Lovies with mummy!

😳So, my whole life, I have wanted to see a real live Kākāriki - & today, finally, I did in #otariwiltonsbush bush!!! A big “thank you SO much” to @visit_zealandia for helping to restore these beautiful natives to our local suburbs😊!!

“I’m not at the bottom. I’m not at the top.”

Waikato River
Anzac Day 2018
Hamilton NZ

Anzac Day 2018
Hamilton NZ

Evening on the South Coast.... (there’s a teeny-tiny @kira_the_kelpie in there, too🐾😊).

Neighbourhood Watch on alert....😬daddy has left the premises, & we won’t be fully at ease until he’s returned safe ‘n sound!

“🐾Hey mama! Did you know that I too likes chickens? I could tidy those last bits of chickens up for you??”

Out & about last night, & Kira met up with this lovely girl, Minnie! They had a great time running rings round each other!!!

Last light of day....


Take me to the April sun in.......Kingston😂 - (Wellington, that is!!)

In celebration of sunshine, Kira lay out on the back lawn & enjoyed a bone!!! #happydog #autumnsun #bigbone

Someone loves her daddy😊....

Visit to Napier.... #napier #hawkesbay

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