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If you look reeeeeaaalllyyyyy really closely I actually have a muscle in my calf!! #GymDays #LegPress #FavouriteExercise #475kg

Oldest pier going💪🏻 #getyafactsright

Why tf is everybody makin up lies and sayin things I never said. Like are you fuckin serious? I'm tired of getting blamed for shit or when people try to blame shit on me. Fuck outta here with those damn lies. #peoplepissmeoff #fuckthatshit #getyafactsright 😠🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

There is a lot of weak jealous dogs out there who can't handle that they are nothing but pieces of shit, and to make themselves feel better they name drop n snitch to act more superior and to make out like the only reason someone is better than them is because they are doing the wrong thing!
So to the piss poor cunt/s who love to talk shit about me and can't handle that I am so much better than you because I work hard. Here is a picture of Major-Crime / Gang-Crime raiding my house today looking for guns, drugs and cash.... And all they found was LUNCH! Haha. 😂😂
#majorcrime #gangcrime #overforlunch #helpyourselves #springcleaning #imnotoldmate #getyafactsright #timewaster

Public Service Announcement!! 🚨🚨The inspectors just left @thesweethousetoo16 1960 Milam about to write us a violation because they say someone has been calling them everyday saying all our paperwork isnt right 😂😂 The people exact words are "Its some ppl hating on yall"..what else is new..Well 4110 Greenwood rd and 1960 Milam st is open right now #Shreveport #GetYaFactsRight #BlaccOwned #YoungAndEating 😎😋


So I'm taking a "How well do you know Quentin Tarantinos movies?" Quiz and I get to this question and it's absolutely wrong. The Bride doesn't kill GoGo by slicing the top of her head off,that's how she kills Oren. GoGo is killed when The Bride picks up a piece of broken furniture with nails sticking out of one end and hammers them into her skull. THATS how GoGo dies. I feel like I'm back in high school being forced to give the answer they have and not the truth! I KNOW MY QUENTIN TARANTINO MOVIES YOU STUPID QUIZ! Ain't getting that past ME. #GetYaFactsRight #YaPlayingYaSelf #KillBill #QuentinTarantino

@megan_hook_95 just sent me this. #getyafactsright 😜


Cow bags put on some weight since my last post (it was take last week). -For those who don't know she is part thoroughbred which means she is naturally skinny. -She's also very excitable meaning she sweats and therefore can loose weight easily. -she is also still recovering from her first full hunting season -and lastly many feeds are heated and this mare goes bonkers so i have to be careful what to feed her
Any questions or opinions are invited🙂 #noonesfool💙 #10yrold#warmblood #warmbloodsofinstagram #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #bay #mare #baymare #horse #hunter #showjumper #allrounder #fit #fithorse #muscularhorse#countrygirl#countrylife#getyafactsright#progres

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