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Ge You, Chinese actor, one of the best and most sophisticated actor in China! He is mostly known from the last two generations as a comedian, because of this famous and popular and funny TV series - Stories of an Editorial Board.
He has been working with one of the best directors in China - Feng, Xiaogang - since that TV series. They are a perfect match for the end of the year comedy movies.
My favourite movie of his is completely different from what he is famous of. It is not a comedy, but a tragedy. It won him a lot of praises in the 90s, and he worked with one of the most beautiful actresses in China - Gong Li. The name of the movie is To Live.
It is a story during the China revolution. It portraits the story from a rich family, known as DiZhu - the land owner. It’s a story of 3 generations and how much they have lost during revolutions and how numb they became after losing so much, and how much they have borne the unbearable things in life, and how they have to live no matter what.
It is the movie which should be watched by many generations to come and also the movie which deserves international attention.
My top picks of his other movies:
- The Dream Factory.
- Be There or Be Square.
- A World Without Thieves.
- Cell Phone.
- Let the Bullets Fly.
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To Live is based on author
Yu Hua's 1993 novel of the same name. It was published in English in 2003◆Hua wrote in his introduction that the novel was inspired by the 1853 American folk song Old Black Joe by Stephen Foster◆Despite being less grim than the novel, the film was banned in mainland China by the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television due to its critical portrayal of various policies and campaigns of the Communist government. In addition, director Zhang Yimou was banned from film-making for two years. Pirated copies were purchased on the streets in China◆Zhang Yimou originally intended to adapt Mistake at River's Edge, a thriller written by Hua. Hua gave Zhang a set of all of the works that had been published at that point so Zhang could understand his works. Zhang said that he began reading To Live, and was unable to stop reading it. He met Hua to discuss the script for Mistake at River's Edge but they kept bringing up To Live. The two decided to adapt To Live instead◆This was Clint Eastwood's personal favorite of the competition entries at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival where Eastwood himself was Jury President◆In some English versions, the film is titled Lifetimes◆To Live is the first Chinese film that had its foreign distribution rights pre-sold●The film changes the setting from rural southern China to a small city in northern China◆In the novel, Fugui's wife Jiazhen dies of osteomalacia. In the film Jiazhen (Gong Li) survives

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—— 中国贺岁片教父冯小刚的《天下无贼》,一部配角比主角精彩的悲喜剧,金句
—— 《天下无贼》
—— #onedayonechinesemovie #chinesemovie #china #chinacon #天下无贼 #fengxiaogang #冯小刚 #wangbaoqiang #王宝强 #liuruoying #刘若英 #刘德华 #andylau #geyou #葛优 #libingbing #bingbingli #李冰冰 #fanwei #范伟 #fengyuanzheng #冯远征 #zhanghanyu #张涵予 #youyong #尤勇

In the movie "Gone with the bullets" (2014) with #jianwen #shuqi #geyou ✌️

중국 3세대 대표문호 ‘위화'의 <살아간다는 것>을 원작으로 거장 ‘장예모’ 감독이 1994년도에 만든 작품.
당시 깐느 영화제 유력한 황금종려상 후보였으나 중국 정부의 방해로 수상엔 실패했고 심사위원대상과 남우주연상을 각각 수상하였다.
격변하는 시대의 흐름에 순응하며 전통적인 가족의 가치관을 지켜가는 사람들.
인생은 언제나 불가항력적이고 지독한 운명의 아이러니는 끊임없이 시험에 들게 하지만,
그래도 삶은 계속된다.
전쟁터의 포로로 전전하다 간신히 목숨을 부지하고 돌아온 남편과 묵묵히 가족을 지키며 기다리던 아내의 감격적인 재회는 이 영화가 말하고자하는 이야기를 가장 잘보여주는 장면.

Farewell My Concubine(ba wang bie ji 霸王别姬,1993)
A master piece of Chen Kaige and Leslie Cheung. If you want to watch Chinese movies, this is definitively the first one you should choose. Winner and nominations for Oscar, Golden Globes, Cannes and many others.
No. 1⃣️/#100mustseechinesemovies
What is your favorite Chinese movie? 🎬

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The Wasted Times (#罗曼蒂克消亡史) 2016 directed by Cheng Er, starring Ge You, Zhang ZiYi and Tadanobu Asano #程耳 #Shanghai #上海

Zhang Yimou. ¡Vivir! / Huozhe / To live(1994)
Esta película narra la historia de un hombre a lo largo de las décadas de los 40, 50 y parte de los 60, utilizándolo como instrumento para describir de paso la evolución de China en esos turbulentos años en los que la invasión japonés, la guerra y el comunismo transformaron profundamente al país.
Pero más allá de magnífico contexto histórico-social, que sin duda aumenta su atractivo, Yimou compone una serie de retratos humanos precisos, complejos y enriquecedores tanto en los personajes principales, como en los secundarios. Cada una de estas historias breves y maravillosas podría haber tenido su propia película. Todas están tratadas con elegancia, de forma emotiva, contándonos mucho con casi nada, universalizando de nuevo historias sencillas y cotidianas accesibles a cualquier persona, y acercándose en sus intenciones humanistas y de belleza visual extraordinaria.

Porque si su contenido es uno de los fuertes del film, su forma es otro. Yimou tiene un talento visual inusual, alejado en este caso de las coloristas fantasías épicas que le harían famoso. En este caso busca un realismo más cercano a su faceta intimista y visualmente logra ese equilibrio perfecto, a medio camino entre prosa y poesía.

Los actores están extraordinarios, que en el caso de Gong Li (musa por aquel entonces del director) no es ninguna novedad, pero si me resultó muy gratificante descubrir al protagonista, al que desconocía y que está perfecto en la increíble transformación que tiene el personaje a lo largo de la película.

Buena música, excelente diseño de producción en la ambientación de la China urbana y rural de esas décadas y por supuesto una impresionante fotografía. Esta película es simplemente un clásico con mayúsculas que destaca como uno de los títulos imprescindibles del director.

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Dezi cracks me up. 😂
Btw the head bobbing means he reallllly likes me. 😅

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