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This picture was taken by a local who saw me photographing all over the train station. He said he'd get one for me on the tracks. He then received a lecture from someone's Nonna for being a "Stunad" #grazieGiancarlo

the cutest little wifi spot ive eve seen :))

sweet sunset on my way to Tuscany

I can't help myself

i die

Back in Roma ... taking my new sweet friend Gina, out to see the sights!

summer is ending. It's been good to me and it's also brought me to my knees a couple times. - looking forward to the winds changing ...


I've known her since 2009. This is my 5th year coming back and scenes like this one still don't get old for me. When I'm away from her, I'll see photos and my heart will ache a little. I wish she could always stay within my reach. Yes, she's rough around the edges, lacks a great deal of logic and she can be quite dirty too but the energy on the streets will have you smiling in anticipation with what she has waiting for you around the corner. She's charming and at the same time extremely confident. If there's something you don't like about her, she will make no apologies and won't make any attempt to change. Take her or leave her... And don't get me started on the light.
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Mediterranean 💙 #ggitalia12

spending my last day wandering #rainorshine

ended my wedding season in Italy with Kate & Perry's touching love story.

one last stroll through my favorite corner in Trastevere



Back in Roma ... taking my new sweet friend Gina, out to see the sights!

easy does it

swimming in the light


Our last sunset

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