woods of NC. #nofilter #nc #ghostplant #indianpipe #ghostpipe #Monotropauniflora #weirdplants #blackmountainnc

#monotropauniflora (#ghostpipe) sighting for the first time of the year. This plant is unique since it doesn't do photosynthesis and works in symbiosis with the mycorrhizal network underneath.

Still riding the high of finding a bucket list plant today! (I literally gasped and fell over a log when I saw it) Monotropa uniflora aka “ghost plant” is an herbaceous plant that lacks any chlorophyll, so it must parasitize other plants to survive. Usually they get their energy from surrounding trees through an intermediate mycorrhizal fungi in their root systems! Ok I’ll shut up now bye #ghostplant #ghostpipe

Good morning, peeps! How are you?! Here's the dill, pickles: I'm going on vacation with the fam tomorrow and won't be home till Monday. So, this will be the last reading until I get back (that's why I pulled three 💜) .

I V of C U P S

meh. i don't want it. i don't care. it didn't work the last time. why would anything be different now? because the difference now, is you. your approach .

let me explain .

this time, you are going to delve deep and really do some soul searching. you're going to go back to the well within yourself and see that there's a little rock you hadn't noticed before embedded in the ground. you're going to pick it up and look underneath to find your strength, your intuition, your magic, your grace, your mystery. then you're going to rise back to the surface and give no fucks because you know who you are and what you really want now .

you are going to live, eat, breathe, and share yourself. the unapologetic, completely whole, you. and the outcome will be different. you'll want to take that fourth cup and drink deeeeeeeeeeep. go on, try. I'll be here cheering you on.

This fascinating plant (Monotropa uniflora) is definitely one of nature’s weird wonders. Because it has no chlorophyll and doesn’t depend on photosynthesis, this ghostly white plant is able to grow in the darkest of forests. Many people refer to this strange plant as Indian pipe fungus, but it is not a fungus at all – it just looks like one. It is actually a flowering plant, and believe it or not, it is a member of the blueberry family.
Emily Dickenson had a fascination and love for this plant and once wrote about its allure in a letter-
“That without suspecting it you should send me the preferred flower of life, seems almost supernatural… I still cherish the clutch with which I bore it from the ground when a wondering child, and unearthly booty, and maturity only enhances the mystery, never decreases it.” -Emily Dickenson
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Had the pleasure of meeting #ghostpipe for the first time yesterday 😍 #unitedplantsavers #endangeredplants #wellspringmountain #eclecticschoolofherbalmedicine

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