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Overwatch is killing my hands haha ! Do some of you guys play ps4 games? ..
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Day 1 of billy appreciation month and i want to say the resason why i like billy :
1= he's really sweet 💓🍬
2= he's funny and weird i love that 😂😋
3= he makes me feel confident in my self 😋😌
4= he really doesnt care what any hater thinks ✌👊
December 1, 2016 #billyappreiationmonth #ghostadventure #paranormal #ghost #billy 💜😋😘

Tabi tabi po mumu, makiki upo lang po. 😱🙊 #creepy #ghostadventure #weekendgetaway #Baguio

✨new chapter✨Part 46 ✨👻
Two weeks have passed and Zak and you have told the boys about everything. It is past all the agony and the pain. Aaron has also caught up again. He was disturbed about the secrets and the fight that you and Zak alone keep it without the force of the family. You talked a lot with him and became good friends. Now is a new episode of Ghost Adventures and already in two days they leave for a month. You would like to accompany everyone. You've been feeling something different since the last weeks of darkness and without knowledge about the scars deep in ourselves. These journeys into these worlds have made you into something. You can build a union with the spiritual world. You feel the feelings of others and you can interact. That's why you could find the wire to Aaron again. It needed a lot of fingertip feeling he had locked himself against you and did not know how to understand this would be to end. the fear and carryness about Zak let him locked up in his own trouble of feelings. the feeling his brother...his best friend to loose from this firestorm of up and downs. he saw you both happy at the time and suddenly a second later the worse fight and pain in this Family of calmness and funnyness. You told Zak about your new gifts. He was surprised because he could feel it. The union between you has grown. You still have this band that will give you the others feelings and pieces of visions and thoughts. it is sometimes strange to feel all these things. it is a wave of cold and warm chills trough your body. but you learn fast and can take it all of this little pieces of stardust, between these worlds. Tonight is a meal with the whole crew to discuss everything there is still to clarify for the trip. You do not know how to react to the others when you want to go with on tour. You hope that they are see that you are an enrichment and not a danger. you stay at Zak home. He is on the way back from the gym. the warm evening in vegas has taken you to a calm swim in the pool. After a few rounds in the beautiful water you go to take shower. You will be ready when Zak is back.
(To be continued👻)
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Hopefully this will be our next destination👻#bucketlist#ghostadventure#haunted#paranormal

QOTD: What is your favorite color?
AOTD: I love blue and black
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All New Episode #GhostAdventure
The Old Tooele Hospital Asylum 49
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Getting my spooky on #ghostadventure

My entry into #zakscastingcall for #ghostadventures @ghost__adventures. Lol! On a serious note, those who know me have seen my strong sensitivity to the paranormal. 👻 As an "#empath", I can literally "feel" ALL of the energy around me. 😀😬🤔😟😣 Many people see this as a bad thing, but it honestly helps me understand how to approach and engage with others, when to avoid certain environments, and how to direct different social situations. I have a good grasp of control over it, but it can still be super overwhelming at times.
Would love to get on and put it to the test with the crew! 🎬 Hope you will see me on the show! #aarongoodwin @aarongoodwin #zakbagans @realzakbagans 🤘🤘 _______________________________________________#ghostadventure #travelchannel

*perdón por no estar subiendo fotos,es que con mis estudios he estado un poco ocuapada,espero que me entiendan*

stress reliever foodtrip while watching @__zak.bagans

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