Day 32. What is Your Resolution for Tomorrow?

______________________________________________ Here is a string of confusing words that you may need to read twice to get what I’m trying to say. Have you ever gone to sleep with great plans in your head and then the next night gone to sleep sighing over the plans you planned out the previous night not been implemented? Me.. Been there, done that. Actually I’m still there, doing that.

______________________________________________ I have numerous to-do lists that intrinsically detail out my next day hourly schedules; AKA future broken promises to self. Even though I sometimes know in my subconscious mind (can we know thus? I’m not sure, but you get the gist) that I won’t be following my self-prescribed regime, it still feels good to have a clear resolution for the future. It feels like I already accomplished half of it, because I have a solid plan in my hands; Plan being a loose term.

______________________________________________ So what is my resolution for tomorrow? A few days ago, my cousin asked me what am I currently reading. I said, “Nothing, even though I have bought loads of books.” That answer made me feel very bad inside.. So I resolute to push myself and hopefully mount back to book-reading habit again. Books are meant to be read, aren’t they? Not to be put in the shelves… collecting dust.. (So are cooking utensils, but let’s not go there, that’s a lost cause.) Will I succeed in fulfilling my new resolution? I hope so. I hope I’ll finish reading a couple of books in the next few weeks.

______________________________________________ Or. Maybe I won’t…? God knows. But you know, we don’t need to beat ourselves up for not keeping up with our propositions. Maybe life is not always about carrying out all the plans.. Sometimes, its about the canceled ones which might have boomeranged and backfired us in a less than good way. Sometimes life’s course is meant to brush over the unused dishes and half-abandoned novellas: Rather like our unfinished chapters, incomplete closures, mid-torn relationships and unattainable goals. *rest in comment below*

We congratulate Ebony Reigns for a well deserved win last night at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards-VGMA and hope that her death has touch the Nation with the circumstance that should inspire a change in our Road Safety behaviour and Strategy. #ebonyreigns #saveghanalives #ghana #ghanafood #ghanafashion #vgma2018 #vgmas #ghanamusic #ghanaian #ghanagirls #ghanastyles #ghanamustgo #accraghana #ghanasafety #ghanatotheworld

These feet will go places
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‘an odd emptiness, weightlessness, as if she were floating, as if for a moment she’d ceased to exist: some new sort of sadness, part grief, part compassion, a helium sadness, too airless to bear. In the future, in adulthood, when she feels this same airlessness, when she feels her very being rushing out of her like breath, she’ll long to touch and be touched, to make contact (and will, with an assortment of consequences). This longing, like most things, was innocent at birth, taking root in her hands and her fluttering heart: the urge to touch, to kiss his feet, to kiss-and-make-them better. Put her father back together. But she didn’t know how.’

At the end of this term, I taught Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi, a novel about a Ghanaian-Nigerian family in America, which begins with the estranged father’s sudden death and then works backwards to make sense of it and the ways in which each of his four children and their mother, his former wife, have struggled with loss. For me, one of its most powerful messages was the ways in which the lives of immigrants, no matter how successful or financially stable they become, can always feel provisional. Added to this, Selasi does a brilliant job of reflecting on - and interrogating - identity and how it gets complicated by competing notions of belonging.
I truly loved this novel. The characters, all of them flawed and complicated in their own ways, felt believable; the narrative is so well structured, allowing the story to unfold at the right pace; the writing is superb. I can imagine that some people might find it too dense or lyrical, but for me it was the best kind of literary writing, so perfectly weighted with meaning and feeling. Take the quote above - I could read it again and again.
This is exactly my kind of novel; ambitious and powerful and with an ending that made me weep and go straight back to the beginning to reread its opening chapters.
Who else has read it? What did you think? I’m very keen to hear from others!
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Happy Friday!! This is My weekend read...squeezing this one among my other two current reads which are each around 1000 pages...feeling the need for a short break from those to savor a short , engaging read...this fits the bill. #fridayreads #weekendreads #readoutside #gettingmysunon #bookstagram #readingaroundtheworld #ghana #ghanamustgo #taiyeselasi #booklover #femaleauthors #womensupportingwomen @taiye.entirely

Love all the way from the USA 🇺🇸 #GhanaMustGo @tillatafari #International #TillaTafari

🇮🇹 “In seguito gli sarebbe capitato di vederli ancora, in America, perlopiú al pronto soccorso, perché è lì che vanno a morire gli undicenni: gli occhi calmi di un bambino che ha vissuto nell’indigenza ed è morto nell’indigenza e lo sa, un bambino che accetta questo dato di fatto e allo stesso tempo lo sfida. Non con l’istruzione, quella che lui considerava la migliore forma di sfida. Non con la cecità, quella cecità che fino a quel momento lui aveva attribuito a sua sorella. Ma con la stessa medesima noncuranza che il mondo aveva riservato a lei, e a lui, e a tutti i bambini poveri. La stessa indifferenza” #labellezzadellecosefragili #taiyeselasi
Oggi mi sono chiesta di quanta indifferenza io sia responsabile in questo mondo occidentale e che ci sto a fare qui se non per fare qualcosa di buono.
📖90:10-17 “Non gli abbiamo indicato le due vie? Segua dunque la via ascendente. E chi ti farà comprendere cos'è la via ascendente? È riscattare uno schiavo, o nutrire, in un giorno di carestia,un parente orfano o un povero prostrato [dalla miseria], ed essere tra coloro che credono e vicendevolmente si invitano alla costanza e vicendevolmente si invitano alla misericordia.” 🇬🇧There’s a passage in the beginning chapters of #ghanamustgo by #taiyeselasi that describes the way children from equatorial countries have to smile in front of the indifference of the world. I started questioning my share of indifference and wondering what I am here to do in this world if not doing good.
📖90:10-17 “And have shown him the two ways? But he has not broken through the difficult pass. And what can make you know what is the difficult pass? It is the freeing of a slave or feeding on a day of severe hunger, an orphan of near relationship, or a needy person in misery.
And then being among those who believed and advised one another to patience and advised one another to compassion”

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That excitement when u hear INEC has confirm accreditation of Mami water's from the south, that they will also be voting in the 2019 general election since cows from North has been accredited... Omo I can't wait to know how many Mami Water's we have in the South.

And the report reaching me also said the Mami water's said Kano state will not be the last to present voting results next year but that Delta and Bayelsa will come last next year because of the population in the marine world.

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‘Ghana must go’ bag @tkmaxx and guess the price?? 🤔 12.99£ 🤨
They just sewed a plastic bag around it and rebranded it.
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Our Author of the week is @taiyeselasi
She writes fiction and short stories, her book, Ghana must go is a must read!
Selasi was included on Granta's prestigious 'Best Young Novelists" list in 2013.
Source: //literature.britishcouncil.org/writer/taiye-selasi
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“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen
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Taiye Selasi. Ghana Must Go. Book Cover Illustration for Slovenian translation of the Selasi's book for Festival Literature sveta - Fabula by @beletrina. @jstritar @instastritar @biropikto

The first time @elliotkarikari and I were returning from Uncle @kofisetordzi's we kinda missed our way but I doubt we'll ever lose our way to the house.

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