Spotted a little @forbecks over in the Nations today while stopping for a @frothymonkey pick me up in the insanity of the day...yippee! #coffee #getupandgo #nashville #winter

Vroeg oggend gym sessie agter die rug, met die beste buurvrou en great trainer! Ek sweet soos een van daai perde by die Durban July😅 'n Gesonde leefstyl gebeur nie oornag nie,dis al die klein goedjies wat jy elke dag reg doen. Consistency is key!💪 #herbalife #herbalifecoach #gethealthy #wellnesscoach #welovewhatwedo #getupandgo #everylittlebithelps #notheretolookpretty

Day 11/30. Been a superbusy week at my #dayjob Chocolate Coconut Orange Shake for breakfast-to-go this morning. #latergram #arbonneessentials #getupandgo #shakeselfie #arbonnelife #designerlife #alwaysonthemove #30days

Glutes and Hammies done! Also hello tricep where did you come from 😍

Flashback to that time last month where I convinced my mom to go on a bike tour of the Versailles Gardens #tbt #versaillesgardens #getupandgo

Hello Swarthmore Students! Do not forget to #GetUpAndGo! Stop by the matchbox to participate in your group exercise classes! You have 15 days left of November to take a class, get your cards stamped and turn them into Max Miller to redeem your prize. Enter the raffle for the GRAND prize! It’s a secret, so we’ll keep you waiting! We will say it involves some co-op food! @swarthmore_matchbox @swatrecwell @swatathletics @swatstrength

Don’t be afraid of colors for the Holidays Season like this SASSY lady giving me that look. When your hair matches your lashes for Chicago. @colorbynatti

Let’s support our amazing community partner and HKRS sponsor @nexusfamilychiropractic
Nexus believes everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. Dr. Daniel and Heather Kimbley’s goal is to help you maximize your ability to heal from an injury, pain or health problem, to identify underlying conditions that you may not feel yet, or to achieve optimum health and peak performance levels.
Visit their Instagram page for the link in their bio. @nexusfamilychiropractic
#hkrs #hkrssouthoc #nexusfamilychiropractor #sponsors #getupandgo

Tree bark tells so many stories.

Seattle is quickly becoming my favorite city to fly in and out of because of views like these. What’s yours?

No woman in their 20s is exactly like another, and no two women will experience their 20s in the same way. But there is one thing that every twenty-something year old needs to do.
Keep moving! 💃🏻
Find things you love to do that keep your muscles working, lungs breathing, oxygen pumping and blood flowing. Did you know that consistent physical activity helps us fend off pesky conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stress and even acute depression?!
Get up off the couch and out onto the dance floor. Take care of your body now, and it will take care of you later. 🏃🏼‍♀️

Museums with kids? With toddlers? I could spend days and maybe even weeks checking out the exhibits here...but with these little guys? Somethings we would otherwise love to do we choose to opt out of. This is one. The children are very hands on and I don't think that is particularly compatible with the displays at the Louvre🤣. That said, this place is awesome! And it's huge! Maybe we will come back someday when the children are properly cultured and ready to appreciate art haha.

There was a sock In my jeans... for three hours... im the type to get up and go 😂 #wokeuplikethis #oops #getupandgo

On some days we might need an extra dose of ☀️. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my regular dose of friendships 🤗. I love these brainy fitness beauties! Our meetups always recharge my system and I really do feel like I could conquer the world (for at least a week lol) afterward. This photo contains so much more than just pretty smiles. This photo was taken at the end of our 2018 @movecamp Fitness Conference that we hosted at @360centre360 here in Ottawa. The wonderful chaos of the day had (sadly) come to an end and I think this was the first time I actually sat down all day!! I’m looking forward to our fitness and fun meeting tomorrow (along with Jenna - another brainy babe 😏 from @ironnorthstudio) and brainstorming all the wonderful things to come for Parliament Hill MOVECAMP in 2019 and what more that we will bring to Ottawa and beyond!! Thank you again to all of our incredible sponsors, contributors and presenters who made our event such a huge success! #staytuned #movecamp #myottawa #ottawafitness #fitnessfun #fitnessfriends #fitnessfriendships #parliamenthill #workout #613 #justmove #mobility #getoutthere #getupandgo #ottawawellness #wellnesottawa #outdoorworkouts #ncr #motivation #bemorehuman #strength #wellness #sunshine #bethechange @miastaubin @samanthamoonsammy @keto.goddess @fithealthy365 @bytownboy @coach_yves_vttfitness @jessichiarello @lornajaneactive @lornajanecanada @flow @n1thai @theyogiwino @stokedoats @ironnorthstudio @selinarose.rhn

We love @pureologyus Refresh & Go dry shampoo for those days where you just can’t even when it comes to putting effort into your hair ✨☺️✨ #arborsalonandspa #athensga #expectgoodthings #sunday #lazy #dryshampoo #redken #redkenelite #redkenobsessed #pureology #pureologylove #haircare #athenssalon #athenshair #myathens #mood #lazysunday #getupandgo #extrasleep #sleepin

Trying some #animalflow in the end there! Tjeeeerrrrrr😩 your core will work, whether you like it or not

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