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They arrived at the airport so soon. They were shouting out his name, but nobody answered. Young gathered monggles at once. “Maybe he is still on departure formalities. But I cannot pass through the gate. Guys can you please sneak through the gate and look for him?”, said Young. “Of course, we can!”, said the monggles. Monggles silently sneaked through the gate, and searched for him. Sooner or later they found him, but he was just passing his boarding ticket to a crew. It was just about time that he boarded the plane!

그들은 공항에 일찍 도착했어요. 그의 이름을 소리쳤지만 아무도 대답하지 않았어요. 영이는 몽글이들을 모았어요. “어쩌면 아직 출국 수속 중일지 몰라. 나는 게이트를 통과 못해. 얘들아 몰래 게이트 지나서 들어가서 그를 좀 찾아볼래?”, 영이가 말했어요. “당연히 할 수 있지!”, 몽글이들이 말했어요. 몽글이들은 조용히 게이트를 지나 그를 찾아봤어요. 곧 그를 찾았지만 그는 직원에게 비행기표를 넘기고 있었어요. 비행기를 타려는 순간이었어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

She got in her car, and started it. Monggles quickly got in her car, too. She drove as fast as she can, heading to the airport. It was so fast that the car almost flew above the highway, but she never stopped. 그녀는 차에 타고 시동을 걸었어요. 몽글이들도 서둘러 차에 탔어요. 그녀는 최대한 빠르게 운전하며 공항으로 향했어요. 너무나 빨라서 거의 고속도로 위를 날으는 듯 했지만, 그녀는 멈추지 않았어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

Four monggles ran into Young’s office and Green monggle shouted. “Young! Listen to me. We met, no we saw him! And he said, he said.......” “No matter what...... it is over.”, said Young. “He said that he’ve always wanted to meet you!”, said Red monggle. “What? Really? Did he?”, said Young pointing at Green monggle. “By the way, what are those, you holding?” “Ah, I don’t know. I was just holding when I was looking for him, and the guard just shouted at us, and......”, said Green monggle. “You shouldn’t have taken other person’s property. Anyway, let me see that.”, said Young. Green monggle gave her those envelops. Young unwrapped those and started to read them. After for a while, she started to drop tears. Monggles climbed up to Young’s shoulder, and asked her. “Why? What’s wrong?” “Those are letters to me. He’ve sent so many letters to me, but all returned. My company or his company rejected them. There was no way to contact me, since I became famous when I was a child. So he studied and worked hard to be a famous writer, that he would have been at a position similar to mine. He said that he wanted to talk to me and tell me that he’ve always missed me, but competition between both companies ruined it. They had sent many spies and cheated so much that made him misunderstood me. He thinks that I regard him as an absolute rival! But, I’m not!”, said Young. “Ugh, Young?”, Red monggle interrupted. “What!” “He left his room right away, saying that he is so disappointed and leaving this country. Maybe.....” “We should hurry!”, Young shouted and ran out of the room. Monggles followed her.

“I cannot stand it. Why do they keep doing it?”, said the writer. “Of course, competition.”, said the guard. “Some of our people are spying in theirs, too.” “Even our company does that, too? Ugh. Why...... You don’t understand.”, the writer. “Maybe the ‘Han Young’ sends them to us. To spoil your stories, and win the ‘best seller’. “, said the guard. “No way. I don’t get it. I don’t!”, said the writer, and he went into his room. Monggles silently followed him. He suddenly, started to pack his luggage. “Young. Why do you keep doing it...... I just wanted to meet you...... but...... I can’t stand it, any more. I’m gonna leave this country!”, he mumbled. He went out of his room so fast, that monggles couldn’t follow him. “Where is he going?”, asked Yellow monggle. “Don’t know. Though, he said that he wanted to meet her. We should get back to Young right now!”, said Green monggle. “견딜 수가 없네요. 왜 자꾸 이러는 거죠?”, 작가가 말했어요. “당연히 경쟁이죠.”, 경비원이 말했어요. “우리쪽에서도 거기 몇 염탐하고 있어요.” “우리 회사도 그래요? 으. 왜...... 이해가 안돼요.”, 작가가 말했어요. “어쩌면 그 ‘한영’이 보냈겠죠. 선생님 이야기를 미리 풀어서, 베스트 셀러가 되려는 것.”, 경비원이 말했어요. “아니야. 이해가 안돼. 안돼!”, 라고 말하고 작가는 방으로 들어갔어요. 몽글이들은 조용히 그를 따라갔어요. 그는 갑자기 짐을 싸기 시작했어요. “영아. 왜 계속 그러는 거니...... 난 널 만나고 싶었을 뿐인데......하지만...... 이제 더는 모르겠어. 이 나라를 떠나야지!”, 그는 혼잣말을 했어요. 방을 너무나 빠르게 나가서 몽글이들은 따라갈 수가 없었어요. “어디가는 거지?”, 노랑 몽글이가 물었어요. “몰라. 그래도 그녀를 만나고 싶다고 말했어. 어서 영이에게 가야해!”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요.
#몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“What the hell! Not again!”, he shouted. “Alert! Alert! Some mongmong spy robots are here again. I need some back-up!” He swished his club toward them. Monggles were so scared, and started to run away from him. He followed them, keeping swinging his club. “You stupid robots! Come here!”, he shouted. Monggles hid behind a corner. Green monggle was holding some envelops. Yellow monggle asked silently. “What are those?” “I don’t know. I was just holding these at his room, when the guard came!”, said Green monggle. Then, they heard another voice. It was voice of a man. Red monggle stole a glance of whom, and it was him, Young’s first love! “What is wrong sir?”, he asked the guard. “Oh, sir. Mongmong spy robots were hanging around here. I’ve destroyed one. But they are sending more and more spies.”, the guard answered pointing at a broken mongmong-robot. “망할! 또구만!”, 그가 소리쳤어요. “비상! 비상! 몽몽이 스파이로봇이 다시 출몰했다. 지원바람!” 그는 몽둥이응 휘둘렀어요. 몽글이들은 너무 무서워서 도망가기 시작했어요. 그가 몽둥이를 휘두르며 쫓아왔어요. “멍청한 로봇들아! 이리 와라!”, 그가 소리쳤어요. 몽글이들은 모서리 뒤에 숨었어요. 초록 몽글이는 봉투 몇개를 들고 있었어요. 노랑 몽글이가 조용히 물었어요. “그건 뭐야?” “몰라. 그 방에서 경비가 왔을 때 들고 있었어.”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. 그 때 다른 목소리가 들렸어요. 남자 목소리였어요. 빨강 몽글이가 누군지 슬쩍 봤는데 그였어요. 영이의 첫사랑! “무슨 일이시죠?”, 그가 경비원에게 물었어요. “아, 네. 몽몽이 스파이 로봇이 돌아다니더군요. 하난 잡았어요. 그런데 점점 더 보내는 것 같아요.”, 경비원이 부서진 몽몽이 로봇을 가리키며 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“We should do something.”, said Red monggle. “But its to high to help him.”, said Blue monggle. “We should do something we can do on the ground.”, said Green monggle. “How’bout talking to the writer?”, said Yellow monggle. “What? At this urgent moment?”, said Green monggle. “If love of human keep gurumii stronger, getting Young’s love could be helpful.”, said Yellow said. “Hmm..... That makes sense, but we should hurry. Let’s remind him of their young memory, and check his mind.”, said Green monggle. “Let’s go to his office.” They went into the building of his company. (Young had showed them his office during the city tour.) There were many guards along the passage. Monggles had been sneaking into many rooms, and finally arrived at a room with his pictures.
But he was not there. Monggles were so disappointed. They looked for him everywhere, even behind the wall, under the desk, but he was not there. They gave up and were leaving the room. Then, a guard was right in front of them. “뭐라도 해야 해.”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “하지만 돕기엔 너무 높은 걸.”, 파랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “땅에서 할 수 있는 걸 해야지.”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “그 작가한테 말해보는 건 어때?”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “뭐? 이 급한 순간에?”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “인간의 사랑이 구루미를 강하게 한다면, 영이의 사랑을 얻는 것도 도움이 될거야.”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “흠...... 말이 되긴 하네. 그러면 서둘러야 해. 어린 시절을 떠올리게 하고 그의 마음을 알아보자. “, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “그 사람 방으로 가자.” 그들은 그 사람 회사 빌딩으로 들어갔어요. (도시투어 때 영이가 보여줬어요.) 복도에는 경비가 많이 있었어요. 몽글이들은 여러 방에 몰래 들어가봤고 결국 그의 사진이 있는 방에 도착했어요. 그러나 그는 거기 없었어요. 몽글이들은 너무나 실망했어요. 그가 어디있는지, 벽 뒤나 책상 밑에도 찾아봤지만 그가 없었어요. 그들은 포기하고 방을 떠나고 있었어요. 그 때 한 경비원이 그들 바로 앞에 있었어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

Four monggles walked out of the building. They walked through the city, and arrived at a park. They lay back on the grass and looked up in the sky. “Human world also is in lots of trouble. How could we save our ggumy land, through human race?”, Yellow monggle said, sighing. “Wait, look at that!” Yellow monggle pointed up in the sky. Other monggles stared at the sky, and the last gurumii was running away from muk-gurumii. 네 몽글이는 빌딩 밖으로 나왔어요. 도시를 지나 공원까지 걸어왔어요. 그들은 잔디에 누워 하늘을 봤어요. “인간 세계도 문제가 많네. 어떻게 인류를 통해 우리 꾸미동산을 구할 수 있지?”, 노랑 몽글이가 한숨쉬며 말했어요. “잠깐, 저거봐!” 노랑 몽글이가 하늘 위를 가리켰어요. 다른 몽글이들이 하늘을 쳐다보니, 마지막 구루미가 먹구루미로부터 도망치고 있었어요.
#몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

Young and monggles came back to Young’s office. Nobody said anything for a while. “His eyes said something. Something that not so happy when he saw me.”, said Young. “This is what I worried about, guys.” “But, just his eyes or face can not express all the emotions. Maybe......”, said Yellow monggle. “Just stop!”, said Young. “Leave me alone. Either talking to him or just even passing by him was a terrible idea. You should’ve not remind me of him. Just go away......” Fou

영이와 몽글이는 영이 사무실에 돌아왔어요. 한동안 아무도 아무말도 하지 않았어요. “그의 눈빛이 말하고 있었어. 날 봤을 때 유쾌하지만은 않은 무언가.”, 영이가 말했어요. “이게 내가 걱정했던 거야 얘들아.” “얼굴이나 눈빛이 모든 감정을 표현하진 않잖아. 어쩌면......”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “그만 둬! 날 내버려둬. 그에게 말을 건다거나 심지어 지나치는 것 조차 최악늬 생각이었어. 그를 떠올리게 하지 말았어야 했어. 그냥 가버려......”. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“Well. I think you should call him, and have a date, or at least a short talk.”, said Red monggle. “But if he just thinks me as a rival, and if he doesn’t like me anymore, it’ll be a catastrophe to me. I’m scared.”, said Young. “By the way, why are you back to me?” “Oh, the disaster in ggumy land did not end yet. All monggles are free now, maybe thanks to your fairytale, but still muk-gurumii is destroying our home.”, said Red monggle. “We figured out that love all over human race is necessary for us. Maybe you can help us.” “Hmm. Even I couldn’t achieve my own love, yet. How could I help you to bring love all over the human race?”, said Young, sadly. “I think we should go out, and take a walk.”, said Yellow monggle. “We all need ventilation now.” Young and monggles walked out of the building. Young showed and explained all things about cities and human lives. It was very fun time, and they all felt very relieved. Meanwhile, suddenly Young stopped walking. Monggles looked at her face. Her eyes were on one person. It was a man, the man on the newspaper. He was also looking at her, but he just passed so fast. Young couldn’t move a step, just staring at him. Even from a distance, he had sad eyes. “그럼. 내 생각에 그한테 연락해서 데이트하는 게 좋겠어, 적어도 짧은 대화라도.”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “그렇지만 그가 나를 라이벌로만 생각하고 더이상 좋아하지 않는다면 재앙일거야. 무서워.”, 영이가 말했어요. “그나저나 왜 돌아오게 된 거야?” “아, 꾸미동산의 재앙이 아직 끝나지 않았어. 어쩌면 네 동화 덕에 우리 몽글이들은 자유가 되었지만, 아직 먹구루미들이 우리 동네를 파괴하고 있거든.”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “우리한텐 모든 인간들의 사랑이 필요하다는 걸 알게 됐어. 어쩌면 너가 우릴 도울 수 있을까 싶어서.” “흠. 나조차 내 사랑을 쟁취하지 못하는 걸. 내가 어찌 전 인류가 사랑을 하게 도울 수 있겠니?”, 영이가 슬퍼하며 말했어요. “우리 나가서 좀 걷는게 좋겠어.”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “우리다 환기가 필요하겠어.” 영이와 몽글이들은 건물 밖으로 나갔어요. 영이는 도시와 인간들의 삶에 대해 보여주며 설명했어요. 매우 즐거운 시간이었고 마음이 후련해졌어요. 그러던 중, 갑자기 영이가 걸음을 멈췄어요. 몽글이들이 그녀의 얼굴을 봤어요. 영이 시선은 한 사람에게 있었어요. 한 남자, 신문 속의 그 남자였어요. 그도 영이를 봤지만, 빠르게 지나갔어요. 영이는 그를 바라볼 뿐 걸음을 옮기지 못했어요. 멀리서보도, 그의 눈빛은 슬펐어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“It sounds like you love him!”, said Yellow monggle. “No way! I just miss our friendship. Perhaps it is the last beautiful memory of mine. It was like, I mean, even I was young, I knew what happiness was.”, said Young, closing her eyes. Her face looked so calm, not like when she was talking to her co-workers. Young also felt the most peaceful times, when talking about her old friend. The only problem is that, they have not talked to each other for so long time. “Young likes him, but he is Young’s rival. What is his mind? I’m so curious. If he thinks you as an old friend, why does he try to win you? Does he remember you?”, said Green monggle. “I don’t know how he thinks about me. I’ve always wanted to talk to him, but I’ve got no time to meet him...... In fact, I have been a coward that I was afraid to call him.”, said Young. “너가 그 사람 사랑하는 것 같네!”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “전혀! 우리의 우정이 그리울 뿐이야. 아마도 그게 내 마지막 아름다운 기억이야. 그건 마치, 내 말은, 내가 어렸어도 행복이 뭔지 알았어.”, 영이가 눈을 감으며 말했어요. 다른 동료들과 얘기할 때와는 다르게 평온해 보였어요. 영이는 오랜 친구 얘기를 하면서 가장 평온한 시간을 느꼈어요. 문제는, 너무나 오랫동안 둘이 얘기를 하지 않았다는 거에요. “영이는 그를 좋아하고, 그렇지만 그는 영이 라이벌이고. 그는 어떤 마음일까? 궁금하네. 오랜 친구라고 생각하면 왜 이기려 할까? 너를 기억하니?”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “나에 대해 어떻게 생각하는지 모르겠어. 난 계속 대화하고 싶었는데, 시간이 없었어...... 사실, 겁쟁이라 그한테 연락하기가 무서웠어.”, 영이가 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“What is this?”, asked Blue monggle. “Newspaper.”, said Young. “What does it say? Who is this?”, Blue monggle asked. “Best seller. He is my rival.”, said Young. “Aren’t you the best seller writer?”, asked Red monggle. “This week, he is. In fact he was my old friend. Though he and I drifted apart after I’d become famous, I still miss him. But he became my rival when came back. All the people were crazy about making us compete. I never wanted to win him, whatever his mind was. I just want to go back to the past.”, said Young, in a sorrowful face. “To the past?”, asked Red monggle. “Yeah, like the past. There was nothing but only pure mind between us. I was Mom, and he was Dad when we were playing house. I used to tell him the first in the past, whenever there was a happy or sad event to me.“, said Young. “이건 뭐야?”, 파랑 몽글이가 물었어요. “신문이지.”, 영이가 말했어요. “여기에 뭐라고 써 있는 거야? 이 사람은 누군데?”, 파랑 몽글이가 물었어요. “베스트 셀러. 그 사람은 내 라이벌이야.”, 영이가 말했어요. “영아, 너가 베스트 셀러 아니었어?”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “이번주는 저 사람이래. 사실 저 사람은 내 오랜 친구였어. 내가 유명해지면서 거리가 멀어졌지만, 나는 계속 그리워하고 있었지. 그가 돌아왔을 땐 라이벌이 돼서 돌아왔어. 사람들은 나와 그를 비교하기 바빴고, 그가 어떤 마음인지 모르겠지만 난 이기려는 마음은 없었어. 오히려 예전처럼 돌아가고 싶은 걸.”, 영이가 슬픈 목소리로 말했어요. “예전처럼?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. “응, 예전처럼. 둘 사이에 아무것도 없이 순수한 마음만 있던 때처럼. 소꿉놀이할 때에면 엄마, 아빠 맡던 때처럼. 좋은 일, 슬픈 일 생기면 제일 먼저 달려가 말하던 때처럼.”, 영이가 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“As I get more famous and richer, more people envied me and flattered me. People who were so jealous about my achievement tried to devalue my work to the others. Some people were overly kind to me, but obviously with purpose to get monetary benefits. They turned back on me right after their works had finished. Those kinds of shallow relationship gave me a lesson, that I should be not so kind to the others, and look stronger to others to control them.”, said Young. “That’s why you didn’t listen to your co-workers.”, said Green monggle. “I did, but pretended not.”, said Young. “It is kind of stressful way of relationship, but it made my career more stable.” “How weird.”, said Yellow monggle. “How about being nice to others?” “I’d love to! But all the situations and relationships are like-, ugh, you don’t understand. It is not like ggumy land in the human society.”, said Young, sighing. “내가 유명해지고 부자가 될수록 사람들은 질투하고 아부했어. 내가 이룬 것이 질투를 느낀 사람들은 내 작품을 깎아내렸지. 어떤 사람들은 또 너무 친절한데, 사실은 금전적인 이익을 바라고 그러는게 명백했어. 일만 끝나면 내게 등을 돌렸지. 그런 얄팍한 인간 관계가 교훈을 줬어. 좀 친절하지 않고, 강해보여야 그들을 컨트롤 할 수 있다는 거야.”, 영이가 말했어요. “그래서 동료들 이야기를 듣지 않았구나.”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “들었어, 안듣는 척 했을뿐.”, 영이가 말했어요. “인간 관계에 있어서 짜증나는 방향이지만, 내 지위를 더 안정시켜주는 것 같아.” “이상해.”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “친절하게 해보면 좀 어떨까?” “나야 그러고 싶지! 그렇지만 모든 상황이나 관계가 막-. 으, 너희는 이해 못해. 인간 사회는 너희 꾸미동산 같지가 않다구.”, 영이가 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

The monggles rapidly followed her before she closed the door. She stood in front of huge windows and was watching the city view. Then, Red monggle climbed at the desk, and shouted. “Hey, Young! Is that you?” The woman turned around in a dazed face. She found Red monggle, and kneeled at the desk. “Red monggle, is that you?”, Young said. “It’s me! Young! What took you so long? It’s been about 20 years! I’ve been waiting for you whole of my life.” “How strange again. It’s been only about a few weeks in the ggumy land. I brought my friends, Yellow, Green, and Blue monggle.”, said Red monggle. “Hi, guys.”, said Young. “Ha, hi!!”, said the other monggles. “Umm, can you tell us what happened since our last meeting?”, asked Red monggle. “Oh, that is a long story, monggles. 20 years have passed!”, said Young. “I wrote my own fairy tales about your adventure, after you left me. I was young, but my stories were so popular among my friends. Not so long, I became a best seller writer, and many children became fan of my stories.” “Maybe that is how human kids got their purity back, and freed monggles from becoming rocks!”, said Green monggle. “Oh, really? Did my stories work that good way? But it is not all good in my life.”, said Young.
몽글이들은 그녀가 문닫기 전에 재빨리 따라갔어요. 그녀는 거대한 창문 앞에 서서 도시 전경을 바라보고 있었어요. 그 때 빨강 몽글이가 책상 위로 올라가 소리쳤어요. “어이, 영아! 너지?” 그녀는 얼빠진 얼굴로 뒤돌았어요. 빨강 몽글이을 찾고는 책상에 무릎 꿇었어요. “빨강 몽글이 너니?”, 그녀가 물었어요. “나야, 영이! 왜 이렇게 오래 걸렸어? 거의 20년이야! 평생 너를 기다렸다고.” “또 희한한 일이네. 꾸미 동산에선 고작 몇주였어. 내 친구들을 데려왔어. 노랑, 초록, 그리고 파랑 몽글이야.”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “안녕 얘들아.”, 영이가 말했어요. “아,안녕!!”, 몽글이들이 말했어요. “흠, 우리 지난번에 만나고 나서 무슨일이 있었는지 말해줄 수 있어?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. “오, 그건 얘기가 길어. 20년이나 지났잖아!”, 영이가 말했어요. “너가 날 떠난 후에 너희에 모험에 대한 동화를 썼어. 난 어렸지만, 친구들 사이에서 내 이야기가 인기가 아주 많았어. 머지 않아, 베스트 셀러가 돼서 많은 아이들이 내 이야기의 팬이 되었지.” “어쩌면 그래서 인간 어린이들이 순수함을 되찾고, 몽글이들이 바위에서 해방되었는지도 몰라!”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “아 정말? 내 이야기가 그렇게 좋은 일을 했단 말이야? 그렇지만 내 인생에선 그렇게 좋기만 하진 않았어.”, 영이가 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

The woman seemed so confident. Some people were following her, telling something. It seemed very important to them, but the woman was so busy to listen to them. The people struggled telling her their stories, but she vanished to her room so fast.
그 여인은 매우 자신감에 차 보였어요. 몇 사람은 뭔가를 말하며 뒤를 따라가고 있었어요. 그들에게는 중요해 보였지만, 그녀는 그걸 들어주기에 너무 바빠보였어요. 사람들은 자기 이야기를 하느라 쩔쩔맸지만 그녀는 재빨리 방으로 사라졌어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

It was a huge and luxurious building. So, shiny outside, the monggles were astonished, but all the human adults were just walking in and out of the building very busily. “Are you sure that we can meet Young in there?”, asked Green monggle. “Well, what else choice do we have?”, said Red monggle. “Let’s get in and look for her.” “Alright.”, said Green monggle. “You are the only one who knows her face, so-” “Speak of the devil!”, Red monggle interfered, pointing at a woman walking into the building. “The female human adult just looks like her!” “Then let’s follow her! Hurry!”, said Yellow monggle. The monggles ran into the building, following the woman. However, not only monggles were following her.
굉장히 화려한 빌딩이었어요. 어찌나 빛나던지 몽글이들은 놀라있었지만, 사람들은 그저 바쁘게 드나들뿐이었어요. “저기서 영이를 만날 수 있는 게 확실한 거야?”, 초록 몽글이가 물었어요. “흠, 다른 선택이 없잖아?”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “그래.”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “너만 얼굴을 아니까-“ “제말하면 온다더니!”, 빨강 몽글이가 빌딩으로 걸어가는 한 여인을 가리키며 끼어들었어요. “저 여자 인간 어른이 그렇게 생겼어!” “그럼 들어가자! 서둘러!”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. 몽글이는 그 여인을 따라 빌딩 안으로 들어갔어요. 그런데 몽글이들만 따라다니는 게 아니었어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“Yeap! She is my friend! Do you know where I can meet her?”, said Red monggle. “Wow! That’s awesome! I don’t know the exact address, but you may go to the city, and find a building with a statue of this doll.”, said the boy. “Go down straight. That’s the way to the city.” “Thanks! You are so kind!”, said Yellow monggle. “I thank you more!”, said the boy. “It’s really nice to meet you guys.” Saying bye to the boy, the monggles headed to the city. It was not so far. The city was quite dark and gray everywhere. There was no kid, but adult human were walking very busily. They were out of mood, with no smile. Though, all of those view were so curious to the monggles. Walking a few hours, they arrived at a building with a statue, which was so like the “mongmong”. “그럼! 내친구야! 어디서 만날 수 있을지 혹시 아니?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. “우와! 멋져! 정확한 주소는 모르겠지만, 도시로 가서 이 인형이랑 똑같이 생긴 동상이 있는 빌딩으로 가면 될거야!”, 남자애가 말했어요. “아래로 쭉 내려가. 도시로 가는 길이야.” “고마워! 정말 친절하구나!”, 노랑 몽글이가 말했어요. “내가 더 고맙지!” 남자애가 말했어요. “너희 만나서 정말 좋아!” 안녕이라고 말하며, 몽글이들은 도시로 향했어요. 그리 멀진 않았어요. 도시는 어디나 어둡고 회색빛이었어요. 아이는 없고, 어른 인간만이 바쁘게 걸어다니고 있었어요. 웃음도 없고, 감정이 없어 보였어요. 그래도 이런 게 몽글이들은 신기했어요. 몇시간을 걸었을까, 몽글이들은 “몽몽”이랑 닮은 동상이 있는 빌딩에 도착했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

The four monggles walked and walked. They decided to just walk and walk, until they meet somebody else. About a few hours later, they met a boy, a fat and short one. “Hello!”, shouted Red monggle. “What?”, said the boy. “Who the hell are you? You look so like the mongmong.” “What is mongmong?”, Red monggle asked. “We are monggles, I am Red monggle, and this is-“ “Dang! It’s so lit, man!”, the boy interfered. “You must be the real mongmong! I am a huge fan of you. I read all of your stories, and look at this. I am carrying your doll!” “Our story? What is that?”, said Red monggle. Then at that moment, something stroke him. He remembered that Young had hoped to write the stories of the monggles in her fairy tales. “Did a girl named Young told you all about us?”, asked Red monggle. “A girl? Hey, she is the most fascinating woman in the whole world!”, said the boy. “Wait, do you know her?” 네 몽글이는 걷고 또 걸었어요. 그들은 누군가 만나기 전까지 일단 걷고 또 걷기로 했어요. 몇시간 뒤, 그들은 작고 통통한 남자애 하나를 만났어요. “안녕!”, 빨강 몽글이가 소리쳤어요. “뭐?”, 남자애가 말했어요. “너 누구야! 몽몽이처럼 생겼는데?” “몽몽이가 뭐야?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. “우리는 몽글이야. 나는 빨강 몽글이고, 여기는-“
“헐, 쩔어!”, 남자애가 끼어들었어요. “너 진짜 몽몽이 맞구나! 나 진짜 팬이야. 너희 이야기도 다 읽었고, 이거봐. 네 인형도 들고 다니잖아!” “우리 이야기? 그게 뭔데?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. 그런데 그 순간 뭔가가 떠올랐어요. 영이가 자신의 동화의 몽글이들의 이야기를 쓰고 싶어했던 것이 기억났어요. “영이라는 여자애가 우리 얘길 다 해준 거야?”, 빨강 몽글이가 물었어요. “여자애? 야, 이 세상에서 제일 멋진 여성이라구!”, 남자애가 말했어요. “가만, 그 분이랑 아니?” #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

“Not so many choices that we have now.”, said Red monggle. “I think we should get down to earth, and help the human race.” “But how? It is too high, up in here.”, said Green monggle. “Don’t worry, guys. You, monggles are soft and light like cotton ball in the human world. You can land on the earth safely.”, said the gurumii. “Well...... Faster, the better. Let’s get down friends! To save our ggumy land!!”, Red monggle shouted, and jumped off from the gurumii’s back. Then, Yellow, Blue, and Green monggle followed Red monggle.
Now begins the adventure of monggles on the earth. “I’ll keep watching you, and go to you whenever you need help.”, said the gurumii. “선택지가 많지 않네.”, 빨강 몽글이가 말했어요. “우리가 내려가서 사람들을 도와야 할 것 같아.”
“그렇지만 어떻게? 이 위는 너무 높아.”, 초록 몽글이가 말했어요. “걱정들 말아라. 너희 몽글이는 인간 세계에선 솜처럼 가볍고 부드럽단다. 땅에 안전하게 내려갈 수 있어.”, 구루미가 말했어요. “그럼......빠를 수록 좋지. 내려가자, 친구들! 우리의 꾸미동산을 구하러!!”, 라고 외친 후, 빨강 몽글이는 구루미 등에서 뛰어내렸어요. 그러자, 노랑, 파랑, 초록 몽글이가 따라갔어요.
이제 지구에서 몽글이들의 모험이 시작되는 거에요. “너희를 지켜보며 도움이 필요하면 어디든 가겠다.”, 구루미가 말했어요. #몽글몽글 #몽글이 #구루미 #동화 #그림 #캐릭터 #키즈 #어린이 #일러스트 #일러스트레이션 #the_monggles #monggle #monggles #ggumyland #gurumii #character #kid #children #kindergarten #fairy_tale #fairytale #art #design #illustration

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